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"you've never been on a date!"


nothing wrong with that


Under 6'4" so I'm not allowed to ever date


That has nothing to do with it, no one wants to date you because you're a whiny bitch.


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Only whine on the internet in real life I'm a stone faced stoic badass


Nope, you're a pathetic whiny bitch.


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you're 12 years old again
your parents sent you to one of the small southern islands to spend the summer with your cousin of the same age

you were straddling that point in life, behind you your childhood, in front the pain and pressures of adolescence

it was one last summer that seemed to go on forever, her parents working, you were left to yourselves to explore and entertain
the hot days would stretch into long warm twilight

a playful innocence coupled with an intense curiosity.. those days you will never forget


but remember all those manlets that you saw had gfs what about them or right you memory holed them uhh what manlets haha


They were statusmaxxed betabuxxers


go back



File: 1629694244890.jpg (635.26 KB, 992x1403, 1629605162640.jpg)

No one else replied but I liked your short story.

I personally had something similar when I was around that age but it never went beyond "show me yours I'll show mine" and touching through clothes.


holy fuck


would make a good shinkai film


File: 1641245645524.jpg (81.22 KB, 1280x720, hehe.jpg)


you can date boys too you know


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Bot post.


It sounds good on paper when you're looking at pictures of feminine anime boys but in real life I really don't want to see any penises I'm not even thrilled to see my own.


Can you make a purple girl thread


you can simply date them dont have to get penises involved with everything


Can you make a purple girl thread

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