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Don't think anything more true has ever been animated


should i go back to watching anime whats better seasonal or some older stuff


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haha its the kids next door guy


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I've learned a lot about norms
They really do a lot of things by instinct alone they don't even have to think about it
They are capable of developing their own existential thoughts and even feel discomfort over them but they don't fall into loops where they get obsessed and can't think about anything else
They love taking pictures of themselves
They will see an action or thought as being *bad* but do it anyway and don't really feel bad about it they'll just do it again it's like they memoryhole it or something
They aren't very critical of themselves
If you look and act like you know what you're doing they'll just assume you know what you're doing


this feels like a… projection


Cope norm


There are other things that aren't all bad
Unless they have some sort of reason most norms don't actually wish harm on others
Most of them can be empathetic to a degree but I think this only works if they're in real life
Most norms are generous with small sums of money
A lot of norms work pretty hard


this also feels like projection

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