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Today in 1970 November 25th Japan near Hose university at the Japanese Self Defence force the man named Yukio Mishima died.

To some his death was as meaningful and we'll staged just as his most beautiful wrtting.

To some he died a fool whose life was thrown away in a stunt.

Today his works remain brillint and his predictions of Japanese society accurate, yet he can still be laughed and by those who do not understand what it means to die for a cause, a country, a peoples, a rebelion of spiral tradtion.

To me he was a man whose life and message is worth remembering.

I'll see you in Valhalla you black emperor….Mishima!
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I say it directly. There is nothing there.


gensokyo will always be waiting for me


Mishima isn't a saint.
In truth the saints are the greatest hero's as they held Christ up before all else.


i would fuck him

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Who cardu games here?
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What's the tournament/competetive scene like for shadowverse?


didn't get filene i'm so mad


rare karuta


I got Filene



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【アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ】
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P-san is like those evil guys in anime who ask the girls if they want to go somewhere and play.


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中華一番! DVD-BOX デジタルリマスター版 BOX2


When is the election


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They look incredible


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owned that oni



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Please play Trading Card Games with me.
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The only new mechanic after Pendulum is Link Summoning. You are probably thinking about Pendulum cards, which are cards that can act as either a monster or spell depending on their position on the field. With the introduction of Pendulum, the way the game was played was not much different in comparison to XYZ and Synchros. When Link was introduced however, the speed of the game slowed down and became harder to swarm the field, something completely opposite from the previous Pendulum era.


I wrote a rather long reply to you earlier. but the board said my post looked automated.

Thanks anon.
Yes, pendulum was what I was referring to. I've got a set of pendulum monsters. I was aware they were able to switch back and forth to an extent as spells and monsters.

I haven't learned the in depth rules on pendulum cards nor link cards.

I know that both pendulum and link cards have their own designated spot on the playing field now.


File: 1551553893135.png (1.5 MB, 950x690, cute.png)

To give you the quick run-down, Link cards drastically changed how Extra Deck Monsters (Fusion, Synchro, XYZ, and now Link) are summoned. They can now only occupy an entirely new space called the "Extra Monster Zone" which by default are two spaces in the middle of the field that are both shared by you and your opponent. In order to expand the number of Extra Monster Zones on the field, you must perform a Link Summon and place a Link Monster to any pre-existing Extra Monster Zones. Link Monsters have arrows pointing to which Monster Zones can now be used as Extra Monster Zones. Note that Link Monsters placed in the Link Zones may also give your opponent access to an Extra Monster Zone depending on their Link Arrows.

For Pendulum Monsters, as you are aware they can either act as a Monster or Spell card each with their own respective effect, thus both rules for play are applied normally depending on how you want to use the card. When used as a Spell however, they can only be placed in the Pendulum Zones which occupy the far-most left and right Spell Zones. When two Pendulum cards have been placed in each respective Pendulum Zone the player is now able to perform a Pendulum Summon, allowing the Special Summon of however many monsters whose Levels are between the two numbers of the Pendulum Scale (the numbers that the Pendulum Effect is written between). These monsters can be summoned either from the hand or from the Face-Up Extra Deck (when Pendulum Cards are destroyed, they are sent face-up to the Extra Deck).

This may all sound complicated, but this is coming from a person who has yet to play the Link format. Although I am interested, I haven't had the time to build a deck and try it out.


Actually I have some free time tomorrow, so I'm going to go ahead and update my YGOpro and try building a deck.


Thanks for the help.
It's interesting to see how the Yugioh creator(s) have really home out of their way to bring back ritual and fusion cards and monsters.

I just bought like 3 or 4 full boxes of the latest blue eyes/kiba series.

I'm honestly just swelling most of these cards now. I don't think it's a good idea to sit on these just to build and sell decks in the future. The latest blue eyes deck seems to rely heavily on past cards from like 9 years ago and less.

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HMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why did the tank driver become famous? how? why not the commander? is this another case of the whole crew being awarded the knight's cross for propaganda purposes like michael wittman and his boys while it shouldn't have been possible??


If the accomplishments of a single tank crew were of large note, I wouldn't be surprised if the entire crew got decently short-term famous. The war in question was pretty recent.

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take a sip!
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some juice


It's a dirty juice full of bacteria!


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Please spoil that.
Lewd posting, even when I did it by my own hands, is the lowest form of posting.

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Take out those wallets and bring back that nostalgic feeling of gachagacha! Discuss all gacha games and show off your boxes, pulls, and anger for not pulling the Summer Young Tiki!
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got the sister in less than 40 orbs :)




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best girl :)


I don't think you'd normally be nostalgic, even if you did play with capsule stuff as a kid, it feels super different just being digital.

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>Someone make a game thread so I can post about Maple Story
Here is your Maple Story thread! Enjoy!
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That's gay


I been looking for something new to play but this games looks are kind of.. you know..
Is it actually good that's what I want to know. I did play the first one but that was a different time.


This game is for ERPing queers


wow ok guys like come on lay off the hate for a second will ya I mean geez


You can play compose midis in game it's cool.

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Ohoho, thread for fightan discussion of all sorts

Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd, King of Fighters 14, Super Turbo, Sm4sh, Melee, Persona 4 Arena, Pokken, Blazblue, Arcana Hearts 3, Hisoutensoku, Urban Legend in Limbo, Soul Calibur, others
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