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Who is your favorite hopeless romantic?
For me it's Reimu
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can't she handle that herself?


God does have sex, He just uses his anus and not his dick. St. Peter says it is so gape after billions of years of bareback with horses the entire Heaven is inside. It smells like horse AIDS and divine shit


I always liked your posts, you should be a writer


Lititz, Pennsylvania


File: 1520485485001.png (1.02 MB, 1024x720, diakan.png)

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Nico songs are catchy and cute, but it's all she can do.
Honoka was not a good replacement for seito kaicho after Eli.
RikoYohane is a great pairing.
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File: 1546707125232.png (277.62 KB, 640x360, Ep09_00011.png)

It also proves there was nothing between Eli and Umi, or she would have made sure Umi (far better choice) was seito kaicho. Maybe it's all part of A-RISEs plan to drive Otonokizaka into the ground.


Kill yourself.


Honoka is pretty and popular and has a nice caring personality. Thats all that matters for being student council president.



Dumb LLcel knows nothing about student councils

File: 1546701542050.png (846.54 KB, 1280x720, 1448709765238.png)

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how effective are penis pumps? has anybody got any experience with them? asking for a friend


Im pretty sure that and cock rings you can only use 15 mins and it makes it so you cant really cum

File: 1546654660415.jpg (340.14 KB, 2048x768, 1546587278935.jpg)

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>/ota/ & /qa/
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Ban these fucking teens


Enough of this trevshit trevmin


we are being raided ever since i posted that twitch log


twitch log?

File: 1546684467192.jpg (152.93 KB, 1000x1000, 1513840853522.jpg)

No. 439800 [Reply]

It's officially day of panties


a clean white pantie is a sign of chastity


File: 1546687752035.jpg (166.91 KB, 1280x720, aninurse.jpg)

clean white aninurse pantie falling out of a helicopter.


does that mean all other days are nopan days?


If I was a girl I would wear black battle panties and let all the boys see them

File: 1546686469974.png (495.07 KB, 1224x1635, 40b625292923bcdc6c2215f2db….png)

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did you ever realize being compared to animals and npc isn't an insult? humans worshiped animals for most of our history through shamanism. there's nothing negative about being an animal either since they're sincere and pure in their actions. they and all their ancestors managed to survive until now and while in a world where humans dominate making them admirable.

there's very famous npc that people dedicate their lives to. there's heroine like princess peach and link. there's villain like sephiroth. hell, there's even villain like bowser who later get turned into heroine and people play with their cummer to. even regular npc aren't so bad. you sell fruits to the hero and sit around watching sunsets? it's possible they get upgraded to ai or pc later too.

when you really think about it caring about insults is even worse than whatever possible meaning the implies at a certain point. crude example but if you're trying to be near somebody you "smelling bad" might matter if it's not their fetish. if you want a mind like still water then any sort of negative connotation related to shame, insults, or expectations doesn't exist or move it


what the fuck is this nerd talking about…..?


File: 1546687742403.png (1 MB, 998x939, 9086527527a6988e722fd1da8d….png)

i'm talking about the ego and how people perceive themselves relative to their desires and how it becomes confused


File: 1546688276579.jpg (271.08 KB, 1023x1447, 1469222989228.jpg)

I don't know but I do know I've got a thing for Hecatia because I'm old and when I was in highschool the emo/scene thing was in full swing and the combination of pale white skin with long straight dark hair and black clothes was very sexy not to mention the fact that they were nice to me because they thought I was one of them why can't we go back please

File: 1546667331515.jpg (661.65 KB, 1000x751, __kirima_nagi_boogiepop_dr….jpg)

No. 439764 [Reply]

Nen said they side with /qa/.
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File: 1546668836079.jpg (42.68 KB, 250x261, 1546480140037.jpg)

Deleting /qa/ tonight and replacing it with /s/.


Henri please make a thread about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYo9a1xV6kE


Here on ota, by the way.


Time to exterminate the trannies


What is "s"?

File: 1546590642792.png (3.71 MB, 1920x1080, 17a2cb5c0f25168c7d1fabcd57….png)

No. 439612 [Reply]

play anime girls with me
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only if I get to be the pink one


File: 1546646467042.jpg (44.2 KB, 465x334, 1463168894606.jpg)

Think you can even handle it?


File: 1546646794915.jpg (162.21 KB, 850x588, basketball team.jpg)

OP might post more RKBs in swimwear.


i don't have an anime princess island passport, they just deported me…


File: 1546666701506.jpg (87.59 KB, 1179x717, FriendsOfAoi.jpg)

so i was watching ro kyu bu and noticed that whenever the main character touches one of the girls or is found in an intimate setting with them when is called a lolicon and physically assaulted

is this meant to be humor or a warning or some kind of propaganda or just another played out trope?

idk it just comes across as weird
like breaking fourth wall kinda thing, implications..
at any rate i find it detractable and annoying

File: 1546638141532.jpg (179.81 KB, 1000x1024, sigh.jpg)

No. 439691 [Reply]



don't get pissy with me young lady


Ummm, I don't know what word this is supposed to spell out, can you help me?


I wouldn't mind a genius gf who is also cute hint hint god, anyday now *cough cough*


File: 1546663882293.jpg (112.69 KB, 572x913, shny.jpg)

Possy. Like we had on the frontier. Formed one every time the town janny got killed.

File: 1546650056587.jpg (207.33 KB, 938x720, psvr.jpg)

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ota finna get dabbed on by qa in fortnite


Is this the quality of the average /qa/ post?

File: 1546655665145.gif (1.03 MB, 500x500, 1546605138646.gif)

No. 439741 [Reply]

these children learn from cigarette burns, fast cars, fast women, and cheap drinks


die inkling


baste squidkid

File: 1531511274303.png (649.6 KB, 794x775, Hatsune3.png)

No. 425263 [Reply]

Her name is HATsune Miku but she doesn't normally wear a hat?
Explain yourselves weebs!
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you snooze, you lose


This post was made by Dani.


/a/ had a lot more than just that anon.




I've watched a lot of these, even before I made that post, but I think this is my favorite after the one I linked in >>425279 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVeMn5xBwj0

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