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Ohoho, thread for fightan discussion of all sorts

Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd, King of Fighters 14, Super Turbo, Sm4sh, Melee, Persona 4 Arena, Pokken, Blazblue, Arcana Hearts 3, Hisoutensoku, Urban Legend in Limbo, Soul Calibur, others


i like fighting games


File: 1469984413494.png (568.19 KB, 848x465, PhpwnJw.png)

Poongko smashed his stick and broke his hand. Now in bandages and using a pad. Washed up Korea.


File: 1470006293451.jpg (1.76 MB, 1200x1503, 87acd2cf4c160f88949f283363….jpg)

Lets play guilty gear


How about that Dizzy?


File: 1470008082191.gif (211.35 KB, 472x367, Dizzy-d.gif)


Fighting games are shit because of how overspecialized they are, whats with fighting games and virgins?


File: 1470060490841.jpg (181.19 KB, 500x333, virgins.jpg)

>virgins in the fgc
Because they really look more autistic than the typical pro moba player?

I bet even Sonicfox the furry king of the Mortal Kombat scene gets laid with his buttplug and all.


Sonicfox has a boyfriend I think…


Infiltration won EVO for SFV and now has more than double as many points as the second place rank. He'll probably take Capcom Cup too. Korea is too strong.

Ricky Ortiz just won her first tournament since forever ago last night. Taking New York's Defend the North, hopefully taking Socal Regionals next as well.

Tokido (ranked 4th) is still one of my favorites as well as Fuudo (ranked 2nd). Justin Wong is still one of the strongest USA players ranked 3rd globally right now.

Anyone here enter tournaments? locals? online tournaments?


I think so too…


i went one time and everyone at my local was playing smash bros and street fighter so i never went again


Why not play them or organize a tournament for a game you like?


I'm not sure why you would think this. It's not like playing RPGs makes you better at FPS. Fighting games have more transferable skills in-genre than any other genre and at high-level play you're learning to break down games in ways that apply to most other competitive real-time games


I traveled to a couple majors and made 9th for my game. I don't play anymore because there are no locals here and there's a glass ceiling for skill if you only play online


I think some newer games let you adjust lag too. Well online play will always be different without the crowd behind you.


File: 1470198777850.png (205.94 KB, 500x498, 03.png)

they all said they only played street fighter and smash bros and i dont like either of those games much


Which games do you like?


oh but i guess it was after ultra street fighter just came out last year so maybe that was why whatever





i tried playing kof earlier this week but it only had like 4 characters. the fan girl was pretty fun though


File: 1470353101069.png (505.59 KB, 1024x576, kula_diamond__kof_xiv__by_….png)

How was it?

The game will have 50 characters when it's released. Hopefully Kula is good.


its fun the demo is free on ps4 if you have one of those right now


I don't have a ps4 yet, I can't justify the investment. Even if I get 10 games for only $40 each I would still be paying like $80 a game before and dlc.


yeah i only have a few games on my ps4 it definitely wasn't worth it, i should have just upgraded my computer


File: 1470533695866.gif (138.9 KB, 425x138, 1469768637981.gif)



File: 1470851063414.png (4.02 KB, 267x76, w.png)

Please stick it in me


dalsim is really annoying


Why does this have 700k views?


They said she's the most powerful female sim player. It's popular because the Japanese like what they see I guess.

She's actually pretty good. She could easily win a local, but has trouble getting near the top in regionals. She's not too good at big international tournaments but only the best win those.


She took a few rounds off good players, but the only people she beat are nobodies. Does that make her good? Maybe compared to an average player, but not compared to the average player with popular tournament footage. Still don't really get it.


You're right she's not beating anyone that is like top 32 world wide. Her standing with the tour is in the 150th-230th place. That's actually still pretty good, for example EVO2k16 had over 5000 entrants, so probably top 5% of competitive players still.

I think it's because they find her cute. In the comments she said she was going to train in Japan.

She also seems pretty good with sim but I think she chokes a lot.


is anyone else getting kof 14 or should i not waste my time


I don't havea ps4. Instead, I'll be playing 2k2 on Fightcade. Speaking of Fightcade, you guys should get on it


It looks awful and KOF has always been a lonely game anyway


File: 1471055102909.jpg (58.2 KB, 1280x720, [Merchant] Netoge no Yome ….jpg)

if you have a ps4 you should buy revelator and play with me


okay ill buy it tomorrow


I decided to start playing SF5 after like 3-4 years of not touching fighting games and I'm getting bodied in bronze by randoms and it makes me want to kill myself


just play chun or nash pick a top tier idiot


I'm US and can play but can't host


File: 1471199059772.jpg (143.68 KB, 810x900, __makoto_nanaya_blazblue_d….jpg)


did you buy it


No, I never got a message so I assumed you wouldn't play with me so I'm just gonna wait for it on PC now sorry.


File: 1471584412082.gif (26.05 KB, 160x100, 1289434967304.gif)


i melty and can host. i get like 80ms to japan from us west, my net is good


If you want to play just post a time like a day in advance. I'm eastern midwest so prob 50 ms


File: 1471616028786.png (1.21 MB, 1355x1807, 1266735312428.png)

ok how about 18:00 PST August 8, 2016 (21:00 EST August 8, 2016)

i will be idling on #ota @ irc.mizuumi.net


How about another date since time travel is hard or am I being teased


man i could have sworn i typed in August 20


Alright it's a date


spent 10 minutes trying to do a dash straight with balrog why is the input the hardest part about fighting games?


I'm glad they removed pretzel motions from street fighter, those were even worse.


not posting my IP here, so join #ota @ irc.mizuumi.net


File: 1471742461630.png (362.66 KB, 640x480, 00000685.png)


File: 1471744012284.png (279.54 KB, 640x480, 00000688.png)

anon-kun's internet is significantly less fantastic than his cummer

we're going to play more later. if anyone else wants in, #ota @ irc.mizuumi.net


There are 5 things about this post (>>5662) that indicate it's a bad post by a bad person, can anyone point them out?


>playing with broken text
how close was I?

I'd like to play with you guys but I uninstalled melty and caster and that stuff when it came out on steam and I can't be bothered fixing it again.


File: 1471746459612.jpg (594.35 KB, 1183x1173, 1270568130566.jpg)

1v1 me fox only final destination no itens


the directx steam version adds 10 frames lag, unavoidable. caster is objectively better


really? ugh.


15 frames lag if you play windowed

plus it doesn't have rollback yet, so there is a host advantage in netplay


100%, congratulations


File: 1471749752004.jpg (1014.42 KB, 1439x1547, __kasugano_sakura_street_f….jpg)

whats my prize


Thanks for the games


File: 1471752820788.gif (98.28 KB, 400x452, 1266736738114.gif)

yeah you too. too bad the connection is unstable


KOF14 has awful net code don't buy it.


Yeah I see a lot of people say its bad. Shame cause I wanted to play Kula…


It's really fun, but if you're playing with anyone outside your state(or even inside your city) its hit or miss. Maybe it's just the servers getting hammered since apparently it was really good when people only had copies from stores that broke street date.


KOF14 is ugly don't buy it


it doesn't look that bad, it looks like an early ps3/360 3d fighter


File: 1472665016209.jpg (96.54 KB, 1280x720, 1451174806559.jpg)

Apparently capcom is taking away people's fight money who used the survival mode cheat. They still haven't added a different way to get the colors yet…


File: 1472676782782.png (539.72 KB, 1920x1080, 310950_20160901054231_1.png)

oh wow they really did it… its not my fault they locked the cool colors behind ridiculous AI.

atleast the only thing I lost was the FM. i don't remember how much I originally had.


I only lost like 10000 since I only did it for a few characters and spent all of it on Stages/DLC Characters/Costumes/Colors. They didn't take those away, so I didn't really lose anything.

Apparently if you do it again they'll ban your capcom fighter ID though…


remember when games had glitches and cheats and it was just part of the fun because they weren't stupid online games sigh the good old days…


trying to beat seth on hard but he keeps spamming grab and teleport please help


apparently they took the kara no kyoukai stage out of the steam version of melty blood too…


Capcom keeps making so many mistakes but people still give them money.



its a very large security risk to play it


uh i dont know what any of this means but i know capcom wouldnt hack me i just want to play but it wont let me launch


>i know capcom wouldnt hack me
No, but it could make you vulnerable to attacks coming from other sources.


File: 1474672414008.jpg (133.68 KB, 619x914, 1421957633003.jpg)

remember when you could spoof your network so capcom thought you had purchased premium costumes?

someone could exploit this to get root access to your machine.

The low level executables they install into your System32/ folder apparently have almost no security checking, but I haven't bothered to check myself.

I would recommend you don't launch the game, but I can't stop you from putting yourself at risk. be safe.


I warned you about proprietary software.


Apparently it's just anti-cracking and anti-cheating functions but has nothing to do with hacking other users. People are just spreading rumors again.


I read enough about it to know it's bad.

Yes, all Capcom is doing is trying to prevent cheating. No, Capcom isn't trying to break into your computer. But you are giving the program permission to do anything, read or write any file. If someone malicious figures out how to take control of your game program and make it do bad things, they can do some very bad things that they wouldn't have been able to do without these permissions.


Is this really the first program you have ever run with administrator privileges?


apparently they reverted the update. i dont think i feel comfortable playing the game though still…


Usually when you run a program with administrator privileges there's a good reason for it. It's also not a good idea to have a program that's constantly connected to the internet to have those privileges. A one-time installation program is one thing, a game that you could be playing for hours daily is different.


I read a little more and apparently it was worse than just giving admin privilege, but it also easily allowed arbitrary code to be executed at the kernel level, which means if you're running the program you're basically giving every program on your system admin privileges.


I doubt anyone here or in the comments actually knows what kernel is, just a word to make it sound impressive. It's obvious they all blow it out of proportion and now ppl are saying don't play it even with the roll back patch.

What? How does that make sense? I thought egalitarian liberal atheist male gamers that troll comment sections weren't supposed to be the irrational ones.


I know what a kernel is.

I'll admit that I don't know much about windows permissions, but I know enough and have read enough about this particular issue to know that it is a dangerous workaround that should have never been released. Why are you defending it? Nobody ITT is trolling, with the possible exception of you.


File: 1474750797053.gif (3.72 MB, 356x200, iVHfwLc.gif)

Really? And are you also literally too afraid to play with the rollback patch?

I know permissions is very dangerous just look at this gif. This could have been your fate, what a close call.


>And are you also literally too afraid to play with the rollback patch?
No, I don't even play this game. They removed the problem but that doesn't change the fact it was a dumb ``fix''.

I don't really get what you're trying to say with your turdposting.


I don't understand why anyone would defend terrible development practices.


Okay so you don't even play the game you're all just fear mongering about anti-cheat software. Something that requires privileges made out to sound like an NSA backdoor.

Like we haven't heard that one before. Thanks Pirate Bay shills.


It's a huge security risk, people recognized it was a huge security risk, comlained, and it was promptly removed.

It could very conceivibly be used as a backdoor by anyone, including the NSA.

No, I don't play the game, but I'm interested in computer security and it bothers me that a company would even consider pushing something this poorly designed.


Uh i used to play the game but now im playing better games like kof14




Does anybody want to fight?


what game


How do I beat uppercut spam


Just block and punish. If they always dp on wakeup just don't try stuff on their wakeup until they stop doing it(probably because you chunk 30% of their lifebar each time they try it).


Its different for each game, but if you block a dp you can usually do a huge punish.


Hi, I play super turbo if anyone ever wants to play that.


What game do you like to play?


USA is best in the world at Street Fighter now.


New patch and new season capcom pro tour means nothing. Can't believe Ricky Ortiz almost won it.


I find it funny both Ricky and Du have suffered from extreme depression and a slump in their fighting careers. Hope Ricky gets serious again in 2017.


I'm playing Tekken
I also want to pick up KoF, SF, DoA (is it worth it? game looks great) and Soku.


File: 1486326661143.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1892x3312, image.jpeg)

I don't play fighting games much but I got doa because of the hot babes and all i can say is it's really hard

Like if I put the CPU at 4/10 I can barely win, and there's so many combos and mechanics that it's hard to keep track of them all. But I only just started so maybe I'll get better

But the babes are hot so I like it


Yeah the girls being really hot is part of why I am thinking about getting it. I like Mai the most.

But my question is: are there people online? I don't like playing against the CPU, I feel that playing against real people is the point of fighting games.


I don't know I don't have a playstation subscription so I can't test it stupid sony


DoA is really fun for the cute girls, but in terms of a fighting game it's sub par so no one really plays it competitively. The mechanics are fun but it plays as a novelty similar to the beach volley boy games? Are you really even playing volley ball? Still fun, online on PC is rather dead.

If you are interested in cute girl fighters get King of Fighters, or Guilty Crown, more people tend to play these (mostly Mexicans).

SFV or 3rd strike I find to be the most competitive.


haha good 1 ;)


File: 1486674971826.png (159.25 KB, 357x479, Trophy68.png)

Nobody play 大乱闘 スマッシュ ブラザーズ DX?


anybody wants to play ougon musou kyoko


Just bought a ps4 for cheap. What fightan game should I buy? Also does anyone wanna play?


kof and (soon) Tekken7 (PBUH)

i'll play with you once Tekken 7 comes out, post your PSN addy


File: 1493908371344.png (770.27 KB, 866x1000, __millia_rage_guilty_gear_….png)

Play Guilty Gear!


How cheap?


Are you on ps4?


File: 1496716805082.png (742.56 KB, 1210x907, __demitri_maximoff_dizzy_k….png)

I am not; PC only sorry.


Anyone going to EVO or watching this year?


I usually watch the finals of most games. Day 1 pools are pretty boring since it's 99% pros crushing random nobodies. Not worth watching in hopes of random upsets.


I like watching the whole thing on and off. I sometimes keep a few streams on in the background the whole day. It's funny to see small time names and antics going on but I feel like EVO has gotten more sterile the last few times.


Exciting weekend …
Geese Howard in Tekken 7
BlazBlue x Persona x Under Night x RWBY
Dragonballs something fighter
Dissidia NT closed beta
A playable fat autistic man in SFV


The only thing that can save Capcom now is if they announced TOEI vs Capcom.


what about vampire savior 2


would anyone like to play under night in birth exe latest


how good are you


File: 1520476847105.png (106.12 KB, 420x600, saya.png)

nitro plus blasterz is the greatest achievement of mankind
the epitome of the fighting game genre


File: 1523371287502.jpg (1.05 MB, 1260x1560, 1514835111816.jpg)

Thinking of getting Samurai Shodown V Special for PS4
The roster looks sick and I was informed that Watsuki made a few character designs.
I don't plan to invest too much time into it but if the online is populated I will give it a try for sure.
Can you find matches?


I didn't know they released it on there. I'm thinking of getting it now too.
That's not Aquapazza.


File: 1526613110525.jpg (305.28 KB, 1233x1152, 1462440431467.jpg)

bought unist two days ago
getting bodied online..
that bbtag demo was pretty fun but I don't have ps4


How are you playing unist then?


In my quest to find a game I can mindlessly grind as Maplestory 2's closed beta ended in I'm turning to SFV:AE as an "experimental" unorthodox grind game as opposed to Dynasty Warriors or a traditional MMO


I was stuck on Karin’s trial 6 for an hour until I got it right, it took forever but I felt kinda good about it after and now I know how to plink. I think I just described the fighting game cycle in a nutshell.


File: 1527396554031.jpg (100.57 KB, 898x737, 1527298614073.jpg)

ps3 version


Won my first matches as Karin in the battle lounge in the last few days, always came out positive in wins until my opponent left. I'm having a lot of fun!


Ran into my first lagswitcher on ranked and totally bodied him. Maybe he will walk the righteous path one day.


File: 1528344135102.jpg (206.26 KB, 1280x1024, 20180607000047_1.jpg)

I'm really having a lot of fun playing Karin so I went and bought her story costume with my FM and I think the Roll color palette looks quite nice


Invited my friend over who is usually much better at fighting games than I, except he doesn't really play SF. Beat him 25-3, good day.


File: 1528572263731.png (1.01 MB, 1437x798, 1528429948667.png)

I have to gimp myself while playing with my friend or he will quit fighters for months. I have to go all out against anyone else and I still lose….
On time I made the mistake of playing a random character which happened to be my friends main and then accidentally won once with his main and he stopped playing right there and then..


You need to coach him. Play a game of sweeps and throws or similar games until he begins to learn. If he's more advanced point out his mistakes.

One thing I noticed about playing against my friend is that he was always impatient during my combos and would always frametrap himself at the very end of the blockstring and I would yell at him to, "wait your turn!". I also gave him tips that apply to SF specifically like crouch blocking or punishing a whiffed/blocked sweep.


That's a good idea actually.
His biggest problem is not blocking high low fast enough so maybe we'll play a slightly modified sweeps and throws with overheads thrown in.


I love the adrenaline rush, you just don't get the same feeling ganking someone in a shooting game or moba


My friend is getting really good at Ibuki… thinking about putting Karin down for a bit and switching to Cammy, her just frames just don’t come out as cosistently as Ibuki’s target combos…


File: 1530066335015.jpg (214.99 KB, 823x1200, 1530058222390.jpg)



File: 1530858011756.gif (123.19 KB, 340x380, sakura_scratch_head2.gif)


File: 1530858237594.gif (78.02 KB, 320x420, codystance.gif)


File: 1530858509958.gif (71.61 KB, 262x266, 15002703220777.gif)


File: 1530859521878.gif (31.5 KB, 344x376, punisher.gif)


File: 1538203212506.png (29.44 KB, 1440x1080, vsav-180928-235129.png)


File: 1538337478223.png (79.54 KB, 1440x1080, sfa-180928-234229.png)

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