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Anyone else fell for all this hopeless romanticish desperate rhetoric that even the most normie moids on the internet repeat like a mantra every chance they get?

>I would take ANY woman that showed interest in me

>Just dont be a landwhale theory
>Ryan Reynolds sadboi edit with a caption about how women get complimments every day and guys still cherish the random crackhead that complimented their shoes in 6th August 2007
>I wish women made the first move

But somehow I got rejected the most cruel way by a guy. He lost all respect for me (which i understand bc they dont respect themselves, why would they respect someone who fell in love with a malnourished hentai addict borderline-hikikomori?). Everyone is entitled to reject anyone they don't like but the thing is: men are empty vessels, they are soulless beings so once you have inflated his ego by making the huge mistake of being vulnerable, they will ruthlessly ridicule you, treat you like a circus monster and be extremly disgusted by you.

And this is the best case scenario tbh, men lose whatever little interest they had in you when you make the first move, so even if they dont reject you on the spot, they will just use you for sex and make 0 effort into the relationship.

"Maybe he's just shy" no man is shy enough to not approach the woman he likes. "Maybe he doesn't know i like him" he does lol, he doesnt care. "Im tired of waiting for men i like to make the first move so i will get this over myself" then suffer the consequences.

Maybe after all gender roles exist for a reason.
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>Post too long.


wish a boy would make a move on me…


hey handsome


foidcel copypasta




Wonder when I'll come across a girl I like so much I forget everything and am compelled to approach


closeted homosexual


No just scared


whatever you tell yourself.


Can't imagine how arrogant you have to be to walk up to someone of the opposite sex and imply that you think you deserve to use your sex organs on them


as arrogant as the average norman


Every male ancestor of yours did that.


File: 1669940723903.jpg (121.13 KB, 1280x720, gehehe.jpg)

Tomorrow is my consultation day with a plastic surgeon. I scheduled it ten weeks ago and have had to suffer as the days counted down. Now I will use the technology of man to spit in the face of the god that laughed as he made me into a deformed loser.


File: 1669941044868.jpg (247.96 KB, 1800x1200, merlin_139852383_2ff69045-….jpg)


are you the guy that wrote that long paragraph full of random plastic surgery lookism terms a while back


Going to get a plastic surgery Korean gf.



I couldn't remember the post exactly or find it, that's part of why I ask. Possible that oatmin ghosted or deleted the thread, I don't remember what thread it was
I thought it was a joke at first, but I looked up the terms and it was all real stuff


File: 1670009407551.jpg (126.92 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Toaru Kagak….jpg)

I go back January 17th for the procedure that's when I'll start my real life later celboys


What is he gonna do to you?


File: 1670018049099.jpg (495.22 KB, 1954x1741, 1668106997299867.jpg)

He's gonna make him bog pilled.


2023 is the year i will finally get a bf


gas yourself op


boys arent allowed on crystalcafe you shouldnt read their posts


If this happened to a guy he would blame himself for not being good enough, but this woman managed to twist and distort reality into making him seem bad even though she wanted to go out with him, and then go on a weird tirade about men, likely a projection at that, with not even the slightest bit of humility.
This is why women literally cannot suffer, their coping mechanisms are far stronger than their grip on any negative sort of reality.


File: 1670023120872.png (850.09 KB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


i always wondered what its like to be incapable of reflection


Could you answer my question? Why did you change the filename of the screenshot to "untitled.png" before posting it?


"small minds discuss image filenames"

- Socrates


This isn't a discussion, I'm asking a question.


Hello? I asked a question.



I'd like an answer first.


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

- einstein


mindblowing that humans are the only species that has to ask before initiating sex


Girls don't like it when you ask girls want to be ravaged by mindless sexually charged animalistic testosterone crazed cavemen


mindblowing that human species is the only one that doesn't shit outside and drink from muddy creeks and die of exposure and starvation


is this true


Yes the more you think the more women are turned off.
Why do you think intelligent gentlemen from the spinoffs end up cel while borderline retarded meth addicts with neck tattoos have multiple gfs? Those guys aren't that physically attractive.
Women's tastes are in direct conflict with civilization.


wish i had access to such powerful cope gamings NOT cutting it


try a grinder


So I was casually browsing looksmax and happened upon the copypasta which I was able to use to find the ota post >>573192
Which I guess was just copypasta and not serious after all

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