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Post your spooky stories from Japan here!

Hopefully this will be the last time I have to remake this thread…


Hope you enjoy this spooky story!

When I got home, the front door was open. I guess my husband is back from work.

I can hear something from the bedroom upstairs. He’s been really busy with work recently, so he must be sleeping. I’d feel bad if I woke him up, so I started to prepare dinner.

Once everything was ready, I called my husband down for dinner.

There was no reply.

After yelling several times, I finally heard him come downstairs.

That’s when he called me.


Anime Titpads
They exist

Pretty scary right? Fucking creepers…


Sometimes my libs will be moved into the air at night while I pray in my sleep. I won't be the one moving them. They will be jeered around here and there. As I pray I know there are demons trying to enter my body and those trying to yank me out of bed.


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Walpurgus night from Madoka caused the shitstorm which killed Mosha.

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