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a few days ago when i was on a family vacation i got some glowsticks at the dollar store for my younger cousins
when it got dark enough i gave 2 to my 8 year old cousin who is a boy and one each to my 11 or 12 year old girl cousin and her friend
the girls went out on the beach and played with the glowsticks running around and waving them for a little while before coming to sit by the fire with the rest of us


my cousin and her friend were sitting almost directly across from me a little bit outside of the group because there wasnt anywhere else to sit and they were talking about some book that they were both reading
i glanced up at them a couple times between getting hypnotized by the fire and the 2nd or 3rd time i looked up i noticed that my girl cousin was staring at me really intensely with an experssionless look on her face
i was kind of worried because i thought she might have noticed me looking at her friends butt earlier when they were in their bathing suits going out swimming but i kept my cool and just went back to looking at the fire
i looked up again maybe a minute or 2 later and she was still staring at me the exact same way so i smiled and did a subtle wave to see if she was just spacing out but instead of snapping out of it and smiling or looking away she kept staring right at me and flipped her hair with her hand
i didnt know what that meant or how to react so i just kept smiling and went back to looking at the fire
after that she went back to normal and eventually went inside with her friend
she seems very shy now but shes friendly enough whenever we interact although i noticed that she avoids making eye contact
i also overheard that its her time of the month right now so maybe that could have something to do with it
could one of my fellow otachis please decipher this for me i dont understand human behavior too well as i have autism and i really want to have a good relationship with my cousins


meow meow henris like chasing laser pointers


ask her out


She was trying to assert her dominance over you, little sisters often do that to their dorky nerdy big brothers


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she wants to fuck

those little sluts are super horny at their age

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