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Have you ever considered becoming a hat person?

Hats were widely used historically because they served several purposes. In the cold they keep your head warm. In the heat they keep your head cool. They keep the sun out of your eyes. They can denote certain cultural ties or traits you abide to.
There are a lot of hats to choose from, they can be simple or extravagant and vary greatly in price. You can even make your own hat if you want to add a personal touch. In cartoons there are a lot of characters that have a hat added to them to sum up their persona. They become a hat person.

I just don't know what hat is the hat for me because after you become a hat person you live and breathe your hat it has to come along wherever you go. People will definitely notice and when you are mentioned they will say "that guy with the x hat."


hats make you go bald faster


*tips fedora*


No one will know because the hat will keep it covered


what happens if you enter a church or need to greet a lady? exposed bald spot and bam you're getting laughed at.


God has forsaken us so we don't enter his houses and we don't interact with ladies


im already bald
i wear a straw hat to protect from sun when working
i used to wear a baseball cap but now no longer can be bothered
quite frankly i find them uncomfortable


Don't think I have the personality of a hat person


File: 1653188120664.png (241.62 KB, 636x548, 1467934700606.png)

Literally where does God say not to wear hats in church


im becoming a beard person


Gross don't do that when you grow a beard you are announcing that either:
1. You don't care about how you look at all
2. You are a soyboy with a $3500 funko pop collection
3. You are trying to conceal a lack of jaw


im 3)

better to announce that than walk around with no jaw


>don't do that when you grow a beard you are announcing that either:
>1. You don't care about how you look at all
if I don't care about how I look at all why would I avoid growing a beard


why do women of all abrahamic religions have to cover their hair when they go to a place of worship like a church or a mosque


Devils are said to dwell in the hair


Never seen that in the churches around here but then again the women around here can't keep their legs closed for every Chad that makes eye contact with them I wouldn't expect them to follow something like that


did you guys know motorola is an american company always thought it was japanese mindblowing right


it has an l in the name




File: 1653213517366.jpg (15.26 KB, 251x349, 111.jpg)

>I just don't know what hat is the hat for me


motorolla at its core is an israeli company


your post made me think


I am a hat guy but i discovered if i get frequent haircuts I don't have the urge to wear a hat


File: 1653237814611.jpg (19.94 KB, 289x440, shitposter queen.jpg)

What kind of hat


I wear a bucket hat 247


I have! I have considered becoming a hat person!
But I don't know… I actually don't like hats that much and any hat that I do think looks kinda nice you don't really see people wear normally. People only wear baseball caps.

I would like a big strawhat to keep the sun off my face. Since I don't wear my suncreen daily like I'm supposed to. The was a man selling them on the highway but I was too anxious to buy


Head gets sweaty when I wear hats.

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