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I think I just want to kill myself honestly. I keep trying to do things but I'm just always tired and I really don't care or have any deep interest in things. I don't spend money or go places and don't want friends or a relationship. Even my hobbies have gone from enjoyment to a way to make time pass. Going to get help feels like I'd be losing and probably won't do anything anyway.

How do normal people find something to live for and work towards? All the things I accomplish make me feel the same as though I had done nothing at all.




Usually they get validation from interacting with other people. If someone gets compliments on their skill or passion for something they will oftentimes make doing whatever craft they get recognized for their life's purpose. People who don't feel that sense of validation from others for whatever reason do tend to withdraw; it's tough to figure out a reason to live in that scenario because society is built for… well, social people.

My suggestion would be to just keep trying new things. You will die eventually, so if you're just bored and not actually in pain then it's best to just pass the time with whatever activity strikes your fancy in the moment rather than killing yourself.


NPCs don't think about why they do things they simply do them, usually because the people around them do them.


It's hard to try anything when you're always feeling tired or down. I can't find anything good to watch, the places I like to browse are either dead, slow or plain garbage. My response to this is a lot of napping and masturbation.

I was getting into programming and guiding myself using the book "programming in C" but after taking almost 30 minutes to get this exercise you ask an user to input two numbers on the terminal and you display whether n1 is evenly divisible by n2 done I think I just should give up. But to be fair it only worked when I did "result = n1 % n2" instead of "n1 % n2 = result" because I skipped the operators and arithmetic chapter so I wasn't sure what was wrong.


how old are you

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this thread is for posting music

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Is she gonna fuck when the rents due


im paste im pasted


File: 1543697973026.jpg (16.57 KB, 250x238, akarin thumbs up.jpg)


flippin epic

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Mmmm saegrimr, my favorite food *om nom nom*


why is he eating the jan

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Bush died
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patriotism is for retards


weird I thought he was already dead 0_o



You must be well educated on it then.


this fucking manga was legit hysterical to read


Jimmy Carter is next to die.

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Growing up I had dreams and aspirations but I always felt like the kid who didn't fit in. For the most part I wasn't a bad kid but when I made the transition into adulthood I turned to the streets for guidance. This led to getting locked up in juvenile hall, doing time at C.Y.A., and eventually a hundred and twenty one sentence in federal prison.

I had a lot of time to think and reflect during my federal stint so I share with you what I learned, hoping I can positively influence someone else's life with prison talk.
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it's obviously minutes


honestly it's probably days since if it was 121 months that's over 10 years so then why would he be posting tamako market or on ota at all

unless maybe he's really old like 40 or something


it's a pasta….


They aren't going to put you in federal prison for just 4 months sheltered white boy

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thanks for shutting that creepsel down


File: 1543643948716.jpg (95.82 KB, 640x800, __kawashima_mizuki_idolmas….jpg)

What else do they have?


Beautiful personalities!


Why do I want to put it in their pussies


Millions of years of evolution.

File: 1543419473008.gif (266.29 KB, 400x400, large (2).gif)

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No they don't, most of the action just takes place in a 2D plane with a lot of vertical and horizontal movement, but very little movement on the z axis…


And? There's more to it than just movement dummy.


He was making a joke.

No wonder it went over the head of a retard that plays button mashers LOL!


>sperging over a phone typo
I am an incomparable homoooooooooooo


Yeah setplay is the peak of depth

File: 1543659063834.jpg (156.87 KB, 1280x720, sigh.jpg)

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>December, 2018


The festive season is nearing! Is everyone else excited about all the tasty foods your mom will be making? I sure am!


This can't be happening… It was just January…


I cant wait to make christmas cookies

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It was a no good, very bad day.


Why they making a big mess and littering all over japari? Don't they realize birbs might eat the trash thinking it's yummy japari buns??


its daijoubu japari bun wrappers are biodegradeable and make nice compost


This thread was in the /ota/zone just when I was trying to find it again!

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A well-placed sage, or the lack of one, can make or break a fledgling thread. This is an extremely powerful tool when used in a valuable manner, but often one will neglect his 'sager's responsibility' and misuse sage at a high cost to the board itself. This usually takes the form of sageing a good thread because of personal reasons. While the sage is your personal tool, it is so powerful that systemic misuse of it could cripple the board, stifling new threads.
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le antisage


owned that norm


and here comes the himateen braindead jellyfish


just zapped a norm with my tentacle



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Sad girls in the snow
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Fe fi fo


File: 1529776270252.jpg (190.63 KB, 500x500, the saddest.jpg)

Sad wings of destiny.


File: 1529813706532.jpg (321.28 KB, 590x900, 1529267862431.jpg)


File: 1543626276666.jpg (363.78 KB, 584x800, 67166254_p22.jpg)

The snow is not far off now…
Милая девушка

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A guy at the restaurant had the same eyes as me. He noticed too and kept looking back. He must have been pilled daily over the course of years as well.

It's rare for one to survive this long so when you see one their aura is a quick giveaway.
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File: 1543461248442.jpg (18.26 KB, 309x400, 1533592044916.jpg)

nofap master race vs fap pleb


me on the left


the 50 year old fapper has a full manly beard while the 70 year old abstainer has faggy balding hair and is fat even with a corset on

tried it it just made my balls hurt and it went away as soon as I cummed


oh wait that's just a vest but he's still fat


>>435033 It's because you wouldn't quit staring at me, weirdo.

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