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Into le trash, libcucks


mom made grilled cheesers


Climate change is recognized as the undeniable scientific reality it is everywhere outside of the US. It's uncontroversial and isn't used as a right/left wedge issue in any other country. The intended audience for this program, Japanese people, almost universally agree with the implication here. All you can do is seethe, Mr. Chud.


wish people could go a day without incessant political whining


you forgot to downvote


love downvoting the first thread on page 0


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Yeah, but climate change is normal and natural. It has changed many times through the Earth's history.


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“Recycling is useless, Lis. Once the Sun burns out, this planet is doomed! You’re just making sure we spend our last days using inferior products.”


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Climate change doomsday cultists don't know that natural sources of greenhouses gases are far greater than man-made sources.

- Volcanic activity
- Geothermal vents under the ocean (The entire core of the Earth is like infinite cars)
- Plants dying
- Wild animals dying
- Wild animals pooping
- Various algae
- Termites (~11% of the world's methane, more potent than CO2)
- and more

Any chart you see of greenhouse gases going back into the distant past is bogus. We don't know CO2 levels of the distant past, the so-called evidence these claims are made from is extremely dubious.

But let's pretend that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. That means they seriously believe that all of these natural sources of greenhouse gases have been occurring for billions of years… at some points higher CO2 levels than today… and we're still here.

The main argument against this is that it's like a bathtub that can only drain water at a certain rate (carbon cycle), and that humans are adding just enough extra water causing it to overflow. There's no actual proof of this, it's just a pathetic cope. The atmosphere does not differentiate natural vs. man-made sources of greenhouse gases, they act like the atmosphere knows where the CO2 came from.

While the earth remains,
Seedtime and harvest,
Cold and heat,
Summer and winter,
And day and night
Shall not cease.


Thank you for reducing emissions by only distributing downsized artwork.


dont think you'll get away with making offtopic posts just by attaching a school idol to your posts


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What are you gonna do about it?


I will report you and Otamin will come to move your post about 4 days later.


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Otamin won't dare to move a post with such a nice image! The idols will protect me!


can't wait for the sea to swallow new jersey so shitmin can't post his mental diarrhea anymore


just like noah promised in the only book whatmins ever read


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>I will report you and Otamin will come to move your post about 4 days later.
>about 4 days later.


They might have done so if henri, the patron saint of 2D idols were still around. But the himarats made him leave. There is nothing protecting us from the oatmeister's wrath now.


And are these… himarats… in the room with you right now?


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>But the himarats made him leave

No, he left because Oatmeal filtered all posts from his tripcode to "trans rights"


That wasn't a filter, my friend is just a staunch defender of LGBT rights.


you wish tranny


crying need the meow meow henris to return from intergalactic space travel to come and chase away the himarats


PREDICTABLE how norms will build their entire identities around what genitals they'll have sex with and i'm supposed to celebrate them and their loud declarations of what kind of sex they have even though i've never had any myself how did we get to the point where flipping man ass is a protected class


i dare you to say that homophobic crap again when henri comes back hell make short work of you


he's never coming you deluded freak


hes coming back he told me on mindota


mindota is cope and cringe



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