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Today in 1970 November 25th Japan near Hose university at the Japanese Self Defence force the man named Yukio Mishima died.

To some his death was as meaningful and we'll staged just as his most beautiful wrtting.

To some he died a fool whose life was thrown away in a stunt.

Today his works remain brillint and his predictions of Japanese society accurate, yet he can still be laughed and by those who do not understand what it means to die for a cause, a country, a peoples, a rebelion of spiral tradtion.

To me he was a man whose life and message is worth remembering.

I'll see you in Valhalla you black emperor….Mishima!


haha nice


I don't think the Japanese go to Valhalla Sean….


I was just reading about him today


yeah i think he meant gensokyo


The man spent his life worshipping a mere illusion of reality. He refused to look at the practicalities of society in favour of romantic bullshit.

His coup d'etat was a pretext for a vain ritual suicide and he should be remembered as a mentally disturbed, if sometimes brilliant, egoist


he was no egoist, he was clearly spooked beyond salvation


Failure in his coupdeta was still a victory. He was able to actually do it staging a hostage, fighting off a few officerd, and gathering the army.

It was a victory because be said he was going to do it through his writings and he did it.

Few people had or have the courage to sacrafice your entire life or future to nationalist over throw of their governments.

Seppuku is often reminiscent of Christian myrterdom. Mishima out lined rather clearly this sense of martyrdom in his essay to America on the subject. With seppuku is is a chance of redemption through dedication of spirit to the ideal you fought for but perhaps lost. You give your life to that ideal or goal. Laying your life down telling the word that such a cause is greater and more true in justice than your own life. It is casting your oppostion out without them taking you as the looser. He so loved Japan to the point he died for the country.

Some say it's harder to live struggling and building Japan than it was for Mishima to kill himself. He got to die whilex the rest had to push onward through the pains.

Sure it is, but it doesn't lessen Mishima's own sacrafice. Sacrafice ng ones self means they won't feel the pain others will endure as they live, but it also means that they gave up every joy of life along side that pain. They gave everything they had, family, emotions, the future, years of life, to their goals.

It was bravery. It was sacrafice. It was a cry to Japan to see what he fought for and grasp it for themselves. It was seppuku.


>it doesn't lessen Mishima's own sacrafice
Except he sacrificed nothing. His death did not spark any greater movement and he remains a figure lionized by yakuza and crazy people who annoy shoppers with loudspeakers mounted to cars on Sunday


Japan today is getting its military back again and a sentor of Japan even gave the Emperor a poltical letter asking him to take on a bigger role in politics today. On top of that Japan is emphasizing a greater sense of what it means to be Japanese staying a Japanese nation in its policies.

Mishima's name is common among Japanese today. His message has become a widened reality in many aspects.


>Japan today is getting its military back
So? Japan is careening into bankruptcy. Additional state spending is only going to accelerate this process without additional revenue or spending cuts elsewhere
>and a sentor of Japan even gave the Emperor a poltical letter asking him to take on a bigger role in politics today
Grandstanding by a single anti-democratic politician.
>On top of that Japan is emphasizing a greater sense of what it means to be Japanese staying a Japanese nation in its policies.
And what does this mean anyway? You haven't explained what it means to "be Japanese".

>Mishima's name is common among Japanese today

As a poet and a nutbar who killed himself.
>His message has become a widened reality in many aspects.
This could mean anything - he wrote a lot of stuff.


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>Failure in his coupdeta was still a victory.


In guerrilla warfare this is often the case however, depending on how your kills isolate an occupying force or government from the people.


When normies flood all of Yukio Mishimas writtings and memorbelia.

This is going to get out of hand fast if it hasn't already in the market of Mishima memorbelia.

On one side, in happy Mishima and codes of ethics based on character rather than materialism is becoming more popularised….or rather…geapsed and understood.

I dont actually see too many people going the distance in collecting Mishima stuff to where they want all of his literature. And if they do, than they were more passionate than me.


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Forgotmmy image.


I don't think Mishima will ever be normalfag-friendly. While Pewdiepie might be introducing him to autists, his core message and themes are anathema to their sensibilities; the only ones who'll be drawn to it were never true normalfags to begin with.


Thanks for the insight.
It takes those with tenacity to adhere to such principles perhaps.

Is tenacity rare in the current era?


tenacity has always been rare


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what it means to die for a cause, for a country, for a peoples, is be delusional. To cling so desperately to your hallucinations of metaphysical significance that you'll give up your existence to create a perfect image. But its just an image. There is not actually anything there, and there never was. Its a retreat into fantasy.
Wake up and look at whats actually in front of you.


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I say it directly. There is nothing there.


gensokyo will always be waiting for me


Mishima isn't a saint.
In truth the saints are the greatest hero's as they held Christ up before all else.


i would fuck him


I lost all respect for the man when i found out he skipped leg day consistently.

I can't believe i gave this leglet any respect before.


Valhalla is a pagan concept retard you are praising Satanism


To die in battle for God is glorious.



I enjoyed that - its worth hearing - and experiencing.


I thought only Scandinavians can go to Valhalla.


How to import a Japanese sword or even obtain a license with Japanese residency.



File: 1589327769699.jpg (72.04 KB, 640x426, Goryökaku.jpg)

I'm just looking to discuss star fortresses with /int/.
Previous Thread that lead to this >>122750814

There are 2 Star Forts in Hokkaido Japan.
One is well preserved while the 2nd start fort is often referred to as a Butterfly fort.

1st star fort titled Goryokaku Fort
>Battle of Hakodate
>Republic of Ezo Losses
>1,300 killed
>400 wounded
>1,300 captured
>2 ships sunk
>3 ships captured
>3 ships lost

The 2nd fort is titled: Shiryōkaku
This fort was constructed in perhaps a test or as a last ditch effort in the fall of the Goryokaku. The article is not clear.
>Repairs were carried out from 1970-2 and again in 1990
I don't know of any major battle here - perhaps the battle was never recorded?


File: 1589327800856.jpg (62.18 KB, 540x420, Shiryōkaku - butterfly.jpg)

Shiryokaku Fort is Goryokaku’s lesser-known little brother. It sits on a gentle slope about three kilometers (1.9 miles) northeast of Goryokaku, and was intended to protect that fort’s rear against attack.

“Shiryokaku” literally means “four-sided fortification” (“Goryokaku” means “five-sided fortification”). It's a very simple affair composed of earthen walls with four bastions surrounded by a dry moat. There's a shielded entrance on the south side, but there don’t seem to have been any permanent structures within the walls. Just as Goryokaku is often compared to a star, the shape of Shiryokaku is sometimes compared to a butterfly.

In April 1869, Shiryokaku was built in just two weeks under the direction of Otori Keisuke, commander-in-chief of the army of the Ezo Republic and his French second-in-command, Jules Brunet. So it was something of a Franco-Japanese co-production. However, imperial forces overran the fort in just a few hours on May 11 as the defenders retreated for their last stand at Goryokaku.

The photo above is the view from the northeast bastion with a clear view of the trench. The tower in the distance marks the site of Goryokaku. Mount Hakodate is behind that to the right.

Shiryokaku is worth a visit for hardcore castle fans and history buffs. Others might prefer to pass on it, although in the summer it's a great place for kids to catch bugs or for a game of frisbee.

Read full story: www.jcastle.info


File: 1589327857307.jpg (33.91 KB, 500x375, side view embankment Shiry….jpg)

Here are some videos of the Shiryōkaku fort.
One more fort coming, but its not what you're really expecting.
Turns out there is another fort in Hokiado.
13 min

3 min



File: 1589327911008.jpeg (476.87 KB, 1918x964, Map location of 志苔館跡 - mi….jpeg)

This 3rd Japanese fort has more information.
Im not seeing any illustrations of the fort at the time of its peek performance & construction.

9 Min walk through of the fort.
There very well could be a Japanese castle documentary series from the NHK, but I wouldn't know. An entire documentary really could be recorded for these 3 star forts alone.


17 min video

That's all I really have for now guys.
Have a good day.


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ok based


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