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No. 551340

I started playing this SMT III Nocturne game on hard and realized that was stupid when I literally couldn't get past the tutorial because of RNG.

It's not a matter of skill, you are by yourself with only 1 move being "attack", and 2 medicine healing items.

Enemy randomly decides to hit you twice -> die
You randomly miss -> die

After like 4 or 5 deaths due to factors completely out of my control I switched to normal.

I could see the hard mode possibly being practical once you actually have choices but it would still be tedious shit for nerds.


I played on hard. Don’t recall having any trouble whatsoever until Matador. Then it was rough going until Odin, had to spend a lot of time reworking my party (imo first Odin encounter is the toughest part of the game) but after that it was completely smooth sailing, as you say once you have a wide pool of demons to obtain the game is pretty easy.


I mean Thor, not Odin lol.


This and p3p maniac are about as hard as pure traditional jrpgs get without going full retro kusoge and truly asking you to grind for hours, but yeah I didn't think it was that bad myself in any smt hard mode until enemies at least got instant deaths.


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I can't kill him, the memes about this insane difficulty spike were true, I even tried mind goblin


Yeah in the second half of the fight it is pretty much a dice roll whether or not he decides to destroy you with blood andalusia or waste another turn casting mahazan. I think it should be a pretty easy fight if you have something with rakukaja but I didn’t, I won only by getting lucky with his AI making bad moves.


that's because you're a casual dumb westerner smt has always been a game for the likes of mizusima ie true azn


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It's ogre, I finished it just in time to play SMT V whenever my copy gets here in the mail.

My final party was Protag/Raidou on Physical/Almighty damage

Nyx on heals+debilitate (debuff all)

And the gummy snake on various buffs

Turned out to make the last bosses of the game pretty easy, I don't know if I was over-leveled a bit at 70-74 by the end.


Lucifer in is indeed a bit easier in maniax chronicle/hd remaster than in nocturne maniax since Raidou has pierce, so he can be a significant source of damage while Dante was not so useful.

Are you going to play V on the actual switch? Apparently the frame rate is awful and chugs in the low to mid 20s most of the time. I bought the game but I’m playing in yuzu.


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I plan on playing it on Switch, but Amazon hasn't even shipped my copy yet.

I have a PC capable of playing it on Yuzu I just don't want to, and tbh, I'm kind of salty that pirates have been able to play it a week before legal customers even can.


It's not fair


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Finally got my copy today. For anyone wondering the steelbook is the same exact size as regular switch cases.


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smtv is exhausting to play dont really like this botw style design where you simply run around a big area and there are no dungeons


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I met her on my last trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. We fucked.


bacon pepperjack dogs are in the oven


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wait whats the point of a jrpg if your longevity isn't being directly tested wtih some bosses?


File: 1637756258888.png (712.3 KB, 713x467, impaler's animus.png)

Beware of Alice

I think they were talking about running around in the "open world"

I personally don't find it exhausting but I could see how someone's eyes/mind might be strained searching every nook and cranny.

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