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No. 5439

Okay please give me your SICP certified codes and 3D character designs. Let's make games together like Grand Theft Idols or Touhou Harvestmoon.

Are you making a game? I want to see!

Original ideas only, do not steal.


Let's discuss aoba.


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Why does computer stuff have to be so complicated….


Love live doujin arcade project.


i would be interested in a love live idolmaster fighting game


Yes lets build it


I'll give you good ideas for the game if you give me 80% of the benefits


nozomi is a grappler


I'm making a corpse party / yume nikki clone in order to learn things. Would love scary or atmospheric ideas as I'm a newbie with no imagination.


You need good sound effects more than you need graphics.


pretend to be japanese to make it popular


As a programmer you need a pen name such as Kukkuri Kumakao


I still want to make a space opera VN.


Can you even sing?


N-No I can't my voice is very croaky and silent.


space operas aren't that kind of opera…


when are we starting




That's very true but I'll probably just have to use the same game sounds or anything I can find on google as I have even less experience in sound stuff.

So far I have like half of the script finished and some basic assets (beginner level pixelart and recolors of corpse party assets).


is the person who did the game from the last ota magazine here? do you need help last time the game had some problems


There was an /ota/ magazine? I stopped posting around when /om/ shut down and started again recently.


Yes there's 3 issues


There's at least 4 I have 3 on my desktop and I think I've lost the very first test issue somewhere.


There's 4 issues, October 2015, december 2015, march 2016 and june 2016


Never knew that I guess I wasn't posting then, anything good about the 4 issues?


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But I have 5…


me too I forgot to mention the valentine issue


This reminds me of that touhou english fanzine, what was it, from shrinemaiden.com or something?


Which tools do you all use or recommend for game development?

Gimp is a free image editor with plugins for many things
Blender is a free 3D modeling tool
3DMax is propriety industry leader, it has modeling and animation, and student licenses
Paint Tool SAI, does anyone use it?
Unity has a free license I think
GCC is a C compiler for GNU based sysyems, G++ is the C++ version
Mingw is a windows development and emulator for GNU but I don't know the precise license constraints
SDL 2 is a library for 2D games with C programming
SFML is a combo of many things, it's like SDL 2 but it also supports 3D just as well except it's C++
Notepad++ is an okay editor for many languages


>G++ is the C++ version

g++ is actually part of gcc. When you call g++, you run the same program as when you call gcc, but with different settings.



> g++ is a program that calls GCC with the default language set to C++, and automatically specifies linking against the C++ library.
Oh so it's like a shortcut. What do you use and have you made anything interesting yet?


i use emacs for writing code things


That's great, do you have anything interesting you've made with it?


can someone teach me haskell?


Why are so many people in these communities interested in esoteric things that aren't practically useful?

I have seen so many Linux nerds talk about all their meme languages and meme tools but they don't make anything. Wouldn't you rather spend that time making an actual game that people can play?


why would anyone do videogames for other people to play when they could be doing something useful


How is learning an academic research language not used in the practical world considered useful?


well you see when you are not the slave of some retard with money you can do whatever you want


Now you're just going in circles. You know I've been around quite a while that I've seen people choose esoteric languages and meme tools to work with. The main reason people learn these things isn't to be more productive but because they like to show off.

If you really want to show off then run an OS with a theoretically superior microkernal like Minix 3 or Hurd. Sure you might not ever make anything in it, but you will be the coolest kid in nerd threads.


>The main reason people learn these things isn't to be more productive but because they like to have fun.



Trust me I've known these people before. They show off their emacs and Konqueror and show off they can watch youtube and follow twitters. They talk about writing Hello World in Haskell or another meme language for 20 minutes straight. Then they boot up windows instead because they're playing WOW.

I've seen it so many times so forgive my skepticism.

There is one guy called Elysian Shadows that has been trying to make an RPG Maker clone game for the last 10 years. He's ported it to many different systems that nobody uses and is late on his Kickstarter release date. People actually gave him a few hundred thousand dollars with his track record of getting nothing done. It's good for a chuckle.



He asked you how does that make it useful and you just side stepped with neet wage slavery mumbo jumbo.


Doing what he wants to do is inherently useful because it's fulfilling. If he doesn't need anything from anyone then compromising for the sake of others has no use. Infer more


"I like to use hammers for the sole purpose of hammering and no other goal" the post.


Hammering for the sake of hammering is a lot better than wanting to hammer and arbitrarily forcing yourself to use a nail gun instead


That analogy really doesn't work. If you want to make something then use the right tool for the job.

That's what using maintained and supported tools created for producing things are for.

This is about the pinnacle Haskell can do with lots of tricks and workarounds to get it working.

It's like trying to make a game in Prolog. It wont work if you're just a memeposter that can't even make things with conventional tools.


It works fine. The right tool for the job is the one you want to use


File: 1470189691261.png (2.58 MB, 770x3457, 158233457.png)


File: 1470189729998.png (390.62 KB, 1302x1264, 85736385.png)


Yeah this guy. I remember when he did those "where to start" videos. Actually AiGD started much earlier but they rebooted it later and deleted some videos.

He has been working for 10 years with bad tools and working to impractical goals. At this stage modern technology has changed so much that his homebrew engine is a relic of the past decade's amateur game dev era. It's like being able to do "Hello World" on 20 outdated obsolete machines. Nobody cares.

It's still not even released yet, don't become this guy.


Where can I find free sprites? I'm gonna try to do a simple 2D game.


Spriters resource and opengameart are pretty good for it.


What kind of game did you have in mind?


I don't have anything in mind but I'm not good at drawing so there's no way I make sprites, animations or backgrounds.
Can't find anything I like on those free sprites websites and I'm struggling to find an idea.


Don't let that stop you. Even if you only have placeholders and the game isn't original you are making something new.


File: 1471153600091.jpg (876.05 KB, 1600x1024, chris got fat.jpg)

The life of a game designer is a scary thing look at this famous guy that is now fat after he quit his day job, and an excerpt from another interview

>Life after leaving a game studio, according to narrative designer Chris Avellone

>"So what I do now is I roll out of bed. I don't get dressed. I don't shower. I just start writing immediately. All my Skype calls have no video. And then I go to bed after about 11 hours, and I think 'that was a very productive day.'"
He doesn't even get dressed or shower he just rolls in bed and eats pizza every day.


I need pictures of a certain Sean for a certain game, can anyone provide?


i feel like all indie devs front this and dont actually do this because they just want to look like they're working hard since they're all kickstartered nowadays


Check out his fap arm. I have no doubt this guy works 11 hours a day.


shut up all of you


>Touhou Harvestmoon
It's too bad that guy abandoned that project. Such is the fate of any /jp/ work, I guess.


I remember when that happened. He was so busy making a website and others were screaming about open source. People told him the way it was going it wouldn't work because the guys he "hired" were nimwits. Then he put out the message about thanks for the interest we have finished hiring and we have the best team possible.

It's like some guys just like roleplaying making a game instead of trying to make one.


new game has inspired me to give modelling another try downloading blender wish me luck


if you want to be like the girls in new game you should use maya


good luck


autodesk software is a botnet though


File: 1471439303433.png (90.26 KB, 551x576, cube-chan.PNG)



funy face


nevermind i remembered that i hate modelling.


So have you losers done anything or did you all realize that you aren't cut out for this?


still waiting warmly for the love live idolmaster fighting game team to come together


I lack motivation to do anything, even things I love.



seriously though how can anyone find this enjoyable you are literally moving vertices around for hours on end to achieve some nebulous sense of topological correctness you've got to be seriously autistic to do this kind of modelling even high-poly sculpting + retopo pisses me off the tools are just so inadequate and don't even get me started on animation maybe in 50 years when there are advanced tools for automatic modelling texturing rigging and animating i will finally make something.


You're not fooling anyone, it's obvious that you are just mad that modeling is too hard for you.


it's not hard dumbass it's just boring and tedious.


Yes, I know it's not hard. It's just too hard for you and you're playing it off by trying to act the way you are


File: 1471793583280.jpg (307.97 KB, 1464x2070, 49497515_p0.jpg)

this little girl can do 3D modeling for AAA japanese games and you can't


aoba can do a lot of things that i can't do like make friends and look people in the eye so i don't really care about that.


Hey, I'm looking for help. I'm making a unity 2D rpg and I'm having trouble doing proper cutscenes. I want the cutscenes to not change scenes, to just direct the player or any character to a certain location and perform animations needed but I can't figure out a proper way to do it.

I thought of replacing the player controller script with an AI script on trigger enter to guide him where I need but then the animations would need to play at certain times as well and if I made a bunch of triggers everywhere it would be really messy, a lot of work and really hard to follow for every cutscene.

Any suggestions guys?


give up


I won't


So have you done anything or did you give up yet?


I've kept it on hiatus. Asked my friend to help me out and he said he will.



Does anyone actually make finished games with this or is it a kid's game customization toy?


hotline miami spelunky metroid remake and some other games


So have you made anything yet ota?


ive been making lots of spermy lewdies


Not yet.


>Chris Avellone
Don't talk shit, he's the king


File: 1475116012483.jpg (26.99 KB, 450x255, 135098650968547.jpg)

I make mods for a certain videogame if that counts, and I have a blog for it so I can share the stuff, but unfortunately, I can't share it with any of you.


Now he's the Burger King.


I downloaded corona sdk. I feel like any day now I'll be cranking out games.


How do i start?


Step 1: ignore all pretentious my language/tool/method is best discussions
Step 2: Do you want to learn techniques or discuss tech or do you want to make something that can be played? Decide now.
Step 3: Find a tool that has a low bar to entry and make simple games.
Step 4: Improve your ideas, improve your skills, improve your graphics, maybe switch tools.
Step 5: Keep repeating the previous 2 steps.


Step 1: Learn lisp
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Achieve Satori


I'm gonna study software development (general software programming, not specifically game development) in a couple months and then I'll make a simple traditional roguelike (ASCII console stuff, not the modern sort of roguelike) in probably python or something!!!

Wish me luck /ota/!


Didn't know ota had a programming thread in /om/.
If you want to make indie games, don't code anything or do the bare minimum possible.
It's a waste of time to program a game.

Time spent coding is time that could have been spent on art.


File: 1492530087021.png (5.89 KB, 786x508, image.png)

>been spent on art.
If I made a game I'd make one like >>6396


Explain steps 2 and 3.


The first part applies to people that confuse their priorities or are encouraged by other people to invert their priorities. Your priority is to make a game which is something that can be played and enjoyed. On the other hand some people get lost along the way and end up building a game engine from scratch, reinventing the wheel and sometimes even trying to make their own graphics rendering software. Obviously most of the later kind don't often ever actually make games and if they do they're still shit games. Rather than learning C++ and building your own operating system you could just use Unity and make a game.

The second part relates to the tools you use to create your game and your game assets. People might try to tell you to use a certain program but you should focus on using what gets the job done with minimal investment.

The first is programming snobbery and the second is tool snobbery. Minecraft was made with shit programming and shit tools but it was still an extremely successful game.


Which tools would you recommend?




I still can't program


If you're new then use something that's free and popular, hopefully it's easy to pick up too. You want to find a tool with a large community and lots of high quality and easy to follow tutorials. So when you have questions it's easy to find the answer. For this Unity is probably your best option right now.


You shouldn't give up. Even grade schoolers program these days.


I made a pong game it took me 3 days.


post your game


It's terrible.


That's ok, I love everything about you. Nothing about you is terrible or dirty.


I've been working on more simple games. Now I want to try something more complicated so I thought of emulating some styles of RPG games. I made some simple gui components and basic character creation but I didn't get very far. I figured out that making a gui by hand is really messy and hard but I haven't tried to find a gui system yet.

It doesn't look very pretty, I haven't skinned anything with textures, so it's all very basic and ugly neon colors. I can set a character's name and let them choose their gender then distribute their stats. I set them all to 1 and the cost to increase is 1 point up until after 10 points, then it's an additional +1 for each pair, so 11 and 12 cost 2 points each, while 17 and 18 cost 5 points each. The maximum is 18 points, and they start with 96 points to distribute. Once all of the stat points are distributed you can click a button to finalize character creation. Then using the C key you can bring up the character window which displays all the info and some placeholder boxes for gear and the paperdoll.

All of this actually takes a lot longer than I thought but I'm probably not doing it in a very good or efficient way.


how did you start


What do you mean?

With tutorials I suppose. How to make a window, how to check events, how to take inputs, how to draw shapes.


how do i start


I guess that's hard but also not that hard these days. Most of the information you need is online and it really has a lot to do with googling. There are even a lot of tutorials for young women by other women so you have every flavor to pick from.

I'm just doing tutorials for a very simple coding program and then expanding it from there. Then I think of an idea and wonder how I would do that with what I learned from the tutorial.

I think it helps if you have a rough idea of what you want to make.


tell me your specific methods


Well it really depends on what you want to do but lets say you want to make something basic.

1. You want a program that makes new programs. This one is free and works on windows.
1.b. You need to check if it also installed the program called msys which is what you need to run it. If not then google that and download it.
1.c. Also check if it points to the first program, under the msys folder called etc is a file called fstab if you open it in notepad it should have a line with the folder of the first program and then like a command. Like it says here under "After installing you should"
1.d. Now open the msys.bat program and type in gcc –version, I think that's it, and it should give you a version number. That means it knows where the program is and all of it's stuff.

2. Now you have your program to make programs. Well you actually have two, gcc which is older, and g++ which is newer. There is a type of code you have to give it to explain how to make the program. So keep a notepad open and copy/paste things from sites so you remember. Here are some tutorials.

3. If you copy and pasted the code in those tutorials into files and then put in the other code in the special command prompt you're now a programmer! Yippie!

After that you need to find another program to put inside of your program to create programs that can make windows and graphics. And copy paste tutorial examples from that. It might take you a week to get that far however depending on how long it takes to get the first things installed properly.




My waifu


You're welcome my dear friend.


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Keep on ganbatte even with errors.

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