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File: 1630553109872.png (2.94 MB, 1920x1764, absolute unit.png)

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>Basedmin dabbing on the meatfoid worshiping simps

How can they hope to recover
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we're waiting for you in the otacord


someone needs to actually make one we’ll be a hundred times better than the gncord


flippin cordnorms


might have brain problems


dont want to post in an otacord but a nencord might be nice. think nenmin shut it down when someone tried to start one though

File: 1649831376694.jpg (179.92 KB, 1280x1861, 97559482_p0.jpg)

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MAC 10 lay em' on the floor like a mattress




File: 1649879089903.jpg (206.66 KB, 1002x1000, 1649812234967.jpg)

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mom said it's bath time


real raped women.

File: 1649734247653.jpg (371.49 KB, 1920x1080, the truth.jpg)

No. 562721 [Reply]

>Surrounded by foods
>Not allowed to have any
>Surrounded by gfs
>Not allowed to have any

The angry suffering comes when everyone else gets to enjoy the things you can't even if they don't deserve them. It would be better to live on a large desert island where there are no pussies and just enough food to subsist.
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If you think what we say is bad you should hear what the "Chads" say about them


Women aren't commodities but their affection is.




truth belongs to those who seek it


this is a trevor post
he posted this 3am because the cabinet was locked and he couldn't eat

File: 1649834171084.png (2.05 MB, 1727x1603, 1649782202534.png)

No. 562751 [Reply]

How do I stop blowing my asshole out from gallons of cemented dogshit?




Good job. Keep stealing from those thieves

File: 1649727947671.png (312.6 KB, 674x859, 79884942_p0.png)

No. 562713 [Reply]

mindblowing how otamin keeps deleting poltical discussion from his board while letting inane otaku media posts stay up, its like he wants society to be ruined.


based otamin


File: 1649856583017.jpg (339.86 KB, 1060x1500, 1649615450485.jpg)

thank you oats for your hard work



File: 1640649058523.jpg (211.96 KB, 820x772, 1585763229883.jpg)

No. 556229 [Reply]

im banned im banned im crying im banned i didn't do anything wrong and im banned for 9 weeks 9 weeks 9 weeks did oatmin misclick i didn't say anything bad i didn't do anything wrong I didn't I swear it just says unspecified reason please please please this isn't right I'm a model otaposter I feel sick I'm going to vomit this can't be happening this can't be happening my head is spinning I don't feel good im crying I'm dying I'm crying im dying
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File: 1649692589094.gif (1.76 MB, 464x347, 1649538737820.gif)

>posting on ota at work

Looking for those big promotions

I DM'd otamin on Steam he'll get to it soon don't worry.


I wish I was Italian living in Italy


god has helped to overcome the desires of the flesh, be happy to be blessed in his grace


No he just made you ugly


oh no I forgot the 4 day good friday/easter weekend its too long to go without posting

File: 1649124436317.jpg (227.38 KB, 2312x1302, 1648637154375.jpg)

No. 562387 [Reply]

what does hb mean on hima
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found r/a/dios archive this is nice


Your post made me think it was gone. Glad it's still around, even though its been a decade since I listened regularly. Don't recognize 99% of the DJs anymore though so I guess like many other things its moved on without me…


nah i was talking about where some files are hosted
djs dont really matter i just like to stay up to date on some new music


djs didnt matter to you but they did to me…


do you know mcdoogle him and the norwegian are the only ones i know there was one annoying loud racist guy he left like in 2018

File: 1649832342921.jpg (553.28 KB, 1920x1080, xi xinping boss fight.jpg)

No. 562749 [Reply]

Three guys on the right are fodder that mainly just try to get in your way, but they have a lot of HP and will constantly throw healing items at the big boss so your priority is to take them out first if you can. The sneaky guy in the back can poison you if you're not careful, but the attack is well telegraphed so you should be able to avoid it.

Short guy to the left will cast AoE spells the entire fight. He's protected by a shield but it comes down a few seconds before each spell so try to get him then. Be careful if he starts to cast "China Will Grow Larger" since it's a massive buff for the entire enemy team, you'll want to interrupt this at all costs.

Guy with the clasped hands to the far left is their melee fighter. You'll be dealing with him for most of the fight. He has mad combos so you really don't want to use any of your moves that leave you open on him. Go for the legs with pokes and hope he doesn't counter. Throws can be effective to get some breathing room.

Xi Jinping will stay in his power stance for approximately 5 minutes and not move (he is also completely invulnerable during this) giving you a little time to deal with his underlings. Take out as many as you can. Once he joins the fight, you'll see that he can use all the attacks the others in the room can and he can teleport. Good luck, anon.


File: 1649863320814.jpg (353.54 KB, 960x1705, 1649659377471.jpg)

They ride and drive in masks. They. Ride. In. Masks.

File: 1649801117650.png (962.36 KB, 3520x2977, 1363663344334.png)

No. 562736 [Reply]

How come whenever I see my mother she keeps apologizing but she never really tells me what she's saying sorry about


File: 1649805692219.jpg (168.56 KB, 1280x720, 1649134212915.jpg)

She is sorry that she birthed a mistake like you.


was about to drop this series real quick until they tied up the loose end and started the yuri route

File: 1639537302079.jpeg (164.45 KB, 783x412, 94D9811B-BD87-4325-B986-4….jpeg)

No. 555167 [Reply]

Matthew 5:29. Something to remember as you browse the spinoffs full of lurid depictions of anime girls.
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File: 1649725533194.jpg (173.08 KB, 764x375, IMG_2270.jpg)

capped this too but i couldnt think of any text to post it with


die japmog


thought everyone on the jay knew japanese how did you all read oretsuba muramasa baldr sky aiyoku no eustia back in the day


the utter arrogance


no but i did read the nice sprite vns

File: 1632252816318.jpg (102.71 KB, 910x574, rurigekigan.jpg)

No. 549830 [Reply]

What did we learn today ota?
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File: 1632316550787.png (188.89 KB, 352x408, 1546541348429.png)


wish i wasnt dumb and annoying


going to learn how to make online friends


going to learn how to ghost my online friends they're annoying


cruel people like you dont deserve online friends

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