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My roommate came home when I was eating dinner in my room and started shouting about how there was a dish in the sink and a used pot on the counter. He yelled "WHAT AM I A MAID?!" and spent the next 10 minutes stomping around the apartment, slamming every door and doing something(?) with the dishes. I think he has some animus for me because I stay at home NEETing it up all day and won't socialize with him beyond occasionally listening to him talk and nodding my head until I can go back to my room. I legitimately have autism and I don't enjoy socializing offline so I would rather not do it at all. He works a lot, oftentimes with shitty hours, and he has to deal with annoying customers and employees sometimes so I can understand him coming home in a bad mood, but all this does is make me scared to leave my room and alienate me further. It seems like he's gone now, so I'm going to get some stuff done outside of my room before he gets back and I have to hide out for the rest of the night. Stay safe, Ota.


maybe you should wash your dishes after you're done using them you waste of space


I don't eat lunch so I always want to start eating right away after I'm done making my dinner. He does the same thing too and I don't really care because I don't need all of the space in the sink or on the counter, I can just work around it. I don't see why he feels the need to move or wash my dishes for me. Three of his dishes are now taking up space on the counter while mine are in their own secluded little box in the dining area where I'm likely to overlook them and forget that they need to be washed. I don't get it.


Can't imagine living with some norm. Living with mom was bad enough.
Glad I live in a small house with various bros from the spinoffs a surprising number of hima people ended up here.


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im sorry that happened to you here have a happy love live playlist of ~ Songs signaling the coming of SPRING ~



Thanks, I listened to half of it so far. I'll save the rest for tomorrow.


how do you pay your rent?


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printemps are the spring idols


Autismbux. My mom forced me to get a diagnoses when I was a teenager and took me through every step of the process to get on disability benefits so I could help her with the bills. Sometimes I barely scrape by but lately I have had between 50 to 100 dollars left over after rent and groceries each month.

I finished it. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it.


>50 to 100 dollars left over after rent and groceries each month.



why aren't you living with mom anymore?
not really since he doesn't work, i'd take that any time


The only choices are to slave and suffer or lose all dignity and neet and suffer why even bother living on this planet


not sure if it would be worse living with an aggressive norm roommate or aggressive norm parent


I was pressured to move out. My roommate (a relative) was looking for a place to live around that time and found an apartment for a great deal but needed someone else to split the rent with. I hate living in the middle of the city and having a roommate sucks sometimes, but my mom said that I could live in a suite when she eventually moves to a retirement town and buys a house there, so at least I have something to look forward too.


Here's something to look forward to!


i like the piss detail


you don't have to listen to anything your roommate says but you kinda have to listen to your parent, or at least they expect you to listen




oatmin jsut make him jannie so he can delete the cp instead of saying the alphabet


always know I'm in for a good fap when I see the alphabet on ota ch dot com slash jaypee


for that to happen otamin would have to give the tiniest amount of fuck


what is this 4/jp/? get out of here


dont see why you would want cp and frogs covering the board


let's go ahead and have every post pre moderated before they are shown on the board while we're at it


I wish I had you as a roomate I wouldn't even make you pay rent you'd just need to dress up in a frilly maid outfit and service me sometimes.


gross sexual predator


it's still better than working isn't it?


only girls are allowed to wear frilly outfits


sigh wish i was a girl


File: 1681335499556.png (4.8 MB, 3600x1800, 276UR-Nishikino-Maki-You-r….png)

cant wait to become a anime yuri princess in heaven


Are you cute OP? You should greet your roommate while wearing a meido outfit when he gets home from work.


why are you pretending to be another person gross sexual predator freak


be me
come home from another fucking brutal day at work to my shitty 2 bedroom apartment
had to share it with my tard relative just to able to afford it he gets some handout from the government so never works
open the door place absolutely reeks and theres pots and shit everywhere in the kitchen the tard has been playing chef and now expects me to be his fucking maid
absolutely lose my shit because this isnt the first time
he just sits in his room doing gods knows what cant even hold a conversation
i swear if this continues i will beat him into submission


would hate it if i had a norm roommate hippocrit who complains about me leaving stuff in the sink if he did too


what if he snuck into your room at night at gropped your butt while you were sleeping!


crying someone stop the sexual predator


sneaking into OP's bedroom at night getting behind him and stroking his cummer while he tries to not moan it turns into weeping as he cums afterwards you pet his head and call him a good boy for not fighting back and leave.


I wouldn't mind roleplaying a meido sometimes. Not for any sexual reasons, I just think it would be fun. If only I had an otaku roommate who understood and appreciated the art of crossdressing.

I'm not gay. Back off.


anyone up for some role playing


like, gay erotic role playing?


*i hear my roommate arrive home i can tell he is angry oh well i think to myself may as well get it over with as i drop my sweatpants and bend over the side of my bed my big puckered asshole ready for his massive cock my own just dangling pathetically i just hope he uses enough lube this time*


File: 1681382981814.jpg (1.99 MB, 1417x2000, 1681371323878.jpg)

let's get to the point


File: 1681428420212.jpg (Spoiler Image, 303.76 KB, 800x600, 60331144_p1.jpg)

No lube your mouth will do well to get it wet enough you dirty slut *forces my throbbing cummer down your throat for a few minutes* mmh that will do *pushes you over and rams my wet hardened cummer into your boihole thrusting and grunting while I line your inside with pre-cum and your spit* take it you cute little bitch.


prefer the lily flavor of gay erp


*moans as the tip slides in but not too loudly so you don't think i'm enjoying this or anything*


*walks into the room and performs a curtsy*


*my tiny cock turns into a hardened rod and my grape sized balls spasm as i near orgasm from roommates huge cummer repeatedly pounding my sensitive prostate between my supple ass cheeks* *he pulls out violently and i explode, moaning in ecstasy, a few pathetic squirts dribble from my shaft and i collapse on the bed*


How did you guys learn to write smut like that?


uh how long have you been posting exactly?


years ago i wrote an oban star racers rape fic and posted it to iichan it was fucking brilliant although no one else seemed to appreciate it and then i accidentally deleted the file from my computer and lost it forever


File: 1681460950592.jpg (717.53 KB, 1024x662, WELCOME TO NEW :Z:EALAND.jpg)

>>589829 Shoutout to all the old iichan crew! Big ups


archie pittman, count montivan, blanky, frank, BIG MIKE, fatso, sney

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