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There's this scene in Valkyria Chronicles 4 at the base doing laundry and she doesn't want to give her laundry to Raz because she's paranoid he'll smell her panties and he's like who wants your stinky panties anyway and I was like o_o why boner

But yeah I'm enjoying this tactical game, but man niggas really do be talking too much. Putting me to sleep with all this talking, and please stop replaying the same 8 second long unskippable cutscenes constantly in the middle of gameplay I've already seen 1000 times by chapter 4.


i liked the girl with the big you-know-whats


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Big sniper rifle? Me too.

Also if you need further proof this game is based, this article exists


>Valkyria Chronicles 4’s sexual harassment problem is unacceptable in 2018


couldn't finish that article it's so gross how the author keeps misgendering Kai. Just because she dresses like a boy doesn't mean she uses they for pronouns


You could email them and tell them this, they would probably update the article.


Do I need to play the first three games?


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No they're almost entirely disconnected.

VC4 takes place during the same war as VC1, against the same empire, but you're an entirely different country and there's nothing related to the old characters or VC1 except for a DLC pack that adds back old characters but they're completely out of place and it makes no sense

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