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Went for a jog listening to anime music because my feet were feeling better and its nice and warm and sunny out but then i tripped and skinned my knee 2 miles in while listening to a nice ai song now it really hurts.

Why am i such a klutzy idiot.


I hate how long it takes for my scars to heal now that I'm in my 30s


I was riding through the city and nearly endo'd on some stupid dumb lip in the asphalt and scraped up my shoulder then when the scab came off I went running a couple times without my shirt and forgot to put sunscreen on it and it got burned so bad I'm pretty sure it's going to scar awfully and I'm going to get cancer


make sure to do wet wound care with neosporin that helps me usually so thats what i did for my knee


make sure to use lots of aloe vera for your sunburn to help, i make sure to always wear sunscreen in the summer and my daily moisturizer has spf in it so im safe year round.


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nice to hear that you're feeling better


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Thanks friend


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she's getting hard


Do not squeeze the foid


Sorry to hear that I wanted to go outside then I read your post and I'm going to stay inside now.


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Not so much related to running but quite the opposite, I've been falling asleep listening to some of the rearranged tracks for Touhou's PC-98 soundtrack.
I like how slow and soothing the outro of Romantic Children sounds in the arranged version.



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ran 5 km today got home weighed myself and for the first time since 2017 my weight is below 180 lbs (81.65 kg).
I'm 6'2 by the way (188 cm)


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i ran 4.5 miles today this morning i was on the scale and was 135 but that was before i ran i dunno about after trying to lose like 10 more pounds to get back below 130 even with day to day changes

think i need to lower the miles i do because my ankles kinda are tired and i read you need to slowly strengthen them


oh really I never thought about the affect on ankles; maybe mine were stronger. But I did get a stress fracture in my tibia


die tallnorm


it might also be because dad got me zero drop shoes for my birthday a few months ago and those take more ankle strength


seethe midget


I remember skinning my knees as a kid

oh god why can't I go back


this came on the radio on the way back from my run today.



Made a new playlist with the current seasons anison and got to listen to lots of nice songs on my run, i especially liked the aquatope op for the second cour and the love live collab LIVE with a smile


File: 1637797448514.gif (831.29 KB, 480x270, Shiroi Suna no Aquatope - ….gif)

Love how kukuru always tries her best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0spuBjK1F2s

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