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Kill them. KIll the foids and the norms
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The norms… did this to me…




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Leave the norms to me

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Sexy children.


Post the one with the condoms

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still better than the ban reasons hiro gives me


Die T, and remain dead.


i thought he hated his pictures being posted


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so? what can he do?


haunt you from the moon

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She didn't wash her pusspuss though so it's smelling strong and he can feel it


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please post sources


File: 1551733587944.jpg (139.2 KB, 850x585, 1540362993234.jpg)

>>446141 is Ane naru mono

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Where were you dude? We missed you at the /ota/ meetup.


Guy in the back right looks like my high school gym teacher.


So these are the fuckers spamming LLcel shit?


Those dudes look like bros

File: 1544703838614.jpg (163.78 KB, 1525x1158, 1539573120599.jpg)

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Holy fuck it takes more than 24 hours inside a plane to go to Tokyo
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based fellow flybro


most people who get paid to go to tokyo work overseas for boeing or in semiconductors or bio research who generally are leaving family and dont want to be there


Yeah but that's because they make a lot of money attracted a good wife and started a family that gives them much more happiness than a delusional foreveralone otaku thinks he will get from a solo trip to japan


It's less than half of that from here


I know someone who is an engineer and was hired to work in South Tokyo but it's worth noting he has japanese heritage and can also speak it fluently. There are a lot of fields there, if you learn Japanese you could probably work there as IT monkey.

File: 1551673711346.jpeg (21.15 KB, 216x233, images.jpeg)

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What's a foid? And boid?


teenspeak for girl and boy


In common lncel parlance a femoid is a dehumanizing way of referring to a female. Foid is taking this a step further.

The foids, with their inability to be creative in any way simply stole the word and slapped a 'm' on the front when jokingly referring to males.


This isn't an hopeless romantic board though so if you do find yourself using those terms it's time to kill yourself.


Unfortunatly, I suspect Mirua is going to reveal void to be at least based around someone like or surrounding the historical figure of St. Augustine.

The wise man in the tower we heard about that the great emperor imprisoned where 4 "angels" came down from "hevean" to punish the emperor destroying the past Empire.

We already suspect skull knight to be the emperor, who we might add is based on the Vandals king in our own historical time of the,4th century.

The vandals destroyed and ruled the city St. Augustine was administering from as Bishop. St. Augustine is believed or known to have died in the seige of the Vandals.

I don't think Void will actually be the fabled "wiseman" the story has suffered to, but I'm the story he will perhaps have taken on that identify only after it a been revealed that the true raise man died in the manga earlier. Maybe void will have been the wise man's disciple that became apostolic by summoning the god hand. This apostate state would also reference the persecution that the Vandals put Catholic South Western rome under during their region as an arian heretic kingdom.


Shut the FUCK up foid

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We must do our best to preserve internet culture and freedoms. Keep discussion within this thread only of topics preceding, or on, the current date within the year 2007. Today is February 24th, 2007 Eastern Standard Time.
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File: 1551173869708.gif (939.7 KB, 500x281, banishment.gif)

A couple of years ago I started a medication that gave me vague repeat flashbacks of the 2000s. A lot of it wouldn't even be direct memories but rather the sensation of once again being in that time, something like pure nostalgic essence. Whenever it would happen I would get a strange electrical tickle in my brain. Sometimes I could sit still and think about those years and the tickling would start. I eventually learned these are commonly referred to as brain zaps.

The flashbacks and zaps eventually stopped and I never could get them to return no matter what I did. I dearly wish they would return as thinking of good times in the past is a great relief to the Hell of the present or terror of the future.

However all is not lost. It allowed me to see that we are currently tourists in a timeline that is not our own. We broke off from the original during a brief period in 2009-2010 and entered an alternate reality I have affectionately come to refer to as the Shiterealm. The Mayans showed that this can only be reversed through ritual bloodshed. Millions must be sacrificed in order to write that which is wrong but they will die an honorable death for the sake of 2006.


File: 1551199633548.jpg (138.52 KB, 1041x789, 1231528741449.jpg)

fuck bros they got me again last night


why’s the cat cumming


File: 1551203175805.png (136.54 KB, 400x400, question mark loli.png)

What's the anime like in 2019?


File: 1551712071423.gif (437.42 KB, 374x207, 1420082705958.gif)


File: 1551290693530.png (1.04 MB, 1343x645, 1550993101508.png)

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Damn that's pretty good
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>gravure idol
Please stick it in meePlease stick it in meePlease stick it in meePlease stick it in meeh


*sticks it in you*


lel fag


bump omg



File: 1551696069316.jpg (1.65 MB, 1457x2064, 8884901.jpg)

No. 446132 [Reply]

a "voluntary" celibate


nice ace erasure


threads like these are why t offed himself
good job


fuck off


Why won't the foids just let me put my penis inside them for a minute instead of actively refusing it and then making fun of me for never having done so

File: 1551667412916.png (133.97 KB, 452x622, 1415265763631.png)

No. 446093 [Reply]

does anyone else have to constantly fiddle with small objects in their hands to relax?
i always find myself unconsciously spinning bottle caps and such
this has been going on for as long as i can remember


your penis?


File: 1551668278133.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 98.23 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpeg)


girl, you should fiddle with my penis instead.


i use a pincet on my hair on the jaw constantly for some reason

File: 1551650853511.jpg (88.03 KB, 738x691, 1551635412897.jpg)

No. 446061 [Reply]

me & ota
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Why do people draw stuff like this?


File: 1551659058842.jpg (504.02 KB, 601x850, 72120916_p0.jpg)

Lots of feet screenshots.



Funny I'll never in my life experience something like this


Really amazes me how there are people who experience this every day in their lives and due to that it has become something extremely ordinary for them and there are also people that never felt that and probably will never know how it feels like

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