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Who's there?

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Dreams are good evidence of the afterlife and how it might work.

You're asleep here but you're still awake in another world.

Existence itself is so strange that there's no good reason to think you need a brain to continue.

Rather the physical brain and body is the interface which allows your soul to interact with the physical universe. That link can be permanently damaged and it's called death or brain damage.
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i was thinking about how much muslims and semites raped and destroyed europe. it actually makes sense what the west is doing in the middle east nowadays in retrospect. after a thousand years of being raped and forced to worship a semite or die you'd want revenge
oops, breeds*


My dream from last night (more like yesterday evening)

So it was like pokemon but different Ash Brock misty are there and it's a but is a trivial vacation. I'm kinda ash. It's more funnier bit more adult and  ash is morally aware he's in a cartoon and jokes. The Onix and butterfree show up. O.o is in its second edition Ann's instead odd vein a rock snake it's kinda like a squatting sculpture on a stone podium that looks like brock. Also it's in love with butterfree which is kinda like a regular butterfly but made of light. Onix can also shoot energy our of it's palms. Then eventually everyone leaves sorta. I'm there with misty, who actually kills more like that assume version of green in alola. I take some viewfinder thing around her neck and she says the location is around two corners. I don't know if I left or not. I kinda did maybe.
Then misty and Ash are outside captured by a gang that ash went to investigate, (they're also special officers or something) and then they're surrounded by the group and everyone in the group has a gun but ash and misty have their gun, even though they're heavily outnumbered. Then thw leader rakes thwie guns away and goves them two box cutter knives instead to fight with. Of course there nso way to win, but just then the head of police forces comes in surrounded by his officers, all armed and they save us. He reveals that all memebers have a tracker places in their foot, and that if you're caught outside of bounds with it, you're treated as AWOL and the gorce can do what they want. However they cant rescue you unless you're reported missing, which is what someone did. Thus we were saved.Then I woke up I think


ugh it's that neopagan retard from hima…


Ash must be gay because he never fucked misty


Why do you let freakmin post here teenmin

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Wheres the blow?


Blow me

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I downloaded a "best of" Coheed and Cambria album and I'm going to upload it to Jpopsuki.

Great anime hits like





Marie looks a little like Shokotan here, that's rather disturbing.


This shit sucks


What otaku culture is this?


File: 1543107680620.jpeg (177.85 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpeg)

Marie Rose culture.

File: 1543070649041.jpg (1.79 MB, 2718x1920, 1541563516444.jpg)

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uhhh… Creep…


Actually all of these are a 10 for japs


File: 1543088603943.jpg (836 KB, 900x1200, 71588055_p0.jpg)

They look pretty cute. As expected of a gathering of otagirls.
I have a hand me down xbox1 and some old systems like ps2. Vita and 3ds.


Let's play fallout henri


are you asian

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What VN do I read?
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File: 1543020051995.jpg (115.77 KB, 960x544, 2018-09-16-111202.jpg)

Aiyoku no Eustia


That looks like me


I doubt it


Fata Morgana

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Is Nozomi wearing Brazil's uniform because she also has the largest number of cups?
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I think they tie as the biggest weeb nation.


Brazil has a lot of Japanese though, France is just weeb.


das rite


Congratulations, France, youre team is the blackest to ever win the World Cup, that means you guys are blacker than Argentina.


File: 1543070371191.jpg (68.4 KB, 1200x900, 1541464052598.jpg)


File: 1543026012928.png (75.43 KB, 419x296, 1451515509935.png)

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If you stare into the kuso posts, the kuso posts stare back at you.

What does he mean by this?
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The porn half is the good one tho


Yes it is, half the threads are western, and the user base is awful. There's so many autistic teenbros, angsty transbenders, and creepy old cuckolds on that board it's unreal.


I don't like the weird subset of users that think girls have to be scissoring for something to be yuri.


this but unironically


Never thought I would agree with a post on ota until today.

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>Can't celebrate Normsgiving because I have nothing to be thankful for
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Jealous NEET.
You do know that if we die you die too, right?


But it's my mother who supports me, so you dying would be of no consequence…?


Even if one worknorm dies we still have thousands of worknoms left to support us otaneets


whats the final solution to the neet infestation


Gathering them all up, sending them to Saudia Arabi a to work protected under a lab9r star where they aren't paid, still I g them back home to work on a cellular app system for sharing information, all to arm rhebpublic go shoot down missiles headed toward their country.

Put some f9rcex labor on their backs to realize they can change things, like…inclimung missiles.

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>you are permenantly banned




Here bitch unban me

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I can't lie, I've never seen a cuter picture of Kotori
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What's the color of her underwear in this outfit?




File: 1542989262071.jpeg (585.17 KB, 2728x4000, butt.jpeg)

I think Halloween Nozomi has pink though.


That's a nice butt regardless.


delete this!!! muse figures werebt made for you to perv out like this!!!

File: 1542973375208.jpg (310.35 KB, 1920x1080, 1542371293223.jpg)

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Anime squad roll out


epic flood spambro teenmin got fuckin BTFO I am an incomparable homooooo

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