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How can boys even compete?
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Is this the shiniest Mari ever? Henri would love this pic.



I'll gather some screenshots tomorrow, but hondy is very much the cutest persona in all the spinoffs.


File: 1596987939697.jpg (205.32 KB, 1044x1535, 80176695_p0.jpg)



Dis nigga serious?

File: 1580157601138.jpg (56.22 KB, 500x500, beach nigo.jpg)

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So the rotten old dinosaurs at the parole board finally are letting me have access to the internet.

So I open up my now-liberated laptop, excited for an inagural wank. And sadpanda is gone??? What the FUCK happened? Help me, I'm so horny…
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Have you ever considered not trying to fix what isn't broken? Just look at the site you're on right now, it's virtually unchanged from the original Futaba software except for some CSS and font choices. I bet if Otamin changed the site to work like Myspace you'd flip your shit and rightfully so.


/ota/ is broken as fuck dude, it's running on an ancient mess of php tosswank that's completely unmaintainable and will never support video files or any other new file encodings because it literally can't.


Just use nhentai, losers


its really a trivial amount of effort to add video support or new file formats to tinyboard


Otamin should at least remove the virus links at the bottom

File: 1596110351131.jpg (26.5 KB, 542x540, 1595766241867.jpg)

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Do you morons even realize how easy it would be for someone like me to just stroll in and steal every single one of your stupid threads?


How would we prevent this?


each thread requires a password before viewing, the password would only be obtainable by contacting the threads creator through secure channels


File: 1596934650010.jpg (253.05 KB, 824x1018, x55ADKH(1).jpg)

watermark your pictures! I did it with https://watermarkly.com/. Pic related.


File: 1596939691155.png (590.56 KB, 847x944, sakurako.png)

File: 1595949918724.jpg (34.17 KB, 400x400, 1593935596895.jpg)

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How many mushrooms do I have to eat to fix my brain?
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God I fucking hate fumo posters


File: 1595997249820.jpeg (40.54 KB, 500x500, flanfumo.jpeg)

What's your problem >:(


File: 1596046837825.jpg (577 KB, 3264x1836, OP_is_a_baka.jpg)

based fumo poster


Based baseboys


mite smoke some weed, mite take a safety pin and jam it into my temple to penetrate my frontal lobe and render my mind permanently thoughtless, idk

File: 1511061511512.jpg (88.84 KB, 800x1131, DDFN6yyVoAA51ts.jpg)

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Hi, ota, this is Nozomi. Say something nice to her.
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File: 1585624827930.png (1.53 MB, 1488x1176, FAMILY.png)

Thank you. Saved forever.


Post the Nozomi JAV.


File: 1586053330157.jpg (603.78 KB, 1200x849, 65867039_p0_master1200.jpg)

Here you go I took a photo from the nozomi AV(animal video)



"i bet you have a wonderful looking vagina"

File: 1596905062329.png (25.83 KB, 138x240, ^9B9164F0CA77D52F7BCAD2FC3….png)

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Recently I've noticed a trend of Japanese companies being bought out/owned by companies and corporations from outside of Japan, namely Chinese and Korean. A couple of examples that come to mind is SNK, the iconic publisher and developer, is owned by Chinese company Leyou Millenium and many of its IPs are being used by and developed by other Chinese companies such as Tencent. Another is LINE Corporation; developer of the number one instant messaging service in Japan, LINE, is owned by Korean corporation Naver.

Can anyone living in Japan, Japanese, or person who is well-informed in these kind of matters give any insight or input on this? I'd like to know how this came to pass and what people think about this.
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Investment bankers invest in stuff, this isn't new. Snk has so much nostalgia value in China, Japan, and Latin America I'm baffled it didn't happen sooner.
Japan is a relatively small country so it's fairly natural for large investment firms to be able to pick what they want if it's available for public purchase.
My bigger question is why other bankrupted nostalgia bait IP holders in any country aren't being preyed upon by investors.

As for line, it was fairly small at the time it was bought. Livedoor was caught in some scandals and their stocks hit the shit hard, naver just had a search engine die and made a really good buy and are really the reason line is as big as it is now.


Thanks for the insight. It just worries me as it seems that China and Korea grow ever-increasingly better at catering toward Japanese youth and seemingly pose a real threat within Japan's market.
The K-pop boom is as big in Japan as it is around the world, if not the biggest outside of Korea. Chinese mobile game company Yostar seem to be hitting it out of the park with each and every release with games including Arknights, Azur Lane, and more recently Mahjong Soul.
I can't say that I'm not at least a little worried for the future of Japan and its people.


Japan has the third largest GDP in the world and is the second most populous rich country after US, they are not small in anything, jusy in area, and even on this point they are bigger than most of the countries in Europe.


File: 1596918549201.gif (86.47 KB, 220x208, myanee.gif)



China buying other countries isn't news

File: 1596915627318.jpg (3.45 MB, 2480x3508, 1596475660007.jpg)

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Tshit banned me for talking about crypto so I'm moving over here. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
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File: 1596916177327.png (617.22 KB, 1280x720, 1594485798539.png)

it's spraido mountain to be precise


yui doesn't end up with the in​​c​​e​​l? nice, she was too good for him to begin with.


yui is retarded


she has poor taste in men, but that doesn't mean shes dumb


she's also ugly

File: 1585692699379.jpg (1.25 MB, 1376x2033, 75thure3ef.jpg)

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Because of this virus I haven't been in the office so it's been one month since I've seen her…
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I am an incomparable homo and teenmin deleted the post? What a fag. I don't know what's more cringe, this or when he called himself "basedmin".


I am an incomparable homo teenmin should just filter his name if he's so salty


Henri and oatmeal moments before henri was sent to prison for stocking and attempted snap.


File: 1596915470002.png (245.27 KB, 750x1100, x19.png)

Image didn't post


File: 1596916876261.jpg (52.66 KB, 710x379, dcxy0ulvjof51.jpg)

henri leaving lolimo away from ota after the boids took it over

File: 1585882902286.jpg (39.04 KB, 800x445, Mitsuboshi-Colors-Winter-2….jpg)

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4chan is for the norms, gnfos is for the NEETS, and Gaia is for the turbonorms.
But ota? ota is for the cels.
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Don't answer the teen, anon.


Calm down, schizolord


My bad, should have known better


4/jp/ is for the norms
gn is for the neets without a future and depression
hima is for the lolicons
what is for the gay crossdressers
kissu is for people that take imageboards way to seriously
ota is just shit in general, LL is the worst show you can possibly talk about 24/7 grow up I am an incomparable homoooooo


should i finish watching this anime i got like 2 episodes in before i stopped

File: 1596895139856.jpg (16.69 KB, 509x72, barv.jpg)

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Please excuse my poor English !bar is closer to being a 40yo virgin now….




He got a girlfriend like four years ago, newteen.


File: 1596904409359.jpg (279.81 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan….jpg)

I am an incomparable homo what a fucking retard
The foids considered you a subhuman untouchable for most of your life because you were not born conventionally attractive and you were denied a happy fulfilling youth that everyone else got. You were denied teenage romance, which only ever happens during the teen years. Everything following is just impure transactional ``romance.''

Then when you're old and past thirty suddenly some used up hags see you as easy money and consider spreading their legs to give you a taste of their 100,000 mile pussy.
And being a low IQ failed norm zun!cel he jumps at the chance to kneel before the almighty foid and lap up Chad's sperm from her orifices.

Pathetic dishonorable existence.

File: 1584982489138.png (237.16 KB, 3000x2000, untitled.png)

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keep nanking spirit
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gas the LLcls


DIE IN A FIRE JJOKBARI DOG ^_____________^



Ay Tone, you eva hear about dem using wooden doors at dat Awshwitz camp? You tryna say dose Nahtzees wus crematin' 10,000 o' dem h e e bs a day while fightin' a war on all fronts? one little camp out in da woods was burnin tru' all dem bodies usin' a few SS gahds'? I never been able ta get rid o a stiff dat fast! An whutsis' I hear about dem gassin all tha h e e b s wit' a submarine motuh' from Russia? I tell ya somethins real fishy wit' dis Holahcawst bidness, I don't like it one bit.


Fuck chinks

File: 1596677454371.jpg (226.17 KB, 2048x1824, __takami_chika_and_watanab….jpg)

No. 508992 [Reply]

snacks ready,
lap pillow check,
favorite manga alright,
its weeb time
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Cute couple!


she's about to slide a cheeky finger inside chika's chikahole


File: 1596829477591.jpg (339.65 KB, 1496x1496, __ohara_mari_love_live_and….jpg)

the chikahole is mari's property


Kill youself sick rapist fuck


That's the reason why she has more than one hole.

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