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Hey guys, check out my cummer
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Because I know that name belongs to you.


No it doesn't, please stop.


please try to ignore the stalker bullies! I don't want them to chase away another /ota/chi…



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Sup /2d/.

What is your opinion about sexual content in anime / manga? I mean, reading something like Gantz or Golden Boy and you didn't expect sex scenes at all.

Also, I found disgusting the fact that people read Gantz for the porn.
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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijō is a good example.

This is why I always relate Golden Boy to Gantz, they're very similar even the unnecessary amount of violence.


I don't really see anything wrong with that kind of story in theory. It's not like there is anything more deep about namedropping and fumbling around with philosophical concepts that seem to make a story "truly great" in the eyes of critics.

It's only unnecesary when you write a story that has nothing to do with sexual themes and then add a gratuitous sex scene as a type fan service. This would describe many movies in the 80's and 90's but doesn't describe movies like Sex is Comedy, Showgirls, The Lover, or Titanic.

If you take a VN like a Type-Moon such as FS/N or a Nitro+ title like Saya you find stories where the relationships develop enough in ways that a sexual relationship is plausible. To state that stories like that aren't meant to have sex scenes is to imply that they are intended for young teenage audiences. The sexual scenes are meant to be adult scenes which enforce the gravity of the situation and mature consequences the characters face: People die when they are killed.

There is no "fade to black" in real life unless somebody drugs you.


Do dogs really do this?


you mean lick cunny? yeah. especially if there's some delicious spread lathered on it or whatever.



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Is ota the gayest chan aroud?
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gross… he goes to that chan…


I hope you're proud of yourself http://ota-ch.com/jp/res/186899.html


/cuteboys/ is an affront to genuinely cute boys. One /ota/boy is worth a thousand of those manic-depressive S&M nympho fags.


Umm, I only visited because >>4354 mentioned it and I had to look it up. All I was saying was that /ota/ isn't nearly as gay but I'm entirely indifferent on the matter.


everyone on /cuteboys/ is ugly

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Rei a best.


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I can't tell if those are specks of sunshine or cum spots.

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suck on doremis fat boycun y/n?


courtesy of deji

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Why does cocksucking look like so much fun?
Serious answers only please. I am trying to write a thesis.

I mean to receive it btw (no gay shit, that's for faggot homos, I am an incomparable homoOO)

Thanks for any information.
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holy fuck i live in a world with fucking faggs kill me


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no homo….


fags ain't some modern invention, you retarded faggot.

faggots have been around since at least as far back as ancient rome, if you weren't a retard, you should have really begged to die like two and half thousand years ago. indeed, i bet your retarded ass didn't even know that the italian dictator, mussolini, strove to make italy as great as the roman empire was and so he had a literal faggot for his flag.


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You think it LOOKS fun? Then imagine how fun it is when you DO it! I can't help but think we've been blessed that dicks have the shape and have the function they have. Any shape or size, they can't help but look yummy and made for sucking.

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This is hot.


Tell more.


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I don't really understand moon that well, but from what I can decipher some girl gets a magical power that allows her to project a dick. Then she goes and rapes other people.

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Old thread reached the bump limit.
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Futanari means hermaphrodite. The definition hasn't changed.

If you don't want pussy then find newhalf/shemale/trap shit.


A week since futaket and no uploads…


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