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Matthew 5:29. Something to remember as you browse the spinoffs full of lurid depictions of anime girls.


should i cut off my penis


Genesis 17:10–14.


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I'm Christian and fear the creator but I like little girls

If you don't want to take part in the Abrahamic covenant then fine.

The main important thing is you acknowledge the creator and know that this world was designed and created by him, not the prevailing so-called scientific consensus of random chance.


>acknowledge the creator and know that this world was designed and created by him
ok but the creator is a malevolent emanation from the true god and has imprisoned our divine sparks in his corrupt realm


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No one asked about your shounen video game plot.

A man has no good excuse for denial of God because it's obvious from what has been created. Your best excuse is so-called science telling you it's all random chance.


uh you don't get to pick and choose what is convenient to you


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There's actually a term for this, biblical inerrancy. The belief that the entire canon is inerrant is not one I personally share, although I do for some books in it.

Some Christian denominations have a different canon than others, meaning they include/exclude books that others don't.

Some books in the bible do not themselves claim to even be the word of God, or a prophet. Am I a heretic if I say that Paul the apostle, who wrote most of the books in the new testament, which were actually letters to early churches later included in the canon, is not flawless?

What is most important is that you accept that Genesis and the rest of the five books of Moses is a literal historical account of creation and the world's history, God is real and you should fear him, everyone will be judged after death, and everything regarding Jesus in the gospels especially the words he actually spoke himself.


whatmin more like cutmin Please stick it in mee


Imagine being God and getting so steamed that the human brains you created got tricked by the physics which you also created that you damn your children to eternal suffering.


god is the eternal janny and jesus is his modlet son


the admin, the mod, and the holy janny




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capped this too but i couldnt think of any text to post it with


die japmog


thought everyone on the jay knew japanese how did you all read oretsuba muramasa baldr sky aiyoku no eustia back in the day


the utter arrogance


no but i did read the nice sprite vns

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