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Is there anyone here following the whole world of warcraft migration to final fantasy drama? I never played any of these but this asmongold guy is pretty funny


I meant fellow otachis, not pests, sorry


how is assmongoloid funny


You don't belong here.


I tried ffxiv and made it to level 35 before I quit out of boredom. If I had made it to the point where the game was mostly dugeons and raids rather than fetch quests I probably would have gotten hooked, but it was my first mmo so I didn’t think it was going to get any better. Thought about getting back into it plenty of times over the past couple years but it felt like I missed the boat. Seeing all this wow refugee fuss and big streamers hopping on board now I definitely know it’s too late to start playing again, the ship has sailed and I’ll just hope I don’t miss the next big thing, not that it matters either way I guess.


I played some of it for the first time last year but stopped playing after a while

yeah it seemed like a nice game but now that streamers like that person and his viewers are invading it its probably ruined now


You can just ignore them


In 2019 a transgirl recommended I play it because she felt the story was really good. So I joined the game but then she didn't actually play with me because she was doing the new expansion and I was just a new character. Then I got bored and quit.


are you whatmin because hes the only person i know who would unironically post that sentiment


>>542574 here, that was exactly my experience. Someone I knew in middle and high school (who had since transitioned) was back in town for a couple months in the summer of 2019 and we hung out a few times. She was raving about shadowbringers and that’s why I started playing. Of course she was way ahead progress-wise and had her own group she was in, I wasn’t expecting her to play with me or anything but yeah, that’s what got me to try it.


as someone who has done a lot of high end pvp and pve in both, xiv just has a different and arguably better casual experience
xiv's endgame progressing is kind of mediocre though
ultimates have raised the bar, but it's still fairly easy, it feels like wow raids that end halfway through at a midboss
the fact that you can do all your farm kills you need for a boss in 1 night also really trivializes gearing and re-kill time


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I played a Black Lives Matter when ARR came out and quit after I realized the end-game was an afterthought at best.

The only funny thing is watching all these bandwagon-hopping faggot streamers start playing after they saw asmon hit 200k viewers. They're all so predictable and pathetic.


FFXIV boom? Is this finally my chance to find a NEET gf?


Are you a disgusting teenbro, if so then no.


Why didn't you jump on the bandwagon?


He would probably actually get famous if he did that and be able to make an income off of streaming. He has the personality and looks for it.


Endgame autists don't know how to enjoy an MMO…


File: 1626940483782.jpg (106.13 KB, 1920x1080, 1445364618928.jpg)

Because I literally don't do anything anymore.

All I want to do at this point is to die in my sleep. I don't even want to be tensei'd anymore.




Envy is such an ugly color.


I’m not him you moron. He never got popular because he streamed shit no one cares about. If he hopped on the ffxiv bandwagon he’d build a small following, which would eventually explode because kids and teens love his type of condescending doomer attitude.


he wouldn't even talk when he streamed oj


Racist with predictable humor is exactly what the normteens love. See pewdiepie, jontron, idubbbz, maxmoefoe, etc. He’s a tall white guy with a chiseled jaw, he would fit right in. As for him being cel, I don’t buy for even a second that he’s a virgin. He just drops ``black pills” as edgy humor, yet another thing that teens love.


Let’s see a selfie of your chiseled jawline then, gigachad.


He's a virgin because he is mentally ill. There is no such thing as a white lncel over 6 feet tall.

And his jaw is his weakest feature, weird you pointed it out as a positive.


Low self-esteem is not ``mental illness”. He just needs someone he trusts to honestly believe in him.
There are plenty of ways to post a selfie without actually revealing your face or anything personally identifiable. Even if you posted your face there’s still no way it could be linked to you unless someone who knows you irl just happens to be browsing and feels like being a dick. Henri posted his full visage here and no one knows his real name or address.

Not that I actually expected you to post a photo, I know you’re just talking shit, but yeah.


nobody on the entirety of the jp sphere can maintain eye contact
and don't even get me started on being gay


anyone here want to meet up and practice eye contact with me?


if I maintain eye contact for too long people begin to assume that I'm some kind of maniac I've been told before that I look like a psycho


drop dead norms


die starenorm


Just don't stare with your eyes wide open if your bottom eyelid is low you look like a serial killer


mine are always low
maybe that's why when somebody stares at me and I start staring at them in return I'm the last avert my gaze


oooooog go away norms stop being mentally healthy you unabnormal non freaks ooog


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thats too much for me sorry hope you find someone to help


I've seen too many tired taiwanese cartoon characters that I inadvertently adopted that look


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Me too retarded to see into person eyes! I look away because I'm autismo. Please excuse my poor English


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