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im lonely and have never had sex whos your favorite touhou mines patchouli
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yeah take it slutboy


gross faggot die


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falling asleep watching anime on the couch together and waking up to discover we unconsciously started spooning in our sleep…

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Do you daydream about founding an isolationist, utopian city state in a remote corner of the world after an apocalypse of some sort destroys all contemporary civilisation, ota? How would you do it? My original plan was to go to Greenland or Antarctica and found the mythical city of Hyperborea, using a great glass or plastic dome that harnesses the greenhouse effect to make it inhabitable, but then I found out that Hyperborea was already taken by /pol/tards, so now I'm looking for new ideas. What are your plans?
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feeling sleepy thinking about idols


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meow meow idols


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not at all, you see, "hyper" is greek for "beyond" and "borea" is greek for "north", so "hyperborea" means "beyond the north", and if you go to the north and then keep going, where do you eventually end up? the south! and what could be more south than antarctica? so although its misleading at first when you think about it the name makes perfect sense. that's also why the ancient explorers never found it, they were looking for it in the north like idiots.

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they're making fun of our admin again






someone said they would vote for whoever will prioritize housing affordability but then people laughed at them and said no one would do anything about it and that the ship has sailed but if that's the case the no one represents us


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The majority of the population already has a home.

If you already have a home, you want to see houses get more expensive, not cheaper.

So why would politicians run on a cheap-housing platform when the majority of voters want more expensive housing?


Because the instant they sell their house to buy a new one they'll realize the problem.

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Thinking about an Ota bf


Waiting for a nice friendly guy from ota to drag me out of the closet.


wish i had a ota best friend too that i could send funny love live pictures and videos and message goodnight and good morning


not even looking for the cosplay cc gf i want thanks to the globalists sigh

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How can other idols even compete?
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no just jog and stretch


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love me athletic airhead shabs


These are fake the only things I see foids in the gym do are ass exercises and play on their phone and walk around on the treadmill


both my favorite pants have rips in the b*tt or cr*tch hate that this reminded me of that im so sad


you can repair that yourself, like if it's just the stitching you can redo the stitch and fix it up. if it's the material itself that's ripped, it's much more difficult but usually that sort of thing is just stitching coming loose.

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keep minority spirit
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thanks for all your hardwork otamin ^w^


same it makes me feel not mya myaa




thank you otamin


thank you otamins

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Ota has been run into the ground.
Tmin must behind this.
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oat man… had a hard life




*sniff* *sniff*

Smells liked baked brownies!


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I have to get the vaccine tomorrow…
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second shot today…


File: 1623945860484.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 2140x1776, 1407892345_0.jpg)

Welcome to your windows update.


one step closer to the sweet release of death


How are your ovarie balls?


I love this image so much bros one of my favorite images to use, it just encapsulates my emotions atm so often and Aoi is cute
man I got the vaccine that long ago I thought I got it like late June, my memory is going maybe it's the vacvine

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mfw when watching ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ganai to relive my teenbro youth
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yeah but they grow up in an anime landscape saturated in isekai trash and will never be able to appreciate classics like haruhi or azumanga daioh or nichijou and will instead have to live with the burned remains of kyoani.


File: 1622410318081.jpg (67.09 KB, 1280x720, [Potato] Ore No Imouto Ga ….jpg)

Love that show, everyone is so good in it. Kanako was kinda forced though
Smol Kirino is the cutest thing ever.


You're old when regrets take the place of dreams

- Billy the Kid


never had any dreams


Teens are here to be queer
Ami'rite m8

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Okay /jp/ I know you're not going to believe me on this one, I know you won't take my word for it.

But the System32 folder is for 64bit files and SysWOW64 is for 32bit files.
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this is only true in the gpu space, intel launches whole product stacks. You just hear about the i7s and i9s because that's what they send to reviewers in the media package before launch, the 11400 already turned a lot of heads on launchday, it's just reviewers had to get it retail first to test
11900k-s suck on ambient, but every 11XXX marked cpu has the architectural ipc uplift, the ones that don't are 10th gen refreshes
both AM4 and LGA1200 is dead, this RAM transition period is the point in time where socket compatibility is irrelevant
there are already news about overclockable gaming ddr5 ram and server ram is in production


I needed a computer 6 years ago but the internet keeps telling me to wait for the new thing


one stick of ddr5 is going to cost no less than $100


I wanna play a ddr game


Bit this
*whips our Sega mega drive*

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Let me sum up Square Enix's E3 presentation for those of you who missed it

25 minutes of a Marvel game

Literally (not figuratively) 30 seconds of an FF 1-6 "pixel remaster" for Steam and iOS/Android

25 minutes of Marvel again

10 seconds of the Nier mobile game

5 minutes of Babylon's Fall first gameplay, which looked surprisingly bad for a Platinum Game's game.

10 minutes of a Final Fantasy 1 remake where you KILL CHAOS UGHHH I HATE CHAOS, looked okay I guess.
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Floating islands honestly seem like a good solution to some open world problems


File: 1623807843723.jpg (33.16 KB, 650x650, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


cant wait to play some smtv




Why does Enix own an entire building? Are they making money off of renting out to small businesses?
Also what is the state of their manga publication these days?

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