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No. 571655

I could fuck your mom if I wanted. I'm a huge hit with the old ladies. They love me.


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The middle aged Chinese lady was so nice to me the first time I saw her she told me I was pretty and asked a bunch of weird questions but after that day she became cold I don't know what happened was she upset because I didn't compliment her back I couldn't really say anything like that considering she looked like every other Asian woman yes your squinty eyes are lovely ma'am. It annoys me because I see her once a week or so I just want to know what I did wrong.


looks like I need to revise my earlier post >>571621

im gonna meanpost and be racist and say how much i want to kill and dismember a group of people wait no why only being cordial thats not fair im entitled to you groveling at my feet no matter how rude i am to you


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t. Chang


That's nice and I hope it helps you sleep at night that you totally owned him but I don't make any posts like that and I'm also alone and really lonely


I wasn't rude I said wow thank you
I think we've reached the point when we can admit that most Asian women do appear similar to one another especially if they keep their hair long


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Why did you rename that screenshot to "untitled.png" before posting it? Why do you always bow out of the conversation before giving me a complete answer?


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- I've never bowed out of anything
- This isn't a conversation
- Fuck you


This isn't a conversation, but in previous threads we have come close to one (before you, indeed, bowed out).


Actually you repeatedly misapprehended the situation


Can you please just answer his question so that he shuts up forever and stops ruining threads?


>>577051 I answered it several times and he dismisses it, or just misunderstands and goes off on a tangent, or makes some stupid false assumption and continues to ask stupid questions. He's a lost cause. Some people are just a waste of time trying to explain anything to.
( >>577014 wasn't me btw)


You've given "answers" that don't make any sense given the context, and I have indeed asked for clarification when you've done so. You could consider providing it.


uhh wasnt me haha


>"answers" that don't make any sense given the context
That's on you. And when you ask for clarification, you do it in a buttheaded way. When you do that I just stick my middle finger up at your posts on the screen


>>577085 this wasnt me either


>>577086 nor this



An older woman walked up to seki and me at the racetrack and started grabbing my shoulder and stuff and kept saying she was just playing


An older woman walked up to me at the market and started grabbing my cock and tugging it and kept saying she was just playing


That fèel when not locked up in a facility restrained to a chair force fed titty milk and viagra and 40 year old women come in one and after the other and sit on my dick and obviously I don't like it cause that's gross haha


I'm pretty sure I wrote this post but I barely remember.

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