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When you think about it for a moment it's pretty funny how everything everyone ever talks about seems to be so shallow and negligible. Small talk, gossip, media, politics, science, philosophy, this thread. What difference does it make if you've obtained some information about all that? Not like it's going to change anything. It's pretty much pointless, unless you consider talking to be the point in itself. It must be looking like some really silly bustling from perspective of some higher enlightened being of some sort. Fun stuff.


nietzsche nietzsche henris


Fuck off


How long have you felt this way?


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I don't see how anyone intelligent would go into philosophy.
You already know you won't be getting a half decent job with the degree and you're paying a bunch of money to literally do nothing but read books by dead philosophers so you can be told what to think.


I don't know, guess I had already been thinking about something similar when I was 15 but this thought never seems to anchor in my mind for too long. Why'd you ask though?


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Also when I think about it why would I reply?


it's actually one of the few good degrees because on that faculty you at least have a chance of being taught to think deeply and thoroughly about things and not just straightforwardly shoved some shit down your throat to be made into one more worknorm later on


If you need to be taught that then you're probably a norm NPC and will never get there anyway.
You're just going to end up $60,000 in debt and working at Starbucks.


well and the first rule of philosophy is that if you don't think you need to work on that you're really fucking dumb and ignorant


You can literally go to the library for free and read all of the stuff that you're paying to be told to read if you're that determined to be taught how to think.


that doesn't even make sense. you know you actually can obtain virtually every textbook in any field that demented professors base their lectures in a library too? wouldn't that make all other degrees worthless by that logic? you aren't paying to read books, you're actually paying not to read them. for example no matter how smart a person is there's no way he would understand something like Time and Being fresh off into it, and in order to do so he would probably be required to read works of lesser importance and a shit ton of commentary, but when you're studying it in university you don't have to. you're basically saving up your time.


No because in a lot of the [useful] degrees you need to learn to use tools and equipment that is prohibitively expensive.


like what? medicine and nuclear physics? and how are they useful? just because they are supposed to earn you money in the future?

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