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>me and ota at the summercamp /jp/ meetup


stolen from gn


Maybe if T had paid attention to me, I wouldn't have replaced him with otamin as my new onii-chan.


Both teens I am an incomparable homo


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but they're MY teens


stolen from *issu

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What do you get when you cross a mentally-ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash?
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Warosu howl of involuntary celibacy


File: 1597461947272.gif (1.96 MB, 400x300, OmJiGha.gif)

You probably call him the same one in that scenario.

However don't let an insane society determine your fate & make you think or take on a victim mentality.

If I were you just be prepared for the worse. We are about 6 years out from a society colapse & reset.




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A Fox that had been caught in a trap, succeeded at last, after much painful tugging, in getting away. But he had to leave his beautiful bushy tail behind him.

For a long time he kept away from the other Foxes, for he knew well enough that they would all make fun of him and crack jokes and laugh behind his back. But it was hard for him to live alone, and at last he thought of a plan that would perhaps help him out of his trouble.

He called a meeting of all the Foxes, saying that he had something of great importance to tell the tribe.

When they were all gathered together, the Fox Without a Tail got up and made a long speech about those Foxes who had come to harm because of their tails.

This one had been caught by hounds when his tail had become entangled in the hedge. That one had not been able to run fast enough because of the weight of his brush. Besides, it was well known, he said, that men hunt Foxes simply for their tails, which they cut off as prizes of the hunt. With such proof of the danger and uselessness of having a tail, said Master Fox, he would advise every Fox to cut it off, if he valued life and safety.

When he had finished talking, an old Fox arose, and said, smiling:

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Why do the Japanese think foxes are gods
Are there even foxes in japan
In fact is there any big animal in Japan


Theres still foxes in Japan.
Japan even has bears which have been declared both protected and a nuisance toward the north.
Japanese wolves were the smallest in written history to exist just to be wiped out by the Meiji government in hind site by mistake (the meiji government liked to do that often).

Japanese foxes most likely have some orgin to the mainland China legends.

However if you down the ranit hole or you're going to ask someone who studies nephilim in unison with world legends, myths, and Japanese yokai…

Theres most likely a series of "nephilim" that are of the dcdndents of foxes that was predominately found in East Asia.




I thought a little god was in everything even the rocks


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hey there handsome
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Sakuya is indeed hawt.


File: 1576376354734.png (568.15 KB, 1280x718, sakuYUH.png)


File: 1585798043681.jpg (167.33 KB, 850x1200, c43cea638b2e3a421ebc4fb1f0….jpg)

>be Sakuya
>everyone jacks of to you


File: 1586098855316.jpg (576.51 KB, 850x1226, EToYwyIU0AU_euR.jpg)

That's what she gets for being so hairy.



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keep minority spirit


Has anyone ever grown their own food? I wish I lived in a place big enough to have a garden.


I've grown herbs on my windowsill before and tomatoes


File: 1597620422846.jpg (389.67 KB, 1600x1168, 1577804523545.jpg)

My cannabis seedling sprouted, a seed embryo casing was actually wrapped around the cotyledon leaves so I manually removed it last night, and now the leaves are spread and I can see the first true leaves. A root is coming out of the starter plug so I tried to get it to touch the water.

5 gallon bucket I mixed up some nutrients until about 600ppm, pH was too alkaline so I corrected pH with a phosphoric acid solution. It's like mixing a potion for plants sort of. If ph isn't right the plant roots can't absorb certain nutrients.

Strain is Aurora Indica from Nirvana seeds, using a 300W LED. This strain is almost entirely pure Afghan indica genetics, it's supposed to be one of the most narcotic strains of cannabis.


File: 1597626852352.png (201.78 KB, 600x600, progsnake eats frogposter.png)

ive grown oranges (algerian tangerines are my favorite), lemons, peppers, peas, tomatos, artichokes, leeks, and green onions
and possibly some others that my mom was more interest
it's surprisingly easy if you're willing to buy some fertilizer, seeds and bulbs are incredibly cheap water will likely be the most expensive part


I have a garden with collard, passion fruit, papaya, strawberries, chives, parsley, rosemary, mint. I'm trying to grow eggplants, garlic and sweet potato now, and I have a big pomegranate tree as well but the climate here is not good for them so the fruits taste a bit bland.

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dead board
dead site
dead sphere

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What's your favorite Starship Troopers scene? Mine is the Klendathu drop/Battle.
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I liked when Neil Patrick Harris came out in the Nazi coat because verhoeven didn't trust American audiences and people still don't get it


gonna watch this later


Ended up not watching it


Do it.


the scene where people die

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Why is 4chan adding a new video game board every single day?


Why do you care?


I shouldn't but I wonder what goes into the thought process of their management these days. Whats next? A spinoff of /a/ just for the slice of life genre?


I don't think it's a bad thing. They're being used, so they're obviously filling a demand. Even if they slow down, that isn't necessarily bad either. People get more invested in video game current events than they do in anime. Niche video game stuff needs a bit more room to avoid being constantly pushed off by the new big thing.

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Why don't you losers use a real /jp/ like gn instead of this dead site
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>>508023i forgot the sigh board wasnt that only a thing for like a week


Uhhh robotmetal was the first /jp/ spinoff, not /bun/. /bun/ was second.


Update this and add my 1 day board on it so I can finally feel relevant, no-yuu, thanks.


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Leave her alone




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holy molly that thing is scary looking


you're going to upset furiganamin


Furigana for naka. Am upset
t. kanjinlgger


He can play legacy format then. They only started putting rubies on the card text after black and white.

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This is Not ok.


I don't get it


shes saber but not saber


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Today is the official paizuri day. Twitter and pixiv are oveflowing with paizuri, you guys should check it.
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File: 1597389610966.jpg (68.85 KB, 651x921, EfSs0jKU8AI035Z.jpg)



She hid an opened ramune from the desk, right?


winry couldn't even paizuri a micropenis with her teenaged cleavage…so sad


Wish I had a childhood friend like Winry or Alphonse


File: 1597457621994.gif (749.18 KB, 500x236, winryunderboobs.gif)

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