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What was your source anon?
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I checked her twitter out and she always does the same pose. She's really proud of her ass yet I couldn't find any valuable material of her.




I regretbmakinhbthiw thread and want it deleted.


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you must suffer its existence for all eternity, like our own parents before us


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do you guys like GCCX here


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I hope so.

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I'm playing Heavensward ota
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Post your 92 comiket.

I was interviewed by Japanese television on my way out, I got to show and explain the appeal of denpa albums and dakimakura for foreigners.
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The eroge guys sound cool but the Finnish guy is a fag for sure.

What would have made it not boring for you?


I don't know, I thought maybe since I share common interests that socialising would be enjoyable. It turns out it isn't.


Shitty threads full of 3D norms talking about their real life interactions and mindless consumerism as if anyone gives a fucking damn.




I kind of think Otaku culture is best enjoyed by oneself or at most discussed online.

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Tradtional weapons thread.

OP image is modern made Kusari-fundo. A weighted chain com I ng from Japan. Interesting weapon. Mainly used to distract an enemy as well as wrap around an opponent's katana manipulating him to lower his guard and striking him. This was often used by Ronin and Japanese samurai police forces.


Weapons of Japan

Chinese weapons

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I found a Koto period katana for sale for $750.

Anywhere from 794 AD to 1599AD.

I dont have that kind of money to drop in an isntant so give it a while. Things like this in America are cheap compared to Japan. I could turn around make money off of tgis in Japan if I wanted to, but that is the lowely merchants way unlike the warrior.






Is this a virus?


No. It's a live video of a high caliber samurai sengoku hand cannon or rather cannon rifle.

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I'd like to go.
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Teenbro thread.


Don't get it. Is she jumping from a building or throwing herself in front of a train?
[spoiler]Flood detected, post discarded.[/spoiler]>>6683


it's the sidewalk she is just jumping into a big puddle to have some fun


Gonna jump in front of a train before I have to go back to work

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Okay please give me your SICP certified codes and 3D character designs. Let's make games together like Grand Theft Idols or Touhou Harvestmoon.

Are you making a game? I want to see!

Original ideas only, do not steal.
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Well it really depends on what you want to do but lets say you want to make something basic.

1. You want a program that makes new programs. This one is free and works on windows.
1.b. You need to check if it also installed the program called msys which is what you need to run it. If not then google that and download it.
1.c. Also check if it points to the first program, under the msys folder called etc is a file called fstab if you open it in notepad it should have a line with the folder of the first program and then like a command. Like it says here under "After installing you should"
1.d. Now open the msys.bat program and type in gcc –version, I think that's it, and it should give you a version number. That means it knows where the program is and all of it's stuff.

2. Now you have your program to make programs. Well you actually have two, gcc which is older, and g++ which is newer. There is a type of code you have to give it to explain how to make the program. So keep a notepad open and copy/paste things from sites so you remember. Here are some tutorials.

3. If you copy and pasted the code in those tutorials into files and then put in the other code in the special command prompt you're now a programmer! Yippie!
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My waifu


You're welcome my dear friend.


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Keep on ganbatte even with errors.

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There can only be S or M


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They must have optimized the game in the past few months because I can finally play MVs in 60 FPS without dropping many frames. Still kills the battery though that's expected.


Did a neo /om/ thread really hit the bump limit?


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Loumou better make a new one!!


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Colossal the new American Kaiju movie is a Colossal peice of femisnt bullshit where Hollywood tries to strike again at otaku, the only true defenders of the West and traditional values left.
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I've never cared who you were and I'm not about to start now, I just know you're stupid. You're just another Tokiko or Trevor to me.

The movie only uses the kaiju as a backdrop for quirky appeal and to give a twist to the age old story about an abusive relationship. Even a moron should be able to get that much.


Sure, but it blames men. Multiple ideas running through there of degenerate and feminism trying to persuade the audience (otaku) to conform to their ideas by making the faulted woman of feminism the main character.

I've already addressed your arguments and now all you can do is call me names and compare Mr to other users.


Kill yourself retard.


Hilarious thread OP-san

>read up on what social justice really is
Meanings change.

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I'm going to start buying the rites to east asian movies for north america.

I like the graphics of this movie and the kajin in it. It's another neko horror movie out of japan. Japanese horror movies from the 40s to the he 1960s were the Please stick it in mee golden age along with everything else at the Please stick it in mee he time in japan. This movie "divery girls at spooky mansion" actually has some hot bathing suits.

I almost fall in love with tPlease stick it in meePlease stick it in meehese women back then. I guess they were the most beautiful women of their time. Iveet about 3 Japanese women that have the yayoi nose like the main antagonist woman in the movie.

Here's a review.

Japanese horror movies explained

Full Japanese Vampire Lady movie


File: 1482191436046.gif (548.84 KB, 720x534, 1394563482525.gif)

>Japanese horror movies from the 40s to the he 1960s were the Please stick it in mee golden age along with everything else at the Please stick it in mee he time in japan.

>I almost fall in love with tPlease stick it in meePlease stick it in meehese women back then.

I am an incomparable homo.


Bitches were hot



File: 1495808154132.gif (477.6 KB, 499x330, hausu5.gif)

Why is HOUSE the greatesr Jaoanese movie of the 1970s?


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