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I made a new class to replicate T's exact run. Same stats and equipment levels that he used for his boss fights. Already beat the first area. And started moving to the next. He actually 100% had a harder time than most people did. I beat Margit fairly easily as both vagabond and samurai. The generic ash of war with the long sword can stagger Margit in just two hits. I'm not making this up,. Two hits. You only need one opening to stagger him as long as you have fp. Same with samurai but it's 3 hits and is faster/easier to pull off, and does more damage because of bleed. This is literally at level 9 which is half the level Ron Paul was when he fought him. When I made a Ron Paul replica it was actually difficult, took like 10 jumping heavy attacks to stagger once. The weapons he used were actually bad. It had more damage per a hit but it didn't really mean much over all. Probably only the colossal weapons could be worse. But its even worse for him because he didn't use a shield either. He had the strength for heavy shields just didn't use them. I though shields were bad in this game but I was completely wrong. You can literally stand in front of the garnakamales and just tank hits with a heavy shield and it hardly eats stamina.
Most interesting part is that he clearly found better weapons and just didn't use them because he compared sombering stone 7+ weapon to a generic no upgrade weapon. He could have looked up the scaling in like five seconds on the wiki and it'd hardly be cheating.
Not to mention the fact that he was on sub 20 Vigor for half the game. His points invested in STR didn't make much difference after 55 and even less so with his weapon's C scaling. He kinda wasted his points a lot.


Took me so much more effort to beat Margit than normal, felt a lot different beating him, made my heart go doki doki. Godrick was a joke though tbh.


Can't post my webm of me killing margit in 10 seconds sigh


The pink site lets you post webms but I dont think a trebbler belongs there


Blows my mind that images never existed on textboards.


T has it hard enough without being shamed like this

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