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did meromin's bf dump him? why is he so lonely and desperate for attention


unironically literally yes hondi stopped talking to him




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he posted that unironically


why would someone write this whole thing out when you could instead use the space for a nice yuri fanfic


This isn't true unironically is a new word that has its place. It's kind of a mix between seriously and literally. You can use unironically with a metaphor, so it's not a direct synonym for literally.


Languages change, idiot.


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>>589697 Whoever wrote this is a complete moron! It must be a joke? Using poor grammar and bad spelling to criticise anyone else's use of language, on the subject of “irony”, surely this must be a joke… if not he's a total idiot!
- Incorrect use of semicolons
- the typos “unironcally” and “demostrate”
- MAGA is not an example of the irony definition given
- It's not “usually a synonym for literally” at all, this guy has completely missed the point. It's used in regards to things one might assume to be done ironically, but is actually sincere e.g. a metalhead who sincerely enjoys Britney Spears music, or a cinephile who likes Marvel movies. An English hipster edgelord could wear a MAGA cap ironically, but an American who truly supports Trump could wear the hat unironically. I am on an anonymous imageboard unironically criticising all the mistakes in an image, even though I have a feeling it's deliberately stupid!
- Something COULD be an “un-incongruous coincidence”, it's just called a coincidence! E.g. a normal car striking a normal pedestrian which are no way related.
- “unyellow” could be a perfectly cromulent word depending on the context. The white plastic fittings in the wet room at the factory turn yellow after a while, so every few months someone has to unyellow them. It's “not a word” but one could understand the meaning from the context.
- There is no central authority for the English language, and words change meaning based on how they're used. Not just over time, but even between different contemporary social groups.
- “Internet-educated” should be hyphenated

So yeah >>589697 or whoever made that jpg is an idiot


the internet is no joke this is serious


Okay, this is epic.


unironicallybros we unironically won

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