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Persona 3 and 5 Roylel are coming to "Windows". Are you excited Fatlus gamers?


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>Corporate businessman A:
I think not having direct control of party members won't be well received by modern players.

>Corporate businessman B:

True, we should have a programmer change Persona 3 FES to add that feature.

>Corporate businessman A:

No no no, that would be far too expensive. Let's just use Persona 3 Portable since it already has that.

>Corporate businessman C:

Yeah and let's just AI upscale all the textures instead of paying artists too.


never finished persona 5 got pretty close to the end i think but it was an awful slog and i decided i didnt care about the ending enough to put in the remaining 10 or 15 hours


Started persona 3 back in like February or January but I haven't played since March now. Think I was around beginning of June in the game, work on my fat friend's social link.
If I started back now I could play the game in real time
Play a day a day. It'll be like I'm really Japanese.

Now I remember what happened I spent like 2 hours in tartarus and then I finished and was looking for a transporters to go back and save I got killed and game overed and I was so pissed I shut off the ps2


same i got like 70 hours in and dropped it then royale was announced so i never finished it


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I'm glad I never caved and got royal for ps4


gonna play it without spending money Please stick it in mee

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