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/jp/ reminds me of someone I met about 8 years ago.

My parents brought me with them to visit Thailand when I was 16 years old because my mother was born there and she wanted me to meet my grandparents.

I met a monk while I was there and he became my friend. Every few days I would go to visit him and he always did the same thing. He liked rocks a lot, so he would gather rocks from the stream and look at them, occasionally laughing and smiling with a big grin when he would find a rock that he liked a lot. He would show me rocks that he found and he was always so happy. He didn't speak English so we never talked and we only ever looked at rocks, but it was some of the best times of my life. When I would spend the day with that monk it felt like time stopped, my heart felt light and happy, and my mind was completely calm. It was like his whole life was unaffected by the passage of time and spending time with him made you feel the same way.

I feel like that when I'm on /jp/. People here are living a life that is different from other people in the world. You're not burdened by things like needing to know what day it is or even what year it is. Time doesn't seem to matter here, every day naturally flows together and everything is peaceful.


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That post was mad gay my nigga you soft on some mushy ass shit for real like Weenie Hut Jr's is that way


reopen your gnfos spinoff and never visit here again


Look at this guy saging a thread at the top of the board.


sigh wish this was about ota and the site wasn't full of real life posters


go back.


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Okay sorry I won't talk in ebonics again even to troll.


it's 16 years ago now because that post was from 2013

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