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Discord updated to their ToS to ban "misinformation".

Skepticism of official narratives = misinformation.

Big tech is making entire APIs to stop this so you can import a library and run check_for_misinformation();


Big tech and the US government have found the perfect weaponized term, they can take anything they want to suppress regardless of evidence, call it misinformation, and they win. They can now censor it and the n1gger cattle will cheer because they control the narrative, and it's that they are always right and the groups being censored are always misinformation, 100% of the time. Even when the official narrative changes, they just pretend like they weren't calling today's reality "misinformation" yesterday.

Also Kirby thread.


cool story whatman


dont care about your wall of text really wanna play discovery and explore the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world with kirby and the kemurikusas


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oh dear what is the course of action we should take


Why do things only get worse everything gets worse and worse when does it end

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