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I went to the dollar store to buy a spray bottle and as I was standing in line a foid walked right in front of me like I didn't exist (when your smv is sub 5 they normally can't perceive you). The woman started scanning her and I said no no no you can't just jump in line like that and the cashier said oh but she was already in line and I said oh so what I'm able to stand in line then come back 3 hours later and get my place? and the foid said just let him go since in he's in such a god damned hurry and I said you need to get the fuck over yourself bitch and then she started saying I need to learn how to treat foids and I said I don't give a damn what's between your legs. Then the foid started talking big about punching me or something and I turned and I flared my full cel aura and said DO IT THEN and about 7 foids standing there shit themselves and the supervisor told me to leave and I said oh you let her stand there and curse at me but as soon as I respond in kind oh no that's not ok because it's a woman and she started to realize her hypocrisy and said I should be better like it's my duty to kneel to the foids and "be better" by letting them have their way at my expense.

But yeah it felt good to knock one down a peg just a few billion to go.


based keep up the good work


fuck you bitch


kill yourselves


>You must be 18 years of age or older to use this website.


Don't want scary confrontational people like this on ota


We can't let the norms keep pushing us around


Wish we had a certain tripfriend to keep us safe from this freak

fuck off


based. i love seeing arrogant foids get put in their place. wish i had been there to see it.


op is a brashnorm


Done are the days of letting norms have their way over me and I damn sure won't let a foid get away with it I did nothing wrong.

What's he gonna do?
Whine incessantly then run away after the Otamin grabs him in the hallway and pulls his underwear over his head again?


You said you didn't care what was between her legs but while telling the story you seem extremely focused on it. If you wouldn't have had the same exchange with a man who cut into a line, I think you're still putting women on a pedestal.


I meant that more in the sense that I don't care what sex she is she doesn't have the right to do whatever she wants. As you can see from my resume I hate women so much it's unreal.
But I have never had a man try to skip ahead of me in line on purpose and when it has happened all the parties were polite and apologies were made so there's never been a reason to take it that far. Foids believe that they are above common courtesy.


pussy ass nigga


It's funny because foids don't even treat you as a human being if you're not a top 20% male, but they expect you to treat all foids nicely regardless of their smv. If you did the same as them and treated Stacies with respect while shitting on ugly and average foids, they would cancel you on social media for sexism and ruin your life.


based tardcel


I'm pretty ugly and everyone is nice to me.


You probably look like a fag. It's been reported that foids don't perceive feminine looking men as male. That's why so many Stacy groups have a fag among them. And it's always one of those flamboyant looking fags that anyone can tell is a fag.

Either that or you are just a cryptochad.


I'm pretty sure you have made it clear that you believe women don't perceive you as male unless you're a 10/10 CEO so that doesn't explain anything. I'm also very unfeminine and definitely not attractive. I don't walk around hating people so that might affect how they treat me.


>I'm pretty sure you have made it clear that you believe women don't perceive you as male unless you're a 10/10 CEO so that doesn't explain anything
No one itt said anything like that.
>I'm also very unfeminine and definitely not attractive.
Oh so you're just lying.
>I don't walk around hating people so that might affect how they treat me.
Most hopeless romantics don't do that either but they still suffer microaggressions like OP. You are blaming the victims, pretending that hopeless romantics "walk around hating people" even though foids are the ones giving them disgusted stares and laughing at them behind their backs just because of they're looks. Even if some hopeless romantics are hateful that's just a result of being bullied by foids all their life.


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>when your smv is sub 5 they normally can't perceive you
I wasn't even talking about this thread but yes actually they did. The rest of your post just sounds paranoiac. Which is a legitimate problem, just like any other mental illness. I don't want to take that away from you. But the first step in overcoming your disorder may be self awareness.


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Reject and bully others and then wonder why they are paranoid about your oversocialized cattle hostility. It's the norm way

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