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I'm REALLY enjoying all the businesses complaining about how they can't find workers

Like sorry you can't pay people like shit, treat them like shit, fire them over nothing, and have ridiculous standards for hiring for minimum wage jobs anymore.

Maybe if you offer me a living wage, don't ask me stupid questions when I apply, and appreciate me, MAYBE I'll work.

And since everyone is hiring… if you treat me bad, YOU'RE FIRED now, not me, I can just go to the next job because they're taking anyone.


This is such an otaku topic amirite


No use trying to reason with whatmin just hide his threads and move on


Another thing that makes me mad is western media bias against North Korea, but I know better, since I get all my info by taking NK state propaganda at face value.

For example, they all paint it as an authoritarian shithole where people starve to death when that's not true at all. (and if it is true then it's the west fault)

North Korea is a literal heaven on earth where I'd have a wife and children because the means of production are owned by the worker.

That's basically the only reason why I am a virgin.


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It's mostly from defectors who want to go back dropping redpills on how the outside world believes mostly lies. There's thousands of defectors stuck in the south who want to go back.

You only get fame/money as a defector if your stories about it are bad, and it linearly scales with how bad they are so you're incentivized to make up the most PREDICTABLE tall tales you can.

But yes bad things really do happen, and of course people who left during the 90s have accounts from the famine, which was caused because the collapse of the USSR in 1991 left them suddenly without a world-superpower their resources and trade relied heavily on, combined with US sanctions and embargoes not even allowing humanitarian aid, because starving children to death is cool if you can BTFO commies America fuck yeah

I post otaku stuff all the time but you don't reply to that because you're a /pol/ shitter in denial


Aside from being an avowed communist, I am also a white supremacist(not a very good one because I couldn't even keep a single n1gger from spamming my website to death) and bible literalist(but not about things I feel uncomfortable about like masturbating being a sin)

My ideal country would be communist America with equal wealth distribution, no non-whites (asian girls get a pass tho) a female-male gender ratio of 20:1, so that women would finally appreciate me as a potential mate by the sole quality of me being simply male, and where everyone praised da LOHRD.

For the latter to happen, we'd obviously have to do away with superstitious sceintism stuff like radiocarbon dating, climate change, vaccinations (they cause autism, which isn't actually even real anyway) and evolution for which there is absolutely zero proof.


>so that women would finally appreciate me as a potential mate by the sole quality of me being simply male

Now that's impossible. Even by sitting on your ass all night and poking around in your OS you're still not a male. To be considered male your body needs to produce testosterone and that implies regularly doing some sort of physical activities.


Okay so this is very funny and all, but I don't identify as "communist", I'm just aware that from WW2 to the present day, the cold war has never ended.

American and it's allies had endless propaganda and wars to fight soviet-style communism.

I simply recognize and reject this mind-poison propaganda, that most people, even smart people, don't recognize.

I've actually been lifting weights since 2016 and while I don't go that hard anymore, I looked amazing in 2018, now just kind of got muscle and fat and never really bought heavier weights to lift. Also stopped using creatine years ago.


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>bible literalist
Genesis is literally a history book. Exodus is a historical account of Hebrews being enslaved in Egypt and being led out to take over Canaan.

But I'll freely say Paul, the writer of many books in the New Testament, was not a prophet and they were simply letters to early churches. He contradicts Jesus on a few occasions.

Jesus himself is the son of God and the gospels are very important accounts of his words and life, but I will say that some books of the bible aren't from divine authority (e.g. Ecclesiastes) and the bible never claims they are.

>radiocarbon dating

Radioactive materials decay at a set rate. Looking at them appearing to be of a certain age (judging from how far they are decayed) doesn't mean they're actually that old, that's just an assumption that is accepted by consensus as true.

Recorded history and civilization started around early to mid 2000s BC, it's not a coincidence.

Science says modern humans existed for 200,000 years, but also says recorded history and the first major civilizations didn't begin until 2000s BC (with some estimates going back to early 3000s BC)

Yep… Modern humans just did nothing for over 195,000 years and then all the sudden… Egypt, Canaan, Mesopotamia, written documents, amazing architecture that is difficult or impossible to replicate today… Bible dates global flood at 2348 BC. Egypt is still called Masr or Misr today in Arabic, because Mizraim was the son of Ham who was the son of Noah. Canaan was a son of Ham also, who founded… Canaan.


dont care

sanctions are the only lever against authoritarian regimes unless youre okay with invasions establishing puppet democracies


So how many vaccines did whatmin take as a child to end up this way I am an incomparable homo


Getting a living wage is easy if you have any value at all.
Your real gripe should be towards the massive amount of wasted time at work. Normalfags eat it up because they love socializing there but they are very inefficient and spend a lot of time goofing off and talking. I was basically fired because I didn't want to come in and slave for 9 hours a day when I can get everything done in 5 or 6.
The covid thing woke a lot of people up when they realized how great working from home was but the big nosed fatcat bossmen love seeing their slaves pitter their lives away up close so it's not sticking outside of the big cities.


Ever since you gave up on your site you've become more pompous and candid and perhaps gained a little bit more confidence. Who knows, maybe you'll be sleeping with real women in no time.


https://www.npr.org/2021/07/22/1019089834/police-foiled-an-ohio-hopeless romantics-plot-to-kill-women-in-a-mass-shooting-prosecutors-s


Single mother upbringing?


Can you dox all of your former board's users? I'm interested in its demographics.


File: 1643325169153.png (1.29 MB, 2048x2029, 1643318692140.png)

No I couldn't, you can't do anything with an IP address and user agent.

I of course know all the dox's of everyone just from browsing /jp/ for so long though.

Why'd you bump this shit thread though.

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