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Edo period, night time, a house by a river in a boggy region, you hear flute playing, it's a woman with long black hair, she's startled when she spots you, but you compliment her and offer her some sake, she says her husband was killed in battle, and that she's glad to have the company of a strong ronin like you, this is her patch of land dealt by the shogunate and she can't leave, she gets a little too drunk and seduces you, her hair keeps hitting you as you fuck, she smells a little bad and of sake, she falls asleep naked half on top of you, gripping you as if not wanting to let go


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Don't fucking godmode me


theres a new anime about a samurai who gets betrayed by his clan then he teams up with a group of assassins and one of them is a catholic with a virgin mary tattoo thought about dsan

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