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I saw someone post a thread of some berserk anime characters and decided to marathon it since I went something like 16 years putting off watching it.

Then someone said Griffith was "prince of the occult". I had to watch it.

Now I want to read the manga. I sold almost every manga volume I ever owned 2 years ago. I dont really regret it. I felt bogged down by the collection. I'm not sure if I feel liberated from not owning that much manga anymore or not, but when I sold them the goal I wanted to achieve with it didn't really affect the outcome of the situation.

I'm considering purchasing each berserk volume from the beginning. What about you Ota? What is your collection? What are you reading? What series are you upset that will at least never release an English release?


Horror manga list. I read several on the list. I haven't been disappointed.


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Try cat Eyed boy puppet show.


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Why'd you get rid of them all?
Now you can use this opportunity to get the Japanese releases. I find the covers of the Japanese version to be prettier, as they are usually designed with up and down kanji in mind. The English title just gets squeezed in somewhere.


I moved on. I dont want to read anything that doesnt have the authors name start with "St.".

I bought more, but am selling them again. I wanted to reduce my baggage. Travel light.

Anyway I read some of "My name is Shingo"a while ago but dropped it. It's actually one of Kazuo Umezu's less graphic works but great. Drifting Class Room just was released once more in North America & the U.K after like 18 years. Was a really good series and the movie series from the 1980s was superb.


Do you need a tumblr account to visit hellyeahhorrormanga? It's asking for a password when I try to access it.


You don't need an account, you just need the password.



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