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It's a hot summer morning in Japan. You wake up and step outside for a smoke and then the girl who lives next door and is also a sixth grader comes out. How long is your sentence going to be if you plead guilty?


uh, guilty of what exactly, offering her a smoke?


they sure grow fast these days


Let's rape that girl.


im standing on the balcony, shirtless, ripped, in just my grey sweatpants no underwear, my manhood casting an impressive outline, i take that first long drag on my hand rolled cigarette
nothing quite like the first one of the day. i feel the nicotine spread through my body and my senses come alive
i look to my right an notice the young neighbor girl having a cheeky mire as she puts out the recycling, i give her my best seductive grin and a good morning
shes wearing a loose tshirt barely covering her well developed tits, i can see her nipples through the thin fabric, she turns around and bends over to tie the bag and the shirt rides up a bit
i can see her panties, a fat lip almost bulging out the side..she goes downstairs to place it in the bin, her luscious black hair gently swinging in the breeze

after she comes back up the stairs i say "im making iced coffee if you want some" and beckon her inside, she gives a coy smile and says yes please as she comes into my apartment..


I avoid eye contact and go back inside


yeah this feels more relatable


henri is that you

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