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does watching anime cause autogynephilia?



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10 o'clock
200 meters!


Based Sukeban Deka

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They sleeping


Is this Otaku Media?



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Welcome to /ota/


This thread breaks the rules…


The /om/ girls.



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/om/ is 2hu territory


I want to have consensual sex with Reisen out of love

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Japanese men are taking the stance that women have to take on and keep the tradtional japanese woman's wife role seriously gain if they are going to continue to work and build their country.

The statue is some what of a fertility statement while simultaneously encouraging women to be good wives and mothers in the family as the statue takes on the tradtional japanese legend of the brave oni boy Kintaro.

It also encourages national heritage pride in Japan's tradtion.

I think most women in a japan might find it to be otaku but in a sense it's encouraging traditionalism and respect for women.

Modernism for women degrades them and destroys society.
Kaiyoudou figure in Japan
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die christmutt no one cares for your middle eastern view on sexuality


somehow I see you on mero more often than here is ota really that bad


I care


Neofeminism is straight up cancer.

It's sad that Japan got Abe, who has subverted the nationalism that has kept JP awesome.


Subverted it in what way? In terms of being a fake nationalist or more likely than not being more of a moderate than what was on the rise to the point of letting the opposition party of communist like members grow?

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Today in 1970 November 25th Japan near Hose university at the Japanese Self Defence force the man named Yukio Mishima died.

To some his death was as meaningful and we'll staged just as his most beautiful wrtting.

To some he died a fool whose life was thrown away in a stunt.

Today his works remain brillint and his predictions of Japanese society accurate, yet he can still be laughed and by those who do not understand what it means to die for a cause, a country, a peoples, a rebelion of spiral tradtion.

To me he was a man whose life and message is worth remembering.

I'll see you in Valhalla you black emperor….Mishima!
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ok based


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Take out those wallets and bring back that nostalgic feeling of gachagacha! Discuss all gacha games and show off your boxes, pulls, and anger for not pulling the Summer Young Tiki!
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I don't think you'd normally be nostalgic, even if you did play with capsule stuff as a kid, it feels super different just being digital.


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Arknights is cool


I'm trying this out, it's interesting. Most mobage try to avoid being too pay2win by not being hard (or if they are hard, they're incredibly simple and shameless about being p2w), but the short bouts of tower defense puzzles make this a really fun game, especially since a lot of levels are doable with surprisingly shit teams if you get good at it.


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Where do I sign up for my 6'2" Hoshiguma momgf?


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I still play Kamihime Project every day.

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I friend of mine went to Korea and brought me this Kotonoha mousepad. Should I tell her I hate School Days and don't want it?
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OP here. He married some Korean dude.


Why would he marry another he? Gross.


I guess she became a "he". Man what kind of psychological trip did that she go on?


Yeah I bang that girly boipuss all day long with my Korean cock and stamina bitch moan like crazy say limp Amercian cock no good hahaha


No, dude. You never know when you need an extra mousepad. I have 10-11 oppai pads that I've worn out one-by-one. Obviously, you want your favorite characters but when her face starts to wear down over time and the material on the mousepad becomes discolored and threadbare - swap it out.

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Finished product looks nice. I'm sorry I ever doubted this Kaede.
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Not at the moment. I find them hard to get, every time I find one I want it is already out of stock.
I am going to have keep up to date with what is coming out.


File: 1518845514867.jpg (84.7 KB, 565x800, FIGURE-018057_08.jpg)

That used to happen to me often until I missed out on this Maki and vowed Never Again.
Now I check amiami every morning and stay up to date on MFC, which also shows shops that have a particular figure in stock.


I'm sure you can find a used version of that maki, since she's used goods anyways ww


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Nobody wants Sae with no kimono.


Are those the same scale as Beach Queens?

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