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File: 1635876537527.jpg (53.48 KB, 300x300, 20211101_222830.jpg)

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Your the esl trying to cover you're tracks


File: 1635916993332.png (132.5 KB, 554x439, 1632427021863.png)

You are trying to cover his tracks


cried while watching prima doll


cried when spock died


You're kinda wrong and missing the original point made

>My sentence in your syntax: You mixed its pronouns bro

This is a different sentence than what he said, he said “you're the esl trying to cover its tracks" like you're [the noun] and the noun is what the it's refers to. So you're arguing about something pointless that you misapprehended

File: 1622539241048.png (1.4 MB, 1366x768, 1615599537442.png)

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Imagine the smell


Yes btw I'm going to live in a van with a beefy solar power setup and Micro ATX PC (with two GPUs) and 4G unlimited internet and a 12v DC fridge, and I'm gonna post up in national forests and cook beans and rice outside on a little propane stove

And yes I'm going to bathe upstream in your rivers and collect rainwater

And yes I will have an instant legolas which is a magazine-fed semi-automatic (compound) bow (first invented in the history of humanity in 2015) which there is no laws on in America and I can freely take in any state.

And I'm ordering contact lenses from Europe with no prescription needed because fuck dumb American laws and I will get them delivered to my UPS store mailbox address
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File: 1638107275187.png (Spoiler Image, 2.14 MB, 1831x1200, 1637880376387.png)

Yes and if you make under a certain amount per year (like $10,000) then you don't have to pay any taxes, you're in a $0 tax bracket, and my dividends from SPY would probably be less, and if not then I pay the glowníggers their $15 or something.

You never ever pay taxes on unrealized gains.

It doesn't matter if you made 5 billion dollars, you pay $0 taxes unless you actually sell the stock.


nice image


File: 1638120321047.png (2.76 MB, 1920x1080, 1620663106894.png)

god i want to have sex with marie rose


File: 1662344576178.jpg (347.56 KB, 800x1231, untitled.jpg)

beefy solar power setup


Why did you change the filename to "untitled.jpg"?

File: 1662181702654.gif (1.87 MB, 336x414, horse points.gif)

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>Italy’s Updated Criminal Law Says Anime, Hentai, And Comics Are “Child Pornography”

Is this the end of ota-ch.com?
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File: 1662223907407.png (142.18 KB, 344x328, 1423257897903.png)

lolimo never coming back now…


think if those lawmakers watched a few nice idol anime they'd think differently


File: 1662269875921.jpg (69.86 KB, 640x467, 1661517075669.jpg)

maybe they have


It's time to get to work, otamin.


File: 1662292916291.gif (3.55 MB, 498x280, love-live-superstar-anime.gif)


File: 1621687635532.jpg (126.07 KB, 707x1000, sample-b2db491eb69489754be….jpg)

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Fresh Arch Linux install:

- 170 MB RAM usage
- 1.6 GB disk usage
- Absolutely dead silence on network, no packets
- No spyware
- Only 160 packages

And this OS is capable of running 85% of Windows games (with comparable performance and sometimes literally better than native Windows), and also capable of running Windows 10 in a VM with GPU passthrough.

There's just no excuse for using Windows on your main OS unless you're lazy and like being spied on.

Windows should be confined to a cuck VM that is solely used for games that don't work on Wine yet.
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*squeezes out a huge turd*


File: 1661343110439.png (3.84 MB, 1108x2000, untitled.png)

a gamer must game


File: 1662273388528.jpg (250.56 KB, 1080x436, 1662265067808.jpg)

omgg tghery putting an lolnux logo on the super buttonm now


File: 1662152429326.png (160.27 KB, 250x368, 1662151571655.png)

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>you so fucking wild ho
>that's my fucking style ho
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File: 1662162905528.jpg (426.22 KB, 1024x768, 1231528538041.jpg)

Lucky Star manga coming back this is it bros we're finally going back to 2006


i like konata because she is an otaku like me


File: 1662261762462.jpg (512.33 KB, 1200x849, 84762192_p1_master1200.jpg)


i like kagami because she has twintails and is an otaku like me


still several levels below konatar

File: 1662157545254.jpg (171.84 KB, 640x640, ab67616d0000b273ab46e29b62….jpg)

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thinking about the meow meow selepros


File: 1662261652073.jpg (257.2 KB, 1400x787, sample-3ad987503cd76a6e03f….jpg)



File: 1662263387099.jpeg (66.41 KB, 1200x675, trailer-Selection-Project….jpeg)

those dont look like selepros

File: 1662160635683.jpg (348.27 KB, 1325x1472, 1662137519925127.jpg)

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mommy wife
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if i was gay i would be drowning in cock why did i have to be born straight


im NOT gay but id suck a dick im still NOT drowning in cock for the same reasons that im NOT drowning in pussy




zonetan thinks richard williams was the greatest animator



File: 1661983729006.jpg (13.37 KB, 320x200, tXaB1.jpg)

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hope this crushes western artists spirits so they stop polluting pixiv and twitter with their filth once and for all
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forgot the worst part, the nose


File: 1662149784371.png (362.27 KB, 512x512, 982638565_anime_girl_stand….png)

no but this is


average western fanart


youre not good at anything


im the ldar champion

File: 1662102886681.png (2.47 MB, 2112x1282, 1661751916188.png)

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damn hes good


>Bronze Room


File: 1662105686996.png (2.44 MB, 2155x1224, 1662027650591460.png)


File: 1662108056446.png (2.45 MB, 2121x1212, 1662000666424665.png)


First place THREE times in a row?

File: 1662072022877.png (588.87 KB, 797x644, 1662064948917.png)

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There's someone at my work who looks exactly like Trevor and I tried to talk to him and he was just kind of like huh ok just like I imagine the real Trevor it must be the gene pool reflection from
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My brain is all scattered again lately some norm tried talking to me and I had to do the sorry I gotta go routine simply don't have the energy to navigate a conversation


File: 1662084626528.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)

scientists said its likely everyone has a doppelganger that they share dna with


were you low on spoons


this guy pretty much looks like a more haggard version of me

https://www. plebbit .com/r/beards/comments/rlq6rg/first_points_are_coming_in_always_my_favorite/

File: 1629087012966.png (72.07 KB, 250x272, 1622383271492.png)

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how do I make the hopeless romantic thoughts go away someone help me

I don't know what happened to me since the shooting it's like a switch flipped in me and though it wasn't even bothering me before for a while or anything, I'm back to posting hopeless romantic posts all day and looking up blackpills how do I stop it
why did this stupid fat fuck have to remind me that I'm a fucking disgusting virgin and the world hates my guts and it's all thanks to my terrible fucking luck being rejected in highschool ruining my only chances and my confidence and my life while everyone else got to have a gf and/or have sex and leave me behind. Why'd it have to come back in the news and stuff to remind me how fucking subhuman I am to everyone if I haven't had sex and how fucking evil and callous normalfags are towards me when it's not even MY FUCKING FAULT when THEYRE THE ONES THE DENIED ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO NOT BE A GODDAMN hopeless romantic
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just fire up a lewd powerpoint game when i get the primal urge


Wow, it's PREDICTABLE how the same thing happened to me again this year around the same time, I even made another thread, albeit 4 days this year. I totally forgot about this one. Maybe it's some kind of seasonal thing, I am close to cracking the code.


I've been doing some research and have decided I will have an Orbital box osteotomy with bilateral tripod osteotomies to double my facial height to width ratio and increase my palpebral fissure length and a 12 mm quadrangular modified Lefort 3 as described by Dr. Sinn with a 10 mm Lefort I with 5 degrees of counterclockwise rotation and a mandibular BSSO with 3 inches of advancement and chin wing osteotomy to create a hyper ant face which was discovered by Dr. Sailer who i can not afford to go to. Throw in an Almond eye surgery Dr. Taban style, meaning with lateral canthoplexy, lower lid retraction surgery and orbital decompression. Make me an aggressive wraparound jaw implant with exactly these specifications: 15 mm of lateral jaw angle augmentation with 6 mm horizontal augmentation to my ramus. Use Peek not silicone and remember to use 2 titanium screws on each side for fixation. As for the chin, recontour it to a wide square style. It's going to be expensive but at this point I figure you're better off going broke as a last ditch effort to escape celdom than to keep suffering until you eventually can't take it anymore and splatter your brains all over the wall behind you.


skipping these kopipe posts


what were their names john and travis or something?

File: 1643875478702.jpg (744.26 KB, 1035x1440, boni.jpg)

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Stop wearing your shirt in the pool. Final warning.
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hey ota just got back from 23 km run was shirtless and wearing my pink flip belt a passing driver shouted whooooo at me


Are you a girl


That was me that belt isn't the only thing that's going to get flipped if you keep running by the road naked

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