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Colossal the new American Kaiju movie is a Colossal peice of femisnt bullshit where Hollywood tries to strike again at otaku, the only true defenders of the West and traditional values left.


assuming what you say is true, it isn't something that makes any sense. It's not like we have any kind of influence anywhere that matters


The political world, feminsts/nsjw, and deep state are essentially lumping every otaku into holding the keys of 4chan now. 4chan has become such a have for newts and otaku who do reject societal norms until it becomes a clean version of their moral standards that if they can inject themselves into our media they think they can change our way of thought. Curve it.

4chan users are mostly weeaboo and otaku with anime or Japanese intereats. They took a gamble to see if this pitch of a movie would some how change us. It didnt. It only hardened our stances.

We do have power now. We are making history with politics, media wars, intelligence wars, and correcting societal morality by the rejection of it completely while correcting the njsw on their own sites.


don't reply


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great now we have another sean like retard on the board


4chan is overrun by normalfags from the social media sphere who hate anything Japanese, especially anything anime and anime-like. The reason why they were able to do this is because 4chan's staff and users never had the convinction to fight them. Western "otaku" and "weeaboos" are largely self-deprecating, ironic and apologetic about their superficial interest in Japanese culture.


>Western "otaku" and "weeaboos" are largely self-deprecating, ironic and apologetic about their superficial interest in Japanese culture.

This is true and I hate them because of that.


I'm sorry you have terminal misplaced frustration. Like many failed men in the west you end up blaming women for all your woes and annoy everyone in the process. It has progressed so far that you even spend time ranting about shitty low budget comedies.

The fact is Kaiju isn't even a feminist movie nor does it have absolutely anything to do with social justice. It's a shitty comedy about an abusive relationship between two people that refused to move on in life.

I would also recommend to people like you to read up on what social justice actually is. Maybe read the wikipedia page for some entry level knowledge. It's what guarantees your freedom of speech and many other rights, the opposing philosophy to social justice is that nothing can or should be guaranteed.

It gets really annoying seeing keyboard warriors posting these same template rants every single place on the internet these days. So kindly stop fun posting about this crap.


>blaming women
Its in a manifesto.
I dont think you know who I am or what Ive done.


Nah I know exactly what kind of person you are. You're impressionable failed imbecile that listened too much to conspiracy theories. Now you think everything is a feminist conspiracy or evil "sjw" plot against men. Guys like you take a huge shit on the internet wherever you go, you don't know how to take it easy, you can't tell fact from fiction.

How is the movie even related to otaku hobbies? It isn't. The stupid fake monster attack is even in South Korea not Japan. You need to make a huge mental leap and grasp at all the straws to even make the tiniest connection.

The problem is feminists don't pull this bs, it's always just you guys with this /pol/ bs making problems out of nothing all the time. It's honestly really stupid and annoying.


Youtr deluded. You dont know me. Everything you've descripesd is the oppositr of me. .

By your long rant one would susspect you as a liberal shill who is trying to infultrait /pol/ but wandered off on to /qa/ some hoe finding ota.

We dont forgive. We dont forget.
You wont win here. Your further lurking shows your mind us skowly changing to the 4chan redpill.


If you're such a unique mystery then why are all your posts and replies so predictable?

Clearly this trend follows an endemic pattern and it's really annoying. You all think you're unique but you all make the same stupid and shit arguments. Can't make it up it's so ridiculous, also I was posting on /ota/ when it was still a .net


The whole movie is about kaiju. Kaiju is an otaku subjrct in itself.

She doesnt end a harmful relationship. The whole movie is saying the dude was at the root of her problems in life and murders him at the end.

Men are not disposible nor the opprosing thorn in womens sides that can be plucked out rrleasing them from their deeprst problems.

If you lurked for for a month or more you would know who I am on this board and where Ive been, but y9u havent.




I've never cared who you were and I'm not about to start now, I just know you're stupid. You're just another Tokiko or Trevor to me.

The movie only uses the kaiju as a backdrop for quirky appeal and to give a twist to the age old story about an abusive relationship. Even a moron should be able to get that much.


Sure, but it blames men. Multiple ideas running through there of degenerate and feminism trying to persuade the audience (otaku) to conform to their ideas by making the faulted woman of feminism the main character.

I've already addressed your arguments and now all you can do is call me names and compare Mr to other users.


Kill yourself retard.


Hilarious thread OP-san

>read up on what social justice really is
Meanings change.

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