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Yoshiriko or Yoriko?
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post official art silly


It's official if it comes from the pure love of a fan.


I thought this was a Henripost…


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Henri's spirit lives on in all of us

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keep minority spirit


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I beat Okami with 0 deaths

Not bragging, if there's one thing wrong with this game it's that it's actually impossible to die unless you're retarded.

You can pause the game anytime you think you're going to die and take up to 297 healing items you can hold that are very cheap.

It was very much an adventure game that flowed smoothly, but dragged on too long with a weak later portion of the game.

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Wuby's big butt
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cumming cumming cumming cumming


File: 1581436603356.jpg (1.07 MB, 2048x1701, EQewnjFUUAEceW8.jpg)

Ruby's big lid.



Can't believe /ota/'s fallen so far that this piece of shit thread about wooby's ass is '/ota/ heritage'


Where can I buy it?

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What's some cool stuff to spend my drumpf money on?
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buy flags you think look cool and hang them in your bedroom




A shotgun to blow your own head off with


Kill yourself.


Why so mean

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don't give up
you've got a reason to live
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File: 1592886064796.jpg (462.34 KB, 707x1000, 2444c411599c8588645d6a089c….jpg)

itll get canceled because minorin will be too busy with milky holmes obligations.


mimorin loves oomi too much to quit her


File: 1592891121153.jpg (216.88 KB, 696x1000, sample-fc0fef1e246445c06ee….jpg)

The worst part is when they die with a whimper, granted a lot of media projects never really become full on multi-media things.
I'm really worried the last pieces of galaxy angel and blazblue content I ever see will be some seiyuu radio show (or this sakura taisen anime that just aired that has the production budget of an episode of bbradio) that basically has the same marketing purpose as dlc.
I'm really happy I got to see Overdrive go out the way they wanted to with Musicus though.


it seems like the fate of every franchise from now on is to die as a collab project with a mobile game


File: 1599534597316.jpeg (131.85 KB, 1000x687, Man VS Nature.jpeg)

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Ota village on the horizon of the isolated hill north of the forests & nountian side.

Here rhe village has stood guard for 10 years post-colapse of civilization. Few know of ota's secret villiage. Hunting, gathering, and some yearly crops maintain the villiage. Like a sleeping bear the village holds onto what seems like relic weaponry. Bows, swords, and black powder. No trading has been done by the village chef, otamin…

Due to the supply of manga the weebs and village men have been able to go without internet. The children keep the women busy. After the a school bus became los with college grad school women the marriges took off. They were chased off mmby city folks screaming "racists!" & throwing what appeared to be flaming cocktails.

No norms have been spotted in 12 years by the party. An occasional warosu wolf wonders into town, but theyre always alone howling "awooo" until someone throws them a (You) to keep their bellies full.

The villiage stopped worshiping idol master after their brave General zunbar came out of retirement to funpost. Zunbar was only victorious in the 1 year meme war after having his oldfag bergade paint the sign of the cross on their mouse pads & helmets. ⛑️

Now a lone warrior henri was banished from the villiage until he repents & brings back a 0reist to the village.


Those spelling errors… could it be




File: 1599539929003.jpeg (13.71 KB, 266x190, download (12).jpeg)

A village tradtion is to have 7 men in the village parade in a large papermache & cloth float. The float has wooden wheels & gears. The float is made in the resemblance of a strange looking cat. The villagers scream "Cat look like Janny" & "around mods don't relax". The young boys & men of the villagw scream "Take it easy jpeasy!" to have the jammy float be warded off toward the banks of the village on the lake.

The men operating the float leave amd the rest of them men shoot flaming arrows at janny.

Women & young girls are seen saying "Ice burn!". The women then leave in a parade of their own & the most muscular fit women dress as oni. A female named pygma use to lead the parade.

As soon as the parade ends the men are expected to put out the fire as they yell "Ban this!!" Small fire works are dent out upon this statement **bang** followed by "Whips out—" a pause is heard & seriomonal hose of water & lemonade is poured onto the flaming Janny. The men cheer and drench the large flaming janny out into the lake.

One may ask why such a lewd symbolic gesture is made, but the men advocate it is meant to drive away impure Kigarumi threads/behaviors & even lewd content from the village that the janny once permitted long ago.

Lemonade is then handed out in snow cones with a village feast. This is the spring festival.

File: 1599377909256.jpg (40.82 KB, 450x600, bac908868d4e95116288911991….jpg)

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Even Trevor's faked concern for his community is better than Hiroyuki styled silence. Why would you chose to never explain anything?
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File: 1599522640420.jpg (1.22 MB, 3496x3800, 686c743975aa595ae88d285aa8….jpg)

Don't mess with me or I'm going to shoot


piss man btfo into the stratosphere holy shit


Why does kissmin have two imageboards?


Some people on kissu like that 4taba so when it was going to be closed down I asked the admin if I could have the domain name and files to which he accepted.

I don't like writting in Lisp though so it's not in active development, I just clean up spam and keep it running.


>I don't like writting in Lisp
That's because you're not enlightened.

File: 1586366429780.jpg (558.33 KB, 695x1000, 56254319_p0.jpg)

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File: 1586369289847.jpg (99.4 KB, 640x800, RankoOnsen.jpg)

There's no way Lolimo won't post ITT, right?


File: 1586370162513.jpg (802.32 KB, 1280x1600, EVDOHKLU4AAnfv_.jpg)


Waiting warmingly.

File: 1518846709322.jpg (371.31 KB, 1179x1500, yande.re 379660 sample aya….jpg)

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Wanna know how to fix ota when it's bad like tonight?
You just create a Love Live! thread.
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helping fix sad ota~


Man, I don't think I've ever seen people piss away money like this.
I thought day 1 was bad.
This is actually frightening.


dead link


oh looks like they deleted it, it was the aqours 5th anniversary concert stream
People were throwing out multiple 100 USD superchats like it was nothing.


That's very nice of rich love live fans to redistribute their wealth.

File: 1569723568239.jpg (2.67 MB, 2145x3000, 1569559151500.jpg)

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incest quads
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you made me think about rewatching orelmo too but then remembered the best girl doesn't win and the girl that does win doesn't actually win in the end

what a shit anime


the bgm is fun as well


Would you like to sign my petition for the exhoneration of Aoi Noboru?


Oh god I watched this My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute show and the little sister actually won. Why is it so shitty?


More like no quads I am an incomparable homo

File: 1599401042697.jpg (35.16 KB, 1280x720, untitled.jpg)

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keep minority spirit


Black Lives Matter


My brothers friend said this to me in real life and then said he just likes saying it, I think he finds it funny to see how people react.


Trans rights

File: 1599246405239.jpg (839.43 KB, 1000x1650, 1598840000734.jpg)

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Go back to gn.
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Make me faggot


I believe all of the spinoffs are filled with the same people who just switch their personalities depending on where they're posting.


Well duh



ota is gn

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