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File: 1658631810035.jpg (217.74 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Kuro no Shouk….jpg)

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when is it gonna be my turn to get isekaid


dont get why the first thought of every isekai protag is buying slaves


It's PREDICTABLE how there is no isekai about MC becoming a slave merchant. Slave trading is in everything but no one ever thought to make Spice and Wolf but slave trading.

File: 1639506962367.jpg (74.04 KB, 640x961, 1639247137682.jpg)

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Welcome, master! (⌒▽⌒) ♡
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Just the knobs


I clapped


literally never used discord dont even know how to




havent logged in my account in weeks my friends probably think im dead

File: 1658590048636.jpg (122.1 KB, 1359x768, 213323123.JPG)

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/ota/ is an actual place!?!


Always was?

File: 1649434923240.jpg (239.75 KB, 600x700, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_mo….jpg)

No. 562576 [Reply]

smashed my elbow this morning and it hurst so much
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File: 1649490325569.jpg (61.26 KB, 500x452, 8150408462_c38ec115be.jpg)


File: 1649494881721.jpg (1 MB, 1080x990, 1649462524948.jpg)

Did you know you can eat pumpkins?

Like if you bake them the inner pulp turns soft and edible.

And you can eat the seeds too. I want to try eating a pumpkin now but I don't know if they sell them except for autumn.


File: 1649504584167.jpg (174.32 KB, 1200x675, e1e2a7027e164ab7b1de53bebb….jpg)


smashed my elbow in 2 places and also my finger it was bleeding



File: 1647452866232.jpg (388.05 KB, 700x1000, 7197872_p0.jpg)

No. 561476 [Reply]

It's 3 16 day!

Post Stone Cold Steve Austin!


File: 1647455722949.jpeg (37.22 KB, 444x500, D7C8wP7W0AAu42J.jpeg)



File: 1647698126233.gif (1015.76 KB, 480x270, STUPID-STONE-COLD-GLITCH.gif)




File: 1658536819577.gif (3.23 MB, 400x298, stone cold smack vince in ….gif)

You hear constantly this phrase “that's the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!” - but who is this man “Stone Cold” that he should determine truth?

Stone Cold is an intervention of the real; My God, you hear the glass smash and he gives the Stunner, you know? It is, as Alain Badiou would put it, The Event


Actually, no, I don't constantly hear that. I've never heard that!

File: 1658517587777.jpg (152.6 KB, 1920x1080, DWBZPvjWAAEh0aX.jpg)

No. 570773 [Reply]

henri spaghettis with oat milk
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sigh henri was supposed to marry kaede and save her from cakedom now shes alone forever because they made him leave


kaede pussy!


Been older than kaede for a while now, feels kinda weird.


File: 1658531481493.jpg (2.5 MB, 1402x2000, filled horse.jpg)

he was your friend and we ate him


File: 1658531714243.jpg (352.48 KB, 1600x1048, TJCS.jpg)

does she eat carrot spaghetties

File: 1644436658027.jpeg (69.8 KB, 1024x574, 1640677816485.jpeg)

No. 559549 [Reply]

mfw idolshite gets bumped off the front page by another quality celthread
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Since the past month she has been making remarks about my lnceldom, and has even made fun of me at the family reunion for being a virgin. When she insinuated I was gay, I punched her hard and told her to shut the fuck up. She thinks just that because she's my Grandma she can say those things. She hit me back pretty hard, and I tried gripping her but she slammed me on the floor before I could do anything. I tried to get up but the bitch kept kicking me in the ribcage. I'm at my cousins house now, because she kicked me out. I hate my life so much.


You shouldn't be punching old ladies. You could've just put her in her place with a few choice words.


mom always said actions speak louder than words


moms a foid she doesnt know what shes talking about


File: 1658515573308.jpg (377.36 KB, 1200x1718, 1413451755367.jpg)

mom is a foid
foids are the enemy
mom is an enemy

File: 1658442985720.jpg (306.14 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-[ANE] Ore no Imouto ga….jpg)

No. 570693 [Reply]

Rewatching Oreimo and just feel like posting some screenshots.
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okay smartass about watching it without subtitles if youre such a japanese expert save your comments for /a/


File: 1658443593970.jpg (274.55 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-[ANE] Ore no Imouto ga….jpg)

What could this possibly be a reference to.


File: 1658444464879.jpg (161.82 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-[ANE] Ore no Imouto ga….jpg)

Kirino canonically has black hair she just dyes it blonde.


no shit shes fucking japanese you retard


Probably zekushii

File: 1658425622274.png (824.41 KB, 744x1326, 20220721_081059.png)

No. 570673 [Reply]

Going to the beach!

Smell you later ota bros!
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I hated fat girls until I fell for one. The longer I live the more I regret superficiality.


Obesity is a sign of poor personality traits I cannot fall for a fat


Some fat girls can be pretty cute..


otaposting is a sign of poor life choices i couldnt fall for an otaboy although a one time thing is a different matter


Some girls are bigger than others..

Some girls are bigger than others..

File: 1658409993230.jpg (168.6 KB, 462x662, 20220721_062541.jpg)

No. 570661 [Reply]

Make that ass clap Maki!


Maki's pussy flaps!


the classic "wear thigh highs for the beach" look


If a girl looks at you and spreads her cheeks does that count as consent


Obviously. She wants you to shove your cock into her ass

File: 1658430588407.jpeg (161.48 KB, 1920x1080, rrbDC0K.jpeg)

No. 570678 [Reply]

daily dose

File: 1642940664230.jpg (111.7 KB, 820x1096, 186841ff7cf3c86120af7acba0….jpg)

No. 558485 [Reply]

"When one consumes porn, they are entering into lust. Lust is a selfish act. It is an act which is targeted solely at the fulfillment of one’s own, personal desires. Quite often in life, one can fulfill their personal desires in an innocent fashion - If one fancies a delicious meal, they can make it; if one desires a nap, they can lay down and snooze away. The thing is, these desires don’t effect others, they don’t effect the foundations of one’s perception. For when one consumes porn, their desires are met at the expense of another. They will of course find various ways to justify - with rationale and logic - why this isn’t so, but at the end of the day, staring them in the face is the reality of the situation - another’s body/flesh is used for the fulfillment of their subjective, selfish desires. When this action is looked at from afar, we can begin to see what lust truly is, lust is love turned inwards, towards yourself, and yourself alone. Lust is the malevolent reversal of what is right and good; lust seeks to justify itself by way of its own voice. Put plainly, in the act of porn consumption, the only reality which exists is the reality of one, and to that reality it seems all things should bend. Porn shuts out community, it shuts out discussion, it shuts out romance, affection, and intimacy, and, at the depths of its abyss, it shuts out the one true remedy for its ills, love."

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"I'm not a step dad, I'm a dad that stepped up to the plate."



File: 1643398909762.jpg (Spoiler Image, 473.78 KB, 619x1000, 9e947e39eebc1459ce0b939b22….jpg)

"Porn is bad. In fact, it’s not just bad, it’s the worst of the worst. Quite frankly, it’s demonic. And this post will not make any attempt to prove to you that porn is bad. I haven’t the time to enter into debates with people who mistake their own, subjective ‘good-feelings’, with what is objectively true. All I will state regarding the ‘morality’ of porn, or its positive/negative effects on society, is that the matter is quite black and white: Porn is abhorrent, and with regard to modern society it is simply a catalyst for the exacerbation of an impersonal misery made personal. Conversely, No-Porn, ZERO Porn, is good, and with regard to society as a whole, where pornography is not, there sanity might retain a foothold.

Oh, except hentai and JAV. I don't know how the Japanese do it, but I'm glad they do."



File: 1643401104257.jpg (559.37 KB, 1000x1370, 67c279785eacac4ebb92dd2a97….jpg)

My sister once smeared her period blood across my forehead and called me Simba all day at school.


Lion King


Yeah that's where Simba is from.

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