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Can you believe that all the European monarchies were so upset about the French revolution that they went to war with France… just because the revolution was a bad look for monarchy in general… which led to them getting BTFO by Napoleon which actually triggered the collapse of a bunch of monarchies for real.

Like these kings were fucking clowns lol, they could have spent those resources securing their own kingdom instead of going to war with post-revolution France.

I'm finally feeling something big brewing though… It could happen sooner than you think, it could come like a thief in the night. One day Russia or China attacks a US ally, the US military backs them but their gay pride clown women army suffers major losses which shocks the world, right after getting defeated by the Taliban, the war is massively unpopular in America itself, America loses global respect, people in the western world get fed up with their own governments compounded by the dystopian forced vaxx, lockdowns, and mass surveillance/spying on it's own people.


Despite what you've been zogged out to believe, China and Russia are still clownier than the US.


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Do you even know what zog means? If I was zogged I would think the opposite.

List of countries by clown status (left is least clowned):

Russia > East Europe > USA > UK/West Europe >>> China > Literally North Korea > Australia


Bad post. Delete this image so I can make a decent post for her.


You're toxic


Did you know that you can literally go to prison in insectland and slavshitistan for criticizing the government on social media? And their concerns are not whatever it is the degenerates in western countries push on twitter these days about equity and whatnot, people there simply can barely afford food because they make $5 a day. Feel free to move in either of those 2 countries for a few months it'll be a huge wake up call you'll think of America as the garden of Eden compared to those dumpster fire militant shitholes. Delete the tread, teenmin.


I'm slipping under.


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I am an American patriot because I hate the US government and glowies.

If you like the US gov you're not a patriot.


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loved the arland series havent played any atelier series since i really need to


That literally already happened.
It was called Vietnam.
It was called Korea.


I don't get the whole afghanistan thing anyways.
The government literally folded overnight after its soldiers refused to fight in any regard whatsoever.
I don't pretend to understand what 20-40 years of war does to people, but I entirely don't see how Afghanistan was in any part the US's fault at this point. The entire military/gov just gave up without consulting their allies and despite having all the resources necessary to do so.


The Afghanistan government was the textbook example of a "puppet state".

The Taliban was the official government of Afghanistan until 2001 when American invaded and installed their puppet government.

Obviously, when America left the puppet state instantly gave up and crumbled.


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annya is a princess idol!

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