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Pink hair


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Is sex the final red pill?
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File: 1526339664779.png (932.32 KB, 875x950, 59be1f4a5e7e551e5d3c5b9b93….png)

pills are a placebo. the choice of word betrays the illusion it gives. it's just a wish and method to enjoy your own complacency which is why it's described as a pill.


would you like to repay me?
give me the bp


wow i dont remember this scene in the anime


fucking norms


File: 1526357199041.jpg (27.31 KB, 241x262, 26495989.jpg)

mrw oatmin leaves this filth up on the front page

File: 1525739391070.jpg (215.16 KB, 1200x1200, DcmDjJLVQAApzID.jpg)

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Please unban me :)




File: 1525928247264.jpg (974.45 KB, 1000x1680, misc 5687.jpg)

pls ban me (^:

File: 1525909962637.jpg (314.22 KB, 1244x1280, 1525830734102c.jpg)

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You want an epic "blow job"?
You can't change a pervert…
The first step in *slurp* sucking otaboy cock starts with licking the shaft. Mmph, your refusal to improve on any of the things himachads always list in their *gags* "things gfs want" etc happens because of your refusal to *smacks lips* to stop using me as your onahole. *accidentally scrapes the shaft with his teeth* Ah, sorry… *fondles your balls* You sit in front of the computer complaining, *looks up at you with wet eyes* talking about how you want a gf when *looks you in the eyes, spit mixed with precum trailing from the tip of his tongue to the tip of your cock* you know that you don't need one. It wouldn't work and you know it, he says as he rubs your glistening wet cock against his cheek.
If you post no gf threads on ota I won't let you do it bareback. *licks the tip of your quivering cock*
Otaboys are for me only and taking their virginity. *takes a deep breath before deep-throating your cock*
Yeah I know you were mine ever since we met, you just didn't realise it until now. *his tight throat milks you of everything you have and he greedily swallows it all as if it was the most delicious thing he's ever tasted*

*licks his lips and looks up at you* In short, otaboys are all either mine or extremely delusional.
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gay incel reporting in :p


you're the norm


shitcels are the worst form of norms.




File: 1542067912842.jpg (108.97 KB, 700x980, DoreO6gU0AMfkjD.jpg orig.jpg)

Doin' it raw with henree…

File: 1520670406227.jpg (134.8 KB, 848x1200, 45bf1c483aabfd5fab8daf4a5c….jpg)

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Get naked /ota/. It's time.
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rankos ranky pussy smell


like someone pissed in a bag of walkers prawn cocktail crisps


File: 1520679739787.png (878.58 KB, 709x1003, 5185bddd7dd45df652628ec65a….png)

*takes clothes off*


Damn whose this pretty little muffin cake


File: 1525158916734.gif (2.28 MB, 480x270, haruhi minivideo.gif)

File: 1522544308613.jpg (383.09 KB, 1169x1658, 18.jpg)

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What would YOU do in this situation?


Go back.


To where


Isn't there supposed to be a bone in your dick? How is this even possible


Wasn't there some historic psycho/serial killer that enjoyed embedding needles in the genitals of children?

File: 1523328543564.jpg (234.79 KB, 1438x2000, 0001.jpg)

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>Top school says it will allow boys to wear skirts if they want to


I'll save them from these creepy girls with collars!!

File: 1522710929520.jpg (779.41 KB, 2114x3047, 0000.jpg)

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what up faggots bet you had fun steaming the jan-man on the bigJay while I was outside pounding hot puss

File: 1521951829707.png (2.38 MB, 1500x2163, 0c7684faa010396065949d751f….png)

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Redpill me on Shiny Colors. They seem pretty based but I never see /ota/ talking about them.
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This single post can destroy all of your downvotes


Hey there henri


Too bad it can't make you not retarded LoL




File: 1522361600074.jpg (791.36 KB, 1288x1772, 64226100_p0.jpg)

File: 1521983342183.jpeg (39.12 KB, 920x518, 2eeb1441624aa78eb4f057b8e….jpeg)

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What are some good ota-recommended anime? I see a lot of ota posters posting screenshots of rather unknown anime. I don't watch much anime but I would like to watch the same as my otabros. Teenmin please don't interfere.


File: 1522060528974.jpg (241.6 KB, 760x950, 1517477216590.jpg)

most the ones people post screenshots of were decently popular when they were airing at least, anime is kind of a phase for lots of the english-speaking community, so widespread memeory is short,

but I recommend a lot of dumb romcoms like rec, mahoraba, boku no marie, airantou, hayate, etc. and just plain comedies like galaxy angel or sunred

I wish there were more comedies before the 2000s as far as anime goes (those that do exist are mostly children's shows that are often have a bit too many overdone kids jokes), most of it's a bit more mixed genre from earkier on (nadesico and those who hunt elves, slayers, el hazard, victory gundam are all pretty fun though), most OVAs though are fairly high quality and worth checking out though


How about you start by telling us some anime that appeal to you

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