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Selfie for the norms


bocchi taking on womb worms from the norms


men really are parasites when you think about it


bocchis milky white ass


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somebody already mentioned that sexual reproduction evolved from a form of parasitism and they later we evolved a euphoric response from sex triggered by drugs in our brain




Mutations can't add new genetic information. They can only delete, duplicate, or rearrange DNA. This allows for some genetic variety and even natural selection, it can even be observed short-term. The lie is when you claim this same biological process can turn a single-celled organism into all life on Earth, which is not possible without adding new information.

>Origin of sexual reproduction

There is no known way asexual creatures could develop sexual reproduction through mutation. Any such benefits (or the obvious -50% efficiency) are irrelevant. It's not possible.

This is called irreducible complexity, one part is useless without the other part.

>Missing links

There is not a SINGLE transitionary fossil series. We find fossils of different animals on top of each other with no transitions between them.

If all life on Earth went through evolution, we'd find COUNTLESS transitionary fossils but we can't even find ONE.

(Link me the Wikipedia page on this if you're retarded, there's no clear transitions, only speculation)

>Horseshoe crabs claimed to be the same for 400 million years

They claim you were a fish 400 million years ago.

"They're just perfect" is not a legitimate answer to how an animal could remain unaffected by evolutionary force for 400 million years while others went through extreme changes.

>Origin of life

This isn't strictly about evolution but it's part of the belief in evolution. There's no known way to turn non-living material into life, it's never been done before even in a lab. The chances of even of the most basic life randomly appearing this way is zero, even on a timescale of billions of years, in all but a philosophical sense.


i knew whatmin's was going to get triggered
literal fucking turbosperg I am an incomparable homo


btw he copy pasted that post since he literally keeps a a text-file of canned responses because he thinks his opinion is that important it needs to be written down and disseminated at every opportunity


if god is real then why did he give us tailbones and why did he make testicles so fragile and put them outside the male body


all the little spermy wermies would die from our body heat if our testy westies were inside our bodies


You might as well get a norm girl that can order for you at burger king because all of the shy meek girls have been getting railed by Chad all the same


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prefer the term squiggly wigglies


man is too superior to women so he gave us a weakness to even the scales a bit


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the fli**in norms

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