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File: 1646621155473.jpg (58.8 KB, 481x671, 95fec20b11833a6048ba76bd11….jpg)

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Onii-chaaan, is it bedtime yet?
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File: 1646637569888.jpg (1.26 MB, 1208x1674, 1646615867403.jpg)

Nyanners :(


*Picks her up and carries her to bed*


*Gleefully murders you in the most horrific ways*




nice nyancat in the lower right also you need to get washed up before bedtime you've got mud on you

File: 1646659716793.jpg (153.21 KB, 1400x1000, __kemomimi_chan_original_d….jpg)

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poor rock-chan


File: 1646665261324.jpg (83.84 KB, 850x773, __tamamo_and_tamamo_no_mae….jpg)

does this mean tamamo will come visit me and be my foxfriend now


It's over. Unironically.

File: 1646642672571.png (2.59 MB, 1404x1693, DXecs2XVAAABV2N.png)

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I remember when I was a girl in Ireland there was a girl who lived in our village, such a bonny girl, much admired, and she took to touching herself. First she went pale, then she got dark circles under eyes, and people began to wonder, and then she went thin, and people began to suspect, and then she became a hopeless imbecile, because the jelly of her brain was melted by what she did to herself and flowed away, and then people knew for certain. Now she has to be handcuffed for 24 hours a day.




dont see how handcuffs would stop her


In some ways yeah. I know I will never be homeless or be truly alone. It's a pretty good position to be in. I'm a tranny and grew up male, and being treated like a female is such a different experience. There is such an automatic sense of protectiveness that people have over women. My feelings matter now, and unlike being a man, simply being nice buys me pretty much everything in life. Men are nice and want to take care of me and talk to me and protect me. Women sorta automatically consider me a peer. I never had people come up and talk to me before. Suddenly im not a background character and what i do socially matters to people. My shyness is seen as cute instead of weird. If im sick or hurt im doted over rather than told to get over it.

I will say there are a lot of humiliating and degrading aspects to being a girl. There is a lot of objectification and the assumption that im dumb or dont know anything about anything. Also a lot of the easy mode aspects are actually kinda harmful. I think its weird that my bf is expected to do everything and treat me like a princess. Which is a toxic society thing and it makes me feel bad. Like its not good for women to not be expected to do anything and then when i do im praised. I'm pretty much a housewife right now and doing basic housework and cooking meals is seen as magical. I kinda do want some expectations and responsibility in life. I think its healthy, and ive seen what this princess culture does to women who abuse it. My mom and sisters are total lazy cunts because they can get away with it. Also there is a lot of pressure on women to be social and when you're an autist introvert like me you get a lot of shit for it.


tl;dr: this dude has a boyfriend and probably sucks cocks

File: 1588356733734.jpg (72.85 KB, 580x851, qacso6kwlagvqkg.jpg)

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Rare Henri…


he was our friend i miss our friend


henri our friend




Whats your issue

File: 1646599312909.jpg (128.1 KB, 1280x720, 1646474426894.jpg)

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Gee mister!


Going to try this one next time i'm outside.


File: 1646606535055.jpg (332.56 KB, 800x1000, 96619838_p10.jpg)

Girls don't want money they want a limited 10 pull ticket with a guaranteed UR unit.


only if theres a boy banner

File: 1646118890948.png (764.52 KB, 638x849, uhh.png)

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Some of those threads seem like they were good ideas at the time but then when I see them months later it's a little embarrassing.
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File: 1646548887609.gif (1016.92 KB, 500x281, punch women.gif)

The council is unanimous. We're going to slowly up posting for the duration of March and hope to reach a 40% increase by the second quarter.


cant believe i spend 7 hours a day watching twitch streams never knew id come back to this site since after 2016


Weird I thought I saw a really butthurt post in this thread when I was catching up this morning finally got around to coming back to make fun of it but it's gone and I can't find it anywhere else maybe I was just daydreaming.


it was a good and accurate post die boid


Sorry I don't remember the details of what it said so I couldn't tell you if it was good and accurate or not all I can tell you is that whoever posted it had his ass blasted to uranus.

File: 1646565370466.png (442.98 KB, 800x779, in645.png)

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dont think the shower or tub is big enough for two people

File: 1646543203077.png (33.86 KB, 222x226, 1637560746519.png)

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Love eating cheese


what do you love about it


ignoring the bad posters bumping the nice cheese thred


Boondocks episode about white ppl loving cheese

File: 1646454117966.gif (368.85 KB, 180x180, 1646417704748.gif)

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File: 1646498883855.jpg (93.11 KB, 523x640, __hanyuu_higurashi_no_naku….jpg)

my post disappeared…


he was our friend but the love live trannies made him leave


crying Henri loved anime


au au hanyuus

File: 1646338484641.png (303.44 KB, 445x479, 1646324280686.png)

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baby want milkies


enjoy your hp debuff


File: 1646338689898.jpg (861.11 KB, 1324x1690, 1646235195894.jpg)

Wish I could do this with the Witch.

File: 1646229481978.jpg (1.06 MB, 1860x3420, untitled.jpg)

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happy birthday Sakura!
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File: 1646261239756.jpg (106.37 KB, 850x1202, __momosuzu_nene_hololive_d….jpg)

you forgot a birthday girl that isn't full of worms


Please be kinder on her birthday


the worm girl


Worms came out of her ass


wiggling wiggy worms came out of her cum filled anus

File: 1646284931575.png (Spoiler Image, 165.69 KB, 640x640, 1646164611905.png)

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File: 1646285274351.jpg (152.69 KB, 1280x720, listen here NIGGER.jpg)

Billions of foids on the planet and not one ever found me attractive enough to mate. I still cannot accept that. I have ran all the numbers countless times and I simply cannot agree to this result. I cannot and will not cope with this no matter how many times I'm told to lie down and take it.

This bug needs to be fixed IMMEDIATEY and I demand fair compensation for the pain and suffering inflicted.


ota on the left

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