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I apply 5 different serums and lotions to my face before bed


I started moisturizing and it's a pain and annoying I don't know how the norms do it.


you simply get in the habit its like brushing your teeth i use my cetaphil every morning


Most don't


dont know what that is


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never can decide whether to do my skincare routine or brush first in the morning and evening


i wash my face then brush then by the time im done brushing my face is dry and ready for serum application

inb4 someone says more like ready for semen ejaculation


No one was going to say that queer


how can you be so sure since its impossible to prove a negative


I'm only doing it because my Vtuber told me too.



been 4 years since I started skincare
and it does not get any easier I still miss days because it's annoying and gay
rn im using vitamin c and a nicamide and glycloic acid mix and retin A, the retin A is a mainstay but everything else is subject to change depending on what I feel like and availability.
I really should add a moisturzer back in and start using my sunscreen again. Also I guess I NEED at least some salicylic acid apparently. I thought retina + glycolic acid should be exfoliating enough but I guess theres just something that salicylic does that can't be done with.
Still testing new stuff out even after all this time.

To be honest the biggest and only real notable leap came from the very beginning when I started actually washing my face daily, and maybe using the salicylic acid.
Everything else, I gotta take on a leap of faith that my face would be far more wrinkled and worse now than if I hadn't been using it, cause otherwise it causes more problems than it solves, making my face all greasy looking or causing it to flake for example .


im not Patrick Bateman levels of tryhard, I just use a mix of vitamins skin care cream + eye lift serum, apply both in the morning and before going to bed
32 years old still look like im 15


How much does that cost.


Where did you get Retin A
I accidentally bought Retinol P and while it's supposedly much weaker I saw an improvement very quickly so now I'm curious about how the good stuff would do but I don't want to get scammed by chinks.


I apply 5 different serums and lotions to my dick before JOing


Nice circumcisedbro


It doesn't cost much I got the retina a off alldaychemist. This stuff lasts months.
If retin P is working for you don't fall for thinking more is better. Retin A will make your skin peel and flake. Your skin is supposed to get used to it, but in my case at the highest percentage.1%, it still makes my skin peel and flake and it's been more than enough time. I didn't need to go above .05%.


mom bought lotion from bath and body works and told me to put it on my skin


I'm fucking ugly, there is no use polishing a turd as they say


they proved you actually can polish a turd on mythbusters


Well you _can_ but there is no use.


When I went to the plastic surgeon and we looked at before and after pics I was noticeably more pale in the after pics even though it's currently spring vs winter and I'm forced to go outside more often than I was.
It's all thanks to 1% tretinoin and daily sunscreen moisturizer now no one will ever ask me what ethnicity I am


what ethnicity are you


I'm white and have never had a gf so why do you think this changes anything.


Statistically whites have the best overall chance, especially if you have blonde hair or blue eyes which I don't but at least I can vampiremaxx.


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