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For three days the miserable inhabitants were given over to lust and cruelty of a mob of savages. Neither sex nor age was spared. Women and children were tortured before being put to death. So great was the slaughter that Kolokotronis himself says that, from the gate to the citadel his horse's hoofs never touched the ground. His path of triumph was carpeted with corpses. At the end of two days, the wretched remnant of the Mussulmans were deliberately collected, to the number of some two thousand souls, of every age and sex, but principally women and children, were led out to a ravine in the neighboring mountains and there butchered like cattle.
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It's a kami thread by the measure of the OP image


Maki has a pussy that hasn't been a cunny for a few years now, it's lewd and moistened with love juices serving the purpose of enticing potential mates to ravage her ripe 15 year old body…


This creepy thread better not be on page 1 on Maki's birthday.


File: 1555534003249.jpg (170.6 KB, 847x1200, you tube.jpg)

What about You's birthday? When are you making her thread?


sunshine characters don't get birthday threads

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Pretty good taste.


File: 1555349831243.jpg (105.7 KB, 600x800, __ohara_mari_love_live_and….jpg)



nice white power sign


Chika loves cumming from her girlpussy.


Chika hates pussyfreaks

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detective pikacho the worlds first algorithmically generated feature length film
why does this exist other than to snare the biggest demographic possible and get them all to buy a ticket for maximal income
it has everything thats hot right now
pokemon is never not hot it has deadpool it has stranger things 80s aesthetic and a jukebox full of classics that you have definitely heard but probably dont know the name of
the master computer was even nice enough to westernize the pokemon because anime is gay
be sure to please your electric overlord and buy the blu ray or else he might torture an exact replica of you in the future when he has the processing power to do so
i should not have even dignified that stupid retard shit with a reference oh well
movie is here time to make the face and post on the internet about it
is your child a corporate shill
its more likely than you think
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pretty pink maki pussy


more like defective pikachu lmoa


Detective Pussy





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juan punchman


i got nothing




Please forgive my rudeness

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When did you realize "Asian" martial arts were invented in Europe?
Alexander brought ancient Greek Pankration, Boxing and Wrestling over to India. They still have Vajra Mushti (Boxing with a spiky glove as a weapon, just like in Greece) and Kushti (Wrestling similar to the old Greek style) there, as well as. Pankration turned into Malla-yuddha, which includes grappling and striking.
From there, it was transferred to China, where the Chinese took the skiamachia (shadow boxing) and the cheironomia (kata) as well as the Greek war dances, and turned them into their only form of martial training - the now infamous forms. Wrestling and boxing was turned into Kung Fu.
Jiu Jutsu was invented Europe and transferred to Japan during the Sengoku period, immediately replacing Sumo (which in itself was the old Greek stand up wrestling, same rules) and and all indigenous fighting methods.
Muay Thai is old Savate and Lutte Parisienne that the Thais copied during French "occupation". Old Muay Thai before that looks like drunken monkeys playground fighting. Same for all the other South East Asian kickboxing styles.
Hell, Shaolin temple even had the literal Hercules as a guardian deity.


Aikido is the most powerful of them and is native to Japan.


Actually Kung Fu is far older.

The legend says the Yellow Emperor created it, but I doubt. In any case, Shaolin Kung Fu was created by Boddhidharma, who based it on Vajra Mushti and many styles are indeed far older, Shuai Jiao, for exemple.

Considering the rest of Asian martial arts are based on Kung Fu, your theory is quite wrong, they were all born from China and India.

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ota / qa
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I'm gay and Up is an overrated movie.


Good one.


I reported you three times over.


File: 1555514534608.png (595.76 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Nande Koko ….png)

And YOU thought it wouldn't be a heartwarming romance story.


Stop this Trevor garbage, trevormin.

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One good character on the left, a great one in the middle and a terrible on the right.


kill yourself


I'm not your brother though.


We're otabros.


File: 1555513434914.jpg (113.87 KB, 1000x1011, D4M62pGUUAAUQ7m.jpg)


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Sunshine! movie announced. Are you prepared for more yosoros, zuras, and buu x buu's than ever before?
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What are you even talking about? I've never seen anything like that


Ruby looks pretty nice with chika's eye color. My new pet theory is that ruby is chika's long lost little sister who was adopted by the kurosawa's when they found her in a mikan orchard. she wears color contacts so none of the rest of the main family asks any more questions, since her hair color already makes her stand out from the rest of them. This also explains why Daiya likes her even though they're "sisters" since they aren't blood related


Most theaters in the US have a "no singles policy" to prevent inc*l mass shooters. Basically if you're a male you need to go with friends or a date.

(it's a /tv/ meme or something, the joke was 4chan posters would be too socially anxious to even try checking if such a thing were real)


File: 1555476246818.jpg (155.93 KB, 674x1200, DwjIZMAVYAAC5Ik.jpg)

But what good is forbidden love if you take out the forbidden part…


one time i was the only person in the theater. it was like a private screening. no one even took my ticket at the door, i just walked in

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Are you really gonna stay home at Friday again? Let's hang out just the three of us, it will be fun~
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missed the wooby creamp*e gangb*ng again…


File: 1555419011487.jpg (418.44 KB, 1080x764, 65380065_p1.jpg)

Every hour is Daiya appreciation hour!


why is this young lady casually undressing in a classroom?


She called Kanan in


File: 1555423363990.png (808.26 KB, 1280x720, LLSS_S2Ep12_018.png)

Once the sun goes down whatever happens in school is fair game.

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Sure would be a shame if some of your threads…..

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Stop randomly bringing up his name in every single thread you dumb teen


Is something bothering you? You can talk about it now.




Otamin hard at work I am an incomparable homoooooooooo


Hate how the otamin is a sexy foid don't like the thought of some bimbo policing ota but theres nothing we can do about it

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nico loves hanayo chan nico!
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Pana's p*ssy butter


What's Berry Dream?


It means it smells like berries you big dummy.


Is nontan's berry dream what kotori is singing about in blueberry train ?


File: 1555389684113.jpg (213.32 KB, 768x1024, neso5.jpg)

A blend of berries with a splash of vanilla. (you can only smell it in your dreams, and on Nozomi)

File: 1555110989222.png (413.08 KB, 590x932, __yazawa_nico_love_live_sc….png)

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Is /ota/ ready for the epic final season of Game of thrones this weekend?
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File: 1555347830942.png (1.58 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

Ok I'll post in this Nico thread!


>discussing g.o.t. on ota….



Wow nico is so populare she has billions of fans!!


Just finished, yeah, pretty lame.
I swear that after every fucking season Dany gets shitter.

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